Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hanging in there

Since my last post alot as been going on. So hears to the short version lol. We finished the trim on the windows in the living room, front door, and put up the beam around one of the living room ceiling fans. Now we're done lol. C gave us a ton of furniture ( pics to come) and we had to rearrange again lol. Buddy and I did get Bear's room done before he left, Bear loves it. I guess it takes a boy to get a boys room just right. Sissy well.... after a ton of tests she has Lyme Disease, is lactose intolerant, and has hemorrhoids. Whew !!!!! is she on a lot of meds and believe me she's not happy about it. She's glad we know but says she's on more meds than her grandmother : ). With all of this stuff going on we where still able to get a load of stuff packed and Sissy and Mr. C took it up to her apartment. Just another trip and I think she'll be done. Of course we still have a ton of stuff to get together but we'll get there . Mean while, the fridge starts acting up ( yep the new one ) well Hubby had enough and tore it apart and guess what we found????? A chunk of foam wedged in the cooling vent . Guess that's why it wasn't getting cold growl. We did lose some stuff but well what are you going to do right. I have been able in the mist of all of the craziness to get some green beans in the freezer, dry some fruit, and a touch of crocheting done. Tomorrow I'm off to Vikki's to get Bear's homeschooling paper work together and get some pointers from her. I have been working on getting work together for him, now it's just a case of figuring out what works for us.

So thats the short version more to come, til next time have a great day