Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting there

Things here are moving along. Not as fast as I would like for some things and way to fast for others. We've been busy getting Bear ready for homeschooling. I sent out our letter of intent today . As soon as I get the paper work back I'm off to see Vikki. This way she can help me sort things out. At some point we'll get together with all of the other homeschoolers in the area. Now that homeschooling is under way I have to get a handle on the other chores we do. I've had to re work alot of stuff . Hopefully with some tweaking we'll get into a new routine and that routine will keep things rolling along.

The for sale sign is up and we've been getting calls. If it doesn't happen right away that's OK. We are holding firm on our price because we could if we had to stay here. Things in the house are tight ( I don't have a clue where we'll put a Christmas tree this year lol) but with some organizing we'll be OK.

The kids.......... well Sissy and Mr. C have gone down to North Carolina for a week. One more vacation before they head upstate to collage. This weekend I took them to my favorite yard sale to pick up the odds and ends they needed. And good thing we did they were having a blow out sale $5.00 a bag. Mr C finally got a TV for his dorm room. Sissy pick up all of the little odds and ends that she needed for her apartment. I picked up some cute Christmas ornaments , books , and a discovery channel planet earth CD ROM for Bear. Needless to say we got 5 bags of stuff lol. When they get home we'll start packing. Buddy and his girlfriend Miss T are going to Florida ( with her parents) on Thursday . They are coming here tomorrow to help us redo Bear's room, yes again lol I have a problem lol lol . We hope to make Bear's room more functional. It's funny to watch the older kids work on his room. They want things to be just so for their little brother.

In the house........ Well besides cooking cleaning and laundry it's pretty much the same : ). The big shop is coming up this weekend. Bear and I have been working on the list. I've been having him write stuff down for me , he really likes it , and hopefully his handwriting will start to improve. I 'm hoping to find more seasonal fruit to dry and or can. I need to make granola and short bread cookies too.

On the crafty front...... I've been crocheting up a Storm. I finished Sissy's blanket , two ponchos, started a poncho for Miss T, finished a hat and started a scarf. Yesterday I started make dish clothes for Sissy . Than I'll start make dish towels. I'm still trying to work out what to make every one for Christmas. I want to make some sort of ornament . I can crochet something or use the pile of wooden spools I have. I'm drawing a blank lol Any one have any ideas or links they want to share???????

Ok I'm done for now : ) Have a great day.

Monday, July 20, 2009


.... a little bit of down time. Things here are moving along at a super fast pace. Brother in law 2 came up with the kids and stayed with us the weekend of Sissy's graduation party . Her party was a blast. Of course I have to pick that weekend to put up 15 pounds of green beans, 12 pints of blue berries and than dry 10 pounds of peaches lol. I met with Vicky and talked about home schooling Bear. I'm going to head over to her place this week and get that ball rolling.

We've been doing some shopping for sale items. Sissy has been picking up stuff she needs for collage. We have been on the look out for stuff we can use for Bear and scored some great stuff. Oh and yard sales finally yipee lol. One of my favorites opened last weekend and we really lucked out. I've been looking for drinking glasses well I found a set of 12 great big heavy glasses for 6 bucks. We really needed steak knives so I started digging in boxes and I see a bunch of silver plated silverware. Sissy laughed and said my eyes got huge lol. So I grabbed all of it I could find along with 12 knifes and 2 sets of tongs. Than as we're getting ready to pay I see a really nice skirt . Sissy grabbed it and went to look for a shirt needless to say we ended up with a ton of clothes lol. Oh and I found 4 small Pyrex bowls, maybe refrigerator dishes, I'm not sure I'll post pictures and maybe some one will know what they are.Of course I grabbed books and the like. I have been trying to keep the buying down to a minimum. This weekend we went back , didn't get much some books, more clothes and a walking with dinosaurs computer game for Bear. Than we headed over to a Church to take a look at their thrift store. We picked up more clothes ( both Sissy and I are covered for clothes for a good long time) and sheets. I'm hoping the our Church will do their sale before Sissy leaves for collage, this way we can finish up the shopping for her new place.
Loads more going on but I'll save that for another post or this one will go on for ever: ). So til next time have a great day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I've been working like a mad woman on a ton of projects and looks like there is no end in sight lol. Here's some pictures of what I'm working on .

I made 2 of these hat and scarf sets (exactly the same) for 2 special little girl for christmas.

Here are the squares that I made (instead of the grannie squares) for our bed. Now I just have to put the black trim around them than stitch together.

I made this over sized lap blanket for a christmas gift but Bear might get it lol lol. Not sure yet.

Mean while M's mom is cleaning out her storage room so along with the huge pile of yarn she gave me , she also gave me 2 trash bags with her old finished projects. Most of them just need to be tied off and they are ready to go. The rest are sorted and ready for me to work on . Most are baby items that I'm give to friends with well babies lol. Some are hats , scarfs, blankets. She made some really cool bathing suit wraps and bikinis ( anyone want a bikini and wrap??? seriously just let me know). Right now I'm working on a blanket for Sissy. When I started sorting the yarn ( still not done lol ) she found some she really liked and asked me to make her a blankie lol to take to collage with her. She didn't care how I did it so after some trail and error, I came up with " pattern" that she liked. I did start a rag rug but.... the damned thing kept twisting up sewing it together was a nightmare so M's mom gave me a huge crochet hook and a pattern to crochet one. Hopefully I'll get to that before the summer ends. And the list goes on and on. Pictures to come as I finish things. Have you been crafty lately????

Friday, July 3, 2009

Homeschool or not

Hubby and I have been giving some serious thought to homeschooling Bear this coming year. Why ???? Well with budget cuts alot of the programs are being cut. The school police officer is gone . And to tell the truth we don't like the way Bear has been acting. We loved all of his teachers but he's bored. At the beginning of the year the school does a test to see where each kids reading level is. By October they are unable to track him. He scored 20% over the district average in math. He was the only 2nd grader cleared to read the 5th and 6th grade books in the library. We did kinda home schooled him before he stared school. We couldn't find a pre-k school for him so we did it our selves. If thing s go according to plan we'll be moving at some point in the near future ( looks like we're going to move upstate a bit) and I'm not sure on the schools there. I do have some one I can go to for information, Sissy's Boyfriend was home schooled ( he just finished he's 2nd year of collage at 17). I'm going to meet his mom at Sissy's graduation party in a couple of weeks. Even the older kids think it's a good idea. Bear just gives me the " whatever". I guess we'll have to play it by ear uh. Any one have any advice?????
Gotta run and grab the laundry before it rains. Til next time , have a great day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weird and wacky weather

I don't know about you guys but the weather here has been screwy. It reminds me of when I was in Hawaii. Raining one minute sunny the next. We've taken to weed whacking instead of mowing because the ground is so wet that pushing the mower is a pain. The poor chickens look like drowned rats after every storm. So of the storms are really heavy. I don't ever remember getting this much rain . Even putting the wash on the line gets tricky. I know it's going to rain just never when . One of us have to be home to get it down if a storm hits. So I've had to use the dryer more in the last month than I used it all last winter. Bear has taken to trying to see whrere the rain is on the radar so he can get some outside play time in.

Ok done with the weather :) Til next time stay dry.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yard sale haul!!!!

Finally some time to get the pics on here lol lol

Clear oval Pyrex bowl

Hubby wanted a old fashion percolator coffee pot, and of course more glass jars
I needed a pot for canning, I had 1 that was to big and 1 that was too small

A girl can never have too many crock pots,

or crock pot cook books :)

2 more vintage table clothes

A new to me quilt king size yippee I'm really in love with purple now lol

Of course I also picked up books for Hubby and I . Bear got a ton of dinosaurs, boxing gloves, books, a viking hat, and more stuff that I just can't remember it all. It was great day. One of my favorite sales is coming up on July 11th. Hopefully our Church will be around that time too. Til next time , have a great day.