Sunday, February 7, 2010

Score : )

Yesterday I had an eye doctor appointment . Sissy needed to stop at the accountant. So we
made a couple of side trips while we were out. Hit Walmart to pick up the stuff we forgot , hit the accountant and headed to the doctor. Sissy yells 75 % off Mom turn . What .... where?????? It was Rite Aid . See for some reason there are 2 Rite Aids with in a block of each other. Well they decided to close one ( after having them both open for 3 years lol) So hit the brakes made a quick turn and we went inside. The place was pretty picked over but we were able to score some stuff.

2- composition books
1 -bakugan spiral note book reg price
2- packs of Crayola markers
5- light blue poster boards
3- big bottles of rid dye
( purple, scarlet, dark green)
2- small packs of rid dye
( orange)
1 - 5 pack of sharpie markers
1- 2 pack of sharpie click able markers
1- Paper pro nano stapler
2- small bottle brush trees
2- paper mate mechanical pencils
1-Revlon nail polish
1- Sally Henson nail polish

total before sale $ 78.26 after the 75% off $ 19.60

I was giddy lol lol. Sissy made her mama proud. I didn't even see the sign lol. Everything we got we're able to use , some of the stuff like the pencils where split up between the 3 kids. Other things Sissy needed like the nail polish lol lol . The dye ......oh man I'm so happy. Bear has been wanting to tye dye , and it was killing me to think that I had to spend $4.50 a bottle. So we got more dye for alot less. Now I have to find him stuff to dye lol.

Til next time........ Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shopping, snow and stuff

Yeah it was that time again .... the monthly ( groan lol) shopping. We all know how much I love to shop ( gag gag ). So I spent a week check everything we have on hand and made my list. I woke Sissy and Bear and off we went. We get there and no list lol I thought Sissy had it so did she .... so we tear the van apart no list . OK we need to get it done ( One of Sissy's bff's grandma passed and she was going to the funeral) I had to wing it . I hate to do that into the store we went .We split up I sent the kids to go get the cold cuts and I started to shop. By the time I hit the cereal a woman stopped me and asked if I was trying to beat the snow. I started to laugh and told her that I was just trying to get everything in the cart before the kids caught up with me and started tossing stuff into the cart . She laughed and said that she was wondering why I was moving so fast . OK almost done the kids come back. I sent them over to dairy and ran over to check out the books ( always better to look with out the kids lol). I grabbed a few for me and finally found The Percy Jackson books for Bear. Well book 1 and 3 anyway but he's happy. We checked out and got home in time for the girl to get ready and go.Thank God that's over : )

Snow ....... OK it's going to snow. You'd think the people around here wouldn't freak. But they do. We really try not to make a big deal out of it . I mean it's winter and we normally get dumped on once or twice a season any way so ... OK it's gonna snow. Shopping is done , the flash lights are charged, we have plenty of wood around the stove, so we're good. What will come will come. I'm more worried about those people who will get pounded and aren't ready for it. I hope all of you who are in the path or this storm stay safe and warm.

Stuff..... Pretty much the same lol. I'm still working on my goals and hopefully will have something that works soon. Bear's doing good with his school work but I need to find him a more fun way of working on his multiplication. Both of the older kids are good just being teenagers lol. I've been thinking about starting a small business with a friend. All homemade stuff . Right now we're leaning toward , soap , lip balm, maybe some salves. Of course crocheted things. I have a couple of other ideas kicking around in my head , just need to sort them out.

So that's about it for now the boy is calling lol. Til next time , have a great day and stay safe.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Living room re-do

Ok finally the living room re-do :) I didn't think to take befores but I took these to use on the Bear paint website. See the brass pole? That's where I hang the laundry in the winter. Oh yeah see our booth.

Now the afters but please do look to close the place is a mess.

This one is from the kitchen

From the kitchen again but now I'm standing by the front door.

From the bedroom doors.

From the bathroom door.

From the back windows by the wood stove.

Same corner just a different angle. See our bedroom doors????

A picture of the book shelves that won't flip for some odd reason.

So that's it I told you it was small and it really needs to be painted. Sorry the pictures are so dark :) . This works for
me at least for now lol. I'm not sure how else to rearrange it with out losing stuff that we use. Now we have to paint lol. I like painting but getting to the ceilings is going to be fun:) Ok I'm done for now. Next up ........Christmas. Til next time have a great day!!!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 ... Ready or not....

Here it is lol !!!!!! Happy New Year everyone !!!!!! I have been reading all of your blogs and I'm happy to see you all are well.

This year I decided to keep my goals short and sweet....
1 set up a house cleaning routine
2 set up a homeschooling routine for Bear
3 blog more
4 get the other house sorted and packed

See simple right??? So since Christmas I've been working on our "plan". It still needs a bit of work but I'm getting there. The hardest thing is trying to keep it simple. I'll post more about it soon. Right now I have a lot of catch up to do on here, so be ready lol.

Til next time .... have a great day

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm done !!!

Yipee !!!!! The wrapping paper is stamped and the gifts are wrapped. The stockings are stuffed. The ornaments are finished and the tree is decked out in all of it's homemade glory. Dinner is set. Today is the great cookie bake off and the pies are ready to go in the oven. Bear is so ready , he's counting the hours until Santa comes. All that's left is putting the stuff under the tree and of course cookies and milk for Santa, but I'm done. I can't believe it! I thought I'd be working on stuff right until the last minute.
I took Sissy out on Tuesday to finish her shopping and when we got home I saw that my wonderful Hubby cleaned the whole house, and the oven . YAHOO!!!!!!!! I love that man lol. That was the best present ever!!!!!!!!! I have tons of stuff to tell you and a huge amount of pictures to post but that will all wait until next week. Right now I'm off to enjoy the next couple of days with the family. I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday !!!!!!! Enjoy !!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours may all of your dreams come true!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Yep I've been buzzing around like a little bee trying to get stuff done. Here's just some of the list......

Write names on stockings: Done and it only took 2 years lol

Prep the stuff for the ornaments the kids want to make : Done except for the salt dough. I'll
wait til Monday when we plan to make them.

Make the wrapping paper: Hoping to be finished today.

Wrap gifts: hahahahaha I have to finish the paper first.

Post living room re-do pics : Maybe after I finish the paper.

Thank Amy for the awesome package: Not yet ... well I guess I just kinda did. I won one of her stocking stuff give ways ( pics after the holidays) and it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Amy.

Find cards , write them out and mail: hahahahahaha soon ... hopefully before Christmas is over.

Resolve the problem with seller on eBay: Done ordered 2 gifts in October needless to say no gifts.... contacted eBay , they took care of everything and got us our money back

Re order gifts that we didn't get: Done thanks to Sissy. She jumped on overstock .com and found replacements , and the best part ?????? We saved $30.00. ( ha UPS just dropped them off)

Sew up gift bags: Excuse me as I fall on the floor laughing. Not this year.

Finish stuffies and monsters: Getting there.

Put up the tree: It's going up Monday. Sissy asked me to wait. Where am I putting it you ask? On top of the booth table lol. We're just going to put up part of it . I guess we'll see lol.

There's more to do but I seem to have a very loose handle on things. OK I'm off for now . More to come over the weekend....I hope : )Til next time stay warm.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another contest......

Heather is having another great contest on her blog ..... go check it out