Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer time fun !?!?

Well the school year is coming to a end and I wondering what we're going to do this year to keep Bear busy . This is the first summer that I'll be home in 4 years. So I'm hoping that with some looking I can find thrifty stuff for us to do. I need to find things that Bear will do. Stuff that falls in with what he's into at the time . With the price of gas being what it is some of the stuff we had planned is not going to happen. So I've signed up for some craft news letters. I'll toss the links on one of my side bars. I've found a great site for just about anything a mom can want. Thirftyfun is an awesome site.They have everything from recipes to crafts and everything in between. So I'll be looking around on triftyfun alot in coming weeks. What do you guys like to do ? Any cheap and easy ideas any one would like to pass on? What do your kids like to do?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've been thinking.

Yes lol lol I've been thinking (be afraid very afraid) about starting another blog. A blog geared to anything kids and the people who raise them. I'm still working out the whole thing in my mind ( might take a while don't want to overwork that last brain cell lol ) A one stop place with everything from crafts , books, saving money on the things they need.Toss links in the side bars Recipes of all kinds. Stuff that's tried and true. Stuff that mom's know work. You get the idea. But I don't know if I can keep up with it myself . Any one want to team up. Might be easier with a bunch of us posting . Just a thought. I'm looking for some feed back. Just email me and let me know what you guy's think.


Random stuff

Have a bunch of stuff going on. Our garden is almost done .We have some more plants to put in ( I got them today ) and guess what we here on the weather..... we have a frost warning for tonight . I'm sooooo confused .What month is it ???? I swear it was May . It's all good we'll just cover the plants and keep our fingers crossed.

The chickens are doing great , getting bigger by the day . They still think I'm Mama Hen lol lol . I have to watch where I go in the yard cause they run around behind me . Now they will come up just to watch me hang the laundry on the line lol go figure. The coop is finished and.... lol the chickens decided that they don't want to go inside they want to sleep under it lol so now we have a storage shed with 52 chickens sleeping under it .

The other birds are doing good . We waited to long to take Lucky out of the cage and now Lady has laid 4 more eggs :0 . So today I'm going to move Duke and Dalila another cage. Than I'll move the little canary's to the other side of the flight cage with the little parakeet. Than when the time comes we'll move Lucky into another cage we have so there will be no more babies this year anyway.

Later today when Buddy comes home we're going to go do some work in my craft room. Hubby has moved alot of the big stuff around ( and around again lol ) but there is still more to do . I want to wash the floor and put down a rug I found in storage. The rug is in rough shape but it works for that space. Than I have to work on sorting and putting stuff away.

I've been looking on eBay for long peasant skirts. Now I'm not a skirt person .I'm happy in sweats and one of Hubby's tee shirts but the is a method to my madness ( when I told everyone want I was looking for jaws dropped and my smart ass kids where running around looking for the pod with their real mom in it lol lol ) I don't like to wear shorts . I'll wear them when I'm home but if I have to go off the property for anything I toss on sweats .It's getting hot. I don't want to be all sweaty so peasant skirts. Now try finding large all cotton long skirts on eBay . I want used this way I don't worry about messing them up. I want cotton this way I can just toss them in the wash and on the line. I don't want to hand wash any thing lol . I did find a few so we'll see what happens.

When I'm done on here I have a ton of house work to do . Hubby is busy working away in the other house. So I can get a ton of stuff done. I always seem to get more stuff done when the house is empty.

On that note I'm off . Til next time, have a great day

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yard sale haul

Here's the pic's from this weekends yard sales,

A bunch of baby blankets.ys stuff 5-24-08 001

The receiving blankets are flannel and stained so I figured that I can cut them up for quilts. The bunny blanket is all fuzzy lol and is a gift for a friend.

A super cool vintage metal picnic basket / box,

ys stuff 5-24-08 007

Perfect to hold all sorts of things. I'm going to put our growing pile of cloth napkins in it.

Speaking of napkins ,

ys stuff 5-24-08 006

Picked up 8 more , better than buying paper. I found a huge tablecloth that matches I figured I could fold it in half and use it. When I got home I saw there was a huge hole in the center, see what happens when I have Bear with me and don't take a good look. I've tried to fix it but had no luck and as much as it kills me I'll have to cut it and re hem it. Thankfully it's not super old .

A new to me Christmas tree skirt,

ys stuff 5-24-08 004

I love it and it was only a quarter.

Sissy lucked out again

ys stuff 5-24-08 008

This whole bag of clothes ( forgot to take a pic before I put it in the bag) $ 2.00

Some glass jars,

ys stuff 5-24-08 009

We've been grabbing them when we can to use for beans, rice, and stuff.

Another baby blanket and a patch work pillow.

ys stuff 5-24-08 005

So that's the haul. Not as good as I do locally but I'm happy .

So that's it for now , off to clean. Til next time. Have a great day.

Monday, May 26, 2008

What a pain in the butt

Well I ended up with another massive sinus/ear infection that knocked me on my ass. What a pain . Ok I'm really stubborn , like super thick headed so when I started to feel sick I blow it off. HA it decided to blow back . My head hurt, my ears felt like they where bleeding, my eyes felt like they where going to melt of my head. Every time I moved so did every thing else lol. I couldn't even take any more antibiotics because I just finished a batch. Which is ok I really didn't what to take more . I did all natural (kinda I did use ear drops) We ran the humidifier 24/7 . I drank enough chamomile tea to make my teeth float. Thank God Hubby took over . I tried to do the normal house stuff (see thickheaded lol ) and he would give me that evil look of his that means sit your butt down woman lol or else.He was able to keep up with things while I sat on the couch ( yuck yuck ugh) I'm feeling better not 100% but better.

So back to the grind today. I did get most of my craft stuff into the other house.Have to move some stuff around see what stuff I want to keep in there , what needs to move out , and what I need to look around for. It all needs to be organized but that will wait til I'm done cleaning.

We did get some yard sales in this weekend ( a bit of a mistake cause I felt like crap when we got home) I'll post pic's tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Til next time . Have a great day

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The other house

About 5 years ago Hubby and I decided to renovate the bottom half of the other house for ourselves. We set it up so we had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. And a space for me to craft. About half way in to it Hubby got called back to active duty. So we had to close up the house . By the time he got home it was winter again and we just left it. Well now as you guys might already know we are opening the house back up and getting the other 2 apartments ready for tenants. But we're not going to move in. We'll stay put here until we sell( hopefully soon God willing) We have a ton of building supplies to store and have gotten used to not having people live next to and above us. But I do get my crafting space YIPEEE . I've been working at cleaning out 3 of the rooms, 1 is a pretty large kitchen , a 3/4 bath , and what would have been Sissy's room. What a ton of crap we have lol . Because we have the rentals we have all sorts of building, plumbing, electrical, and paint supplies. Add to that all of the other stuff we've collected over the years . Holy shit lol lol lol . Alot of the stuff we originally planned to use in the new place has been moved up here . We had a brand new Hamilton Beach counter top oven with convection that also is a rotisserie. Works great it and uses so much less electric than our oven that we're now thinking about replacing the old stove/ oven and putting in a cook top than we'll be able to put in more storage. What we can use or don't want we have been either putting on eBay or giving it away. And on it goes hopefully I'll have it cleaned out by the weekend and than give it a good cleaning. Than the hard stuff begins :) I have to start moving all of my craft stuff in . That might be harder than moving the crap out . It will take some time to get it all organized but it will be soooo worth it . We'll have so much more room in the house with all of my stuff out and it will be nice to start a project or 2 and be able to leave them out . Maybe I can even start painting again after I dust off the easels.

Well I'm off of here gonna go do more work in my new space ( hehehe I'm all giddy) .Til next time. Have a great day!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yard sales yipee

Well it's a bright sunny day here at the old homestead. A definite improvement from the last couple of days of rain. We did get to hit a  yard sale  and stopped at a local church thrift store yesterday.

stuff 5-18-08 004 

Picked up this Vincelli Tote for a $1 (our new library bag) Don't know who Vincelli is but Sissy was all excited so I guess it was a could buy lol lol .

stuff 5-18-08 005 

Found this sweet bunny fabric at the thrift store for 10 cents. It's a smallish piece but  I want  to make a couple of baby quilts ( 2 friends having baby's this fall) so I'll cut it into blocks . Do I know how to make a quilt ?????? Nope but I guess I'll figure it out lol lol .


Sissy found 3 Express shirts and 3 old navy shirts for $2.50 and she was really happy.Don't have a picture because I'm washing them. Hell I have to remember to take pictures of all of our finds lol lol . Yard sale season officially opens next weekend . So we'll be heading a couple of towns up for their annual town wide yard sale. It's always a great event 4 or 5 of the surrounding towns join in .We even get maps lol lol .

Well that's it for now Bear and I are off the the library. Til next time. Have a great day

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On the crafty side of things

Shawl for Mom

When I sent my Mom her mothers day gifts, I stayed on track with my goal of making or trifting gifts. I had 2 books that I finished that I knew she would like and I made her a shawl
but I didn't want to buy wrapping paper. Hubby bought a hunting bow off of eBay it was wrapped in sheets of brown paper, so I grabbed it and put it away (Hubby gave me that your crazy woman look lol ) Light bulb moment... I can use the brown paper. I have some stamps ( I'm not really into stamping but they where in the one of the craft lots I bought on eBay) So I used the stamps than colored the images with colored pencils ( a gift from a friend) . Presto chango wrapping paper.

Bear's coat rack

Hubby helped me fix Bear's hockey stick coat rack today. He told me that the way I did it wouldn't work and .... oh this hurts ..... he was right. So he re-did it so it won't fall off the wall. I was able to get 5 hooks per stick so it hold all of his hats ( for some reason Bear and Buddy have huge hat collections lol lol they are almost as bad as Sissy with her shoes lol lol ). Now I have to work on Bears bulletin board. I made each of the big kids a customized bulletin board for Christmas but Bear couldn't make up his mind what he wanted. He finally decided today on color ( honey brown) and the design ( dinosaurs).

Blanket for BFF

Made this blanket for my Best girl friend as a mother's day gift. She just did her bedroom over in icy blue and white .

We have a friend who's mom crochets alot and has a room full of yarn. She's been going though it and sent him over with a bag for me . So I started a throw for the back of the couch. The timing was great because I just bought a slip cover for the couch ( sage green denim) and the yarn is Homespun (Lion brand) Fiesta . I like the multi color yarn lol this way if I get it in my head to change colors in the living room I don't have to make a new throw.

Well that's it for now.Til next time. Have a crafty day.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hey y'all. Hope all of you mom's out there had a great mother's day. I did!!! Bear made me this awesome pen  out of polymer clay.

stuff 5-13-08 005

The big kids gave me cards and Hubby worked on the chicken condo ( we passed coup some time last week lol lol it's huge lol lol ).And what did I do you ask ..... I rearranged the living room rotf.  I really wanted to get it done so I did it . It came out really nice except.... well see remember that table I was working on it's all done but one problem it's to big. Now it my last brain cell was working I would have remembered that we had this onestuff 5-13-08 006

in storage and I could have saved my self the trouble lol lol              ( ignore the mess )  Bear was so happy to have a " regular table" to eat at . It's the little things that make him happy  lol .

We did get a yard sale in this weekend. Bear got some new books , he's really into science now so when he found books on underwater animals he had to have them . He also got a hungry hungry hippo game. LOL LOL I forgot how noisy that game is. I found a tablecloth. It's huge. I'll have to fold it in half to put it on the table. (I have to take pic's of my small tablecloth collection and put them on flicker) Speaking of tablecloths   Sarah is having a vintage tablecloth giveaway for her birthday, you should check it out.

I did take yesterday off and relaxed ...well as much as I can relax any way than got back into the swing of things today.

And with that I'll leave you with pictures of our 3 baby birds

stuff 5-13-08 002 The baby canary's looks like we have a boy and a girl( maybe lol )

and last but not least

stuff 5-08 001

the baby parakeet don't know what it is yet.

Til later than .

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The insanity continues and other ramblings

So 52 chickens at last count. 7 eggs incubating in a cooler in the living room. Baby parakeet is out of the box ( have to watch because Delilah goes after it  Hubby things it's because she doesn't recognize it outside of the box lol ) for how long who knows. 2 baby canary's that look like their ready to pop out of the basket any time now. Both sets of bird have been doing the birdie mating dance again.

* I did get the monthly shopping done and had a heart attach when I saw the price of food . The prices go up here around this time of year ( because of the summer ) anyway but to get hit this early really freaked me out. I'm working hard to expand our food stock pile cause it looks like things aren't going to get any better. We do have 2 full freezers. But I want to work on dry goods. So to do that ( ugh hate shopping ) I have started making more room in the house to store the extras . Not easy when your house is only 400 sq feet. Small is not  a bad thing you just have to be really creative on how you do things. So I just cleaned off the hutch and ....well I have to get rid of alot of stuff :). So let the sorting begin.  I really don't need more than 4 Pyrex bowls ( well.... ok ok I have to be strong lol ) so one large yellow bowl headed for eBay. I have a pink sugar bowl and creamer  ( I think they're anchor hocking) off to eBay. 1 pink daisy Pyrex divided  dish with lib ....eBay.  Any the list goes on and on. Sissy will be on picture duty after school.I have to get this stuff listed.

On the project front Hubby is working hard expanding the chicken coop. Poor man just when he things he's done . ** I have decided to re arrange our living room( much to poor Hubby's dismay). See we don't a dining table( Hubby built a breakfast bar between the kitchen and living room so we just never put a table in ) I want a table to  craft,  do puzzles, for Bear to do project etc . Oh and eating lol.  ***  So I went hunting in storage and found a wooden table ( with the leaves that pull out the sides) . I have  been working on it as much as I can to get it ready  ( pics to come) So long story short I want to move things around to toss it in . LOL LOL I'll let you know how it works out . Plus the 3 or so dozen other things going on . See insanity lol lol .

Ok Ok before I bore you to tears with all this rambling( my mind is in over drive) I'm off lol lol . Til next time. Have a great day.

* Rambling

**More rambling

*** Even more  yep you guessed it rambling