Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just popping in

Before we finish up here for the night and I sit down for a glass of wine I wanted to wish you all.....

A truly wonderful and magical Christmas.
May all of your dreams come true.

Santa's coming, Santa's coming.

That was Bear's chant this morning. He's really ready . Looks like I got everything done , at least I hope so lol . Gifts are wrapped. I picked up the veggies, chestnuts and wine yesterday. Oops...brb. It helps if I take out the duck for tomorrow's dinner uh . Took out the Christmas movies, got out Bear's Christmas pj's. Made the cookies for Santa. I remembered Santa's plate and mug.Cut the tags off the kids new ornaments. Double checked to make sure I have all of the stocking stuffers together. I even put together our menu for the big day, duck , shrimp cocktail, fresh veggies, deviled eggs, mashed taters, and pie ( just not sure what kind).

We're just gonna hang out and putter around to get ready for Santa's big arrival. Sissy is working today, Buddy is going with his dad and step mom to see her family . Than they are heading here. Of course we'll head to bed early cause little Bear likes to get up at 4 lol.Those are the plans any way you know what they say about the best layed plans. Good thing I can roll with things lol .
Ok I'm off for now . Til next time have a great day

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it snow

Ha what a mess lol ?!?! It's been snowing since Friday. Hard snow too lol . Yesterday we canceled our Christmas party. We're going to try to get together this week. Today well more snow . I did go out early this morning and that was a trip lol . I'm in now and I plan to stay put. I'm hoping that the weather will be OK tomorrow so I can pick up some stuff. Bear has my cold poor kid. I'm hoping he can make it and finish the last 2 days of school. He has a winter caravel that he just has to go to lol lol.
Yesterday M stopped by with 2 huge black trash bags of ....... yarn( yipee lol )from his mom. She's been going thur her stash and offered me what she didn't want , Now I have more than enough yarn to keep me busy for a while. I'm a happy girl lol. Besides that .... well we're just hanging out. Off to clear snow at some point later. Bear's watching Slappy and The Stinkers on his computer. Hubby is reading the paper, the big kids are sleeping , and I'm typing away.

I'm off of here to get lunch ready. You guys have a great day , stay safe. Til next time. Have a great day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ta Da lol some pics

Yahoo Pictures finally lol lol

Scarf for C's wife

Scarf for Dear sister in law

Tote bag for mother in law

Picture frame and cross for our friends new baby

Buddy's blanket Big enough to cover his full size bed lol

Stockings I made for the little kids

Looks like Bear is trying to tell us something( hopefully you can see where the ribbon is lol)

The kids have a 2 hour delay so I'm running around getting stuff done. I tried to let out the chickens but I can't find my boots (gone don't know where Bear wants to know how boots can walk away on their own lol) It's way to icy to use my sneakers. So now I'm going to try hubby's boots , and try not to break any thing brb. OK I'm back and no broken bones lol . That hill is way icy . But the chickens are free lol . Today's plans are cooking and canning. I'm off to make sure everyone is ready for school. Stay safe .Til next time have a great day .

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rollin with it

Did you miss me lol lol lol ?!?! It's been too long . But I'm back now lol . Ok grab a cup of coffee( or tea if that's your poison lol ) and we'll catch up :)

I'm feeling better, thanks to everyone who asked. It took a week but the pain is gone. Than I ended up with a cold . It's slow going ( lots of cold meds) but it looks like the end is near. I really don't want to be sick for Christmas. Buddy was cleared to play so he's back on the court, so he's happy. Hubby got 2 deer so the beginning of last week was spend processing them.

We got hit with that storm last week. What a mess. Thursday night the power went out and we didn't get it back til Friday night. Thank god for the wood stove. M and C's brother T came here . I made coffee on the stove and Bears oat meal ( Bear thought that was way cool lol ) but they opened school.The town closed the main road so it took an extra 20 minutes to get any where so no bus for Bear. The big kids where at their dads and there where so many trees down the bus couldn't get to them. We had a huge tree down across the drive way and we couldn't get out. So needless to say the kids had a day off. We spent the weekend playing catch up. Did alot of cleaning. Still some to do but thankfully thing are in some kind of order.

This week will be crazy lol . We're having our annual family Christmas party here at the funny farm this weekend. Today I'll go grab the last minute stuff and start the cooking. Nothing fancy just pasta , meatballs and sausage. My mil is making sausage and peppers and yummy brownies. Just about all of the wrapping is done. All of the gifts are done but the totes. We just have to can the apple butter.I decided to make cranberry sauce ( Yep I'm nuts lol ) so that has to be canned too.Than add to all of that we're supposed to get another ice storm. Yuck and double yuck. Looks like I'm going to spend some time today getting stuff ready just in case.

So today looks like this . I'll go play free the chickens lol . Get the kids off to school , pick up the mail. Make the meat balls and sausage, toss in the fridge. Can the first run of apple butter. Whip up the cranberry sauce. Make the last of the apple butter. Start dinner. Pin the totes. Knock some stuff off of my ever growing to do list. Clean , do laundry lol .Post some pics to this blog if it kills me lol lol . That's it I hope lol . So I'm off . Talk to you soon . Til next time have a great day.

****** As you can see I started this post yesterday lol lol 24 hours to get a post done . Have mercy lol lol *****

Sunday, December 7, 2008


So much shopping on Thursday, for posting pics on Friday. I woke up Thursday morning and could turn my head, my neck and shoulders where killing me. OK I'll shop on Friday right... wrong. Poor Buddy stubbed his toes and we ended up in the ER. After 2 hours and a ton of x-rays thankfully it was just a sprain but he can't play basketball until he gets cleared on Monday. After we left we decided to shop. Poor Buddy 4 stores in an hour. But I did get most of the shopping done. I still need to grab some stuff but the big stuff is done.

On the Christmas front. Both of the boys scarfs are done . SIL's scarf is done ( Hubby is picking on me about how fast I can croquet lol lol lol) I started a scarf for "C's" wife lol lol. Today I have most of the Christmas cards done, I'm hoping to start painting what gifts are left, and get the rest of my weekend list done.

So I'm off . Til next time have a great day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The last day of school Bear's class had a save a turkey brunch. So I went down to help out. 5 pounds of bacon , 2 dozen eggs and countless numbers ( and flavors) of pancakes later we had some stuffed kiddies on our hands .Our thanksgiving was great. We just hung out , watched TV and ate. The Black Friday sale on the other hand .... well.... sucked. Not as many good deals as past years( we did get a couple of things) and the fighting. Have mercy .. 2 older women got into a cane swinging fight ( yes canes) over the baby alive dolls. 2 guys had a slug fest over a TV, oh look here comes the ambulance. I looked at the kids and we got out of there. We put up the Christmas tree and most of the house is decorated. We just hung out for the rest of the weekend.

Now the fun begins lol lol. Most of the Christmas shopping is done, and I started wrapping stuff( yes I can hear all of my friends booing me lol they say I'm too organized) There is a meaning to my madness. I just want it done. I want to be able to enjoy the holiday season with out stressing over what I still need to do. Buddy's blanket is done . Now the boys want scarfs (lol lol ) made in the same colors . Bear's is done and I'm almost finished with Buddy's. I want to make a scarf for my SIL. I have the yarn just need to get it going. Than all of the crochet stuff goes in the gets washed and dried . Of course I still need to dust off the sewing machine and get those tote bags done. I still need to get some stocking stuffers for the kids. But I did get me gift box sorted out so at least I know what I have. I still have to make the apple butter and jar it all up. Than I can box it all up yippee and it's out of here lol. I have some gifts to paint but that normally goes fast.Our friends had their baby so I have to get all of the stuff I made out ( and of course finish a couple of things ) and bagged up this way I'm ready when they get home.

Tomorrow is big shop day,than I have a dentist appointment. Hopefully Friday will be a easy day and I can post the pics I have lol lol lol .So with that I'm off to get some stuff down . Til next time. Have a great day

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope your day is filled with food , family and lots of love.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This morning

First some pics
The cheapo (lol) Halloween fabric

Fabric for the totes I'm making( soon hopefully ; )

Some glass ornaments I found at the $ store

I wanted new beaded garland but I couldn't find any thing I liked so I dug out the beads and made these.

These are the ornaments that I picked up over the summer . All they need now is glitter
And last but not least lol lol my new clothes drying spot :o lol lol lol
Bear was up at 4 this morning. No clue why lol. He beat Hubby out of bed this morning. Hubby's hunting, Bear is cleaning his room ( at least he'd better be), the big kids are at school, and I sit here typing and cleaning lol. We have a bit of snow on the ground. When I let the chickens out you would think I was trying to kill them.I tried to coax them out of the coop but they didn't fall for it lol lol . So I tossed their food and they are slowly coming out.
OK I'm back . The Bear is off to school and I ran to get milk and pick up the mail. Now I have til 12 ( Bear has a half a day )to get the rest of the house work done. Dinner is in the crock pot , I hung a load of clothes, cleaned the sink and fed the birds. Than I have to get Sissy from school and take her to work, and at 4 I have to get Buddy from basketball practice.
I'm putting the finishing touches on our thanksgiving menu. So far turkey of course, apple and pumpkin pies, veggie platter with dip, shrimp cocktail , biscuits and herb mashed potatoes. I'm going to try my hand at making french fried sweet potatoes. Since it's just us I won't go all out. We tend to keep the holidays pretty mellow.
Ok I'm off for now. Til next time have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good morning.

Wow the week just flew by. Let's see..... "M's" mom was giving away her upright freezer and you know that we jumped on it lol . Hubby picked it up . We cleaned out the chest freezer and it is over at "M's" waiting if we need it. I stopped at the farmers market and they where selling pumpkins for a dollar. Ha I grabbed 6 and now we have 13 bags of pumpkin in the freezer yum. Apples are in season so I've been drying them and making pie filling in the crock pot. I had some extra lasagna fixin's so I whipped up a pan , cooked it than cut it and froze. Not a lot of work and we get at least 3 meals out of it.

Yep I'm on a major frugal run lately . Trying to stretch our money lol . I was bad before now... hell it's like a sickness. The kids try to pick on me but all 3 are just as bad lol lol . I hit walmart and scored a bunch of Halloween stuff . I'll take pics this week ( really lol ) . Than I ran back to grab fabric for some totes ( Christmas gifts) I was talking to the woman that works in crafts and she told me that the Halloween fabric was 50 cents a yard ( I was feeling giddy lol ) I picked 4 yards. But when she rang it up it came out to 2.oo $ a yard well I'm not having that so she went into the computer to fix the screw up and it was only 25 cents a yard . Hot dog lol lol . See a sickness :). I'm itching for the thanksgiving sales. Black Friday here I come.

This weekend I rearranged the living room. I was feeling closed in and Hubby pointed out that all of the front windows had big pieces in front of them . So with abit of shuffling I was able to open them up and the room feels so much better. Now I'm working on decluttering the house yet again lol . The weekend after thanksgiving I put out the Christmas stuff and I want to be ready. Specking of Christmas I have a bunch of projects lined up and hopefully I'll get them started this week.I just need to remember to take pic's lol .

No school today , Bear had a bad head cold. Not sure if he's going to school tomorrow or not. Hubby is out hunting. I'm making a cup of tea than I'm off to get my to do list done. That damn list gets bigger every day lol . Til next time . Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The week in review :)

Bear's party was a hit. We all had a great time. The cake the kids picked up was way too cool . I love having the whole family together.

I've been having some computer troubles but that's all fixed now. Now I can post with out any issues.

Hubby and I are putting up the last of the heavy curtains today. Than I'll take down all of the Halloween stuff, put out the Thanksgiving stuff and start planning for Christmas.

No school today so we'll be doing some yard work if the weather holds. Speaking of the weather ..... it has been weird here. 25 one day , 60 the next. And the rain has been something else. The day of Bear's party it poured all day we got almost 2 inches. Welcome to November lol lol .

We took Bear to the safe trick or treat that his school does every year. He was a pirate but he first asked to be Colonel Sanders lol lol lol . I have no idea where that came from but he came up with it too late and had to settle lol .

The weekend was pretty quiet. Just house work , watching TV taking the kids back and forth from work. Hubby did some hunting.

Yesterday was spent doing errands.

And that's it lol for now any way. Til next time , have agreat day

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still here.

Just can't seem to get on here as much as I want to. Do you like the new background lol ?? Bear picked it out ... oh and the jack o lantern pic too. He said it's halloweeney lol lol .

Only around here do we incubate chicken eggs in the iguana tank :0. Yep Hubby figured we'd try and see what happens. Mean while.... we've had a ton of flies in the house ( this is the worst we've ever had) and they seem to want to hang out in the iguana tank. So I figure I'll use the vacuum and suck them out ... right. WRONG!!!! What do you think happened?????? Can you guess???? I sucked one of the eggs into the vacuum. And all I could think was oh shit. Needless to say what a mess lol lol . I felt like a dope lol lol . So after I cleaned the whole vacuum out ( egg egg every where) I tried again this time taking out the eggs and the iguana ha ha.

The last week was filled with the same old stuff. Housework , laundry, cooking and cleaning. The fall cleaning is almost done. I just have to swap out the last of the living room curtains . Than I'll wash down the kitchen cabinets . We're still working on getting the last of the wood done, but alas the chain saw broke . Hubby is going to try to find one this week than hopefully we'll get it done before the end of the month .

Hubby has been hunting for the last 2 days so I've been hanging out here getting a ton of stuff done. Bear's birthday is this Saturday so we've been busy planning. I'm gonna make lasagna . I always make the all of the kids birthday cakes but this year Sissy and Buddy want to buy Bear's cake( They are so good to him) . So we've decided on a red and orange theme. I'll pick up the balloons and streamers tomorrow.

I did some fall decorating and realized I don't have much in the way of Halloween or thanksgiving stuff. I do have a huge closet full of Xmas stuff but nothing for the fall. So I'm going to go out the day after Halloween and see what I can grab on clearance. Than I'll check for thanksgiving stuff when we go out on Black Friday. I really loved the pumpkins I saw on Wendy's blog so maybe I'll find the stuff on sale than I'll give it a try. I did find some really cool foam snow flakes at the $ store. I'm gonna gussy them up and hang them in the living room. Still working on Buddy's blanket. I want to get the stocking kits started . I'm also thinking of making some more scarves. We'll see how things go.

Today I have to prep the lasagna than I can just toss it into the pans and cook on Saturday. I have some laundry to do. Change the sheets. We're having split pea soup for dinner so that's bubbling away on the stove. The weather here has been cold so we've been lighting the wood stove. Today they are calling for rain so I have a nice fire burning.

So that's it. I'm gonna make a cup of tea and watch a scary movie :) . Til next time have a great day.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More stuff lol

Morning y'all !!!! :) First some pics of finished projects.

Wreath on the front door

New table center piece

Baby blanket #1

scarf for dear auntie

scarf for Sissy

I have some more stuff done just haven't gotten around to getting pic's yet.

Since Tuesday I got a bunch of stuff done . Changed up 2 Set's of curtains , did our curtains . Cleaned some of the windows. Thursday the kids had a day off so we pulled out the winter clothes. Had everyone try everything on ( Bear was acting like he was being tortured ) . We cleaned out the drawers , made a list of what was needed, than put the summer stuff away. I'm going to take out the winter blankets today and switch everything out when I do the sheets tomorrow. Yesterday I ran out to Walmart to pick up a couple of things and a found 2 piece short set's for Bear on clearance 3 bucks a set yipee!!!!! I grabbed 3 that gives me a jump on next summer. While I was at it I started looking for Xmas gifts. Bear will need some jeans and long sleeve shirts so he asked for them for Xmas lol he's a clothes horse lol. I grabbed to pairs of jeans and 4 shirts cost me under $40.00. All I need to get for him clothes wise is flannel pj bottoms. He's funny when it comes to clothes most kids I know want clothes with batman or iron man not my Bear sports or strips are is thing and orange of course lol . Sissy asked for a new robe and slippers. Buddy wants jeans. Those things I can get them but any other clothes I'll take them with me and let them pick . They did ask for board games and movies. They have been having game or movie nights with their friends. It works out great and all of the parents know where the kids are so we don't worry as much. I've been picking that stuff up either at Walmart , off eBay or from friends that are getting rid stuff.

Today Hubby and Bear are off to hunting camp for the day. The big kids are working and I'm home alone again hahahaha. I'll be hanging out here and doing a bit of this and that. Maybe watch a movie. Dinner is on the stove ( turkey soup) clothes are on the line. The weather has been beautiful so maybe I'll sit on the deck and read a book. More than likely I'll be cleaning and stuff lol . Must be that touch of ocd we all swear I have. Can't sit still, have to do some thing. Even my post are rambling . lol I'll have to work on that .

Ok I'm off to do stuff lol lol . Til next time have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a week !!!!!

Yep another long week at the old homestead. Bear's tummy troubles only lasted one day and he was in school Monday. The kids had off Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I headed out to get the monthly shopping done. I was able to grab a couple of Xmas gifts. The shopping took so long this month . Prices have really gone up, but our income doesn't. So I really had to watch every dime. I had a dentist appointment. Had to call in and pick up Bear's zantac script. Hit the dollar store.The weekend rolled around and we got busy with the yard work . Moved more wood. Checked under the house , made some small repairs, started winterizing. Dried 25 pound of fruit. Took out the snow shovels and checked the salt and sand buckets. Made so changes to the chicken coop. More fall cleaning. Yesterday I went out and picked up some sale stuff. Than went to get a long over due hair cut. I was starting to look like I had a crazed poodle on crack lol lol . So I changed my style going from crazy curly to hot iron straight . It takes a lot more time to do my hair now but it's better than the 6 foot fuzzy ball that used to be on my head lol lol . I did freak Sissy out Ia text to her and told her I got my head shaved ( a threat that I make all the time ) Boy was she flipping out lol she ran out to the van when I picked her up from school to check . Yes I'm mean lol lol . Bear wanted to know what happened to all the hair , and Hubby being the smart ass that he is said he gets to sleep with another woman hahahahaha . Yep I smacked him lol lol .

So today I'm all alone. Yep kids in school, Hubby out hunting . Ah the peace and quiet. What am I going to do with my free time you ask...... maybe drink coffee and read a book ????? Nope I'm cleaning and cooking . LOL LOL . I seem to be able to get much more stuff done when everyone is gone. So on the hit list ..... well the chickens have been laying eggs like it's cool so we've been giving the extras to friends and family. One of those friend's raises turkeys so he gave us 2. I'm going to cook them up ( just tossed tommy turkey # 1 on to the oven) . I have the last 10 pounds of fruit to dry . I want to get our curtains washed ( in the machine now) hung outside than re hung. Of course that means washing the windows lol . I have to get the winter curtains out of storage than iron and hang. HA HA than the normal housework and laundry. Maybe a couple of other things depending on time.

So I'm off but first I think I'm going to have a cup of tea and watch an ER rerun ;). Til next time have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh snap!!!!! ( might be a bit gross lol )

Bear woke up this morning and said his tummy was bothering him. Into the bathroom he goes, comes out and announces ( very a matter of factly lol) he has the runs. Than he said those 5 dreaded words " I think I'm gonna puke". Rush him into the bathroom, and in the words of Bear, no pukeage. OK get him settled on the couch, give him some Pepto, fluff the pillows, cover him up and get the bowl. Than he says "I think I'll take a nap". Uh? what? who is this kid? Bear hasn't napped since he was 2. Now Hubby and I are still in the pre coffee brain fog lol lol lol. I turn to him and say " who is this kid ? have you seen a pod ? " :). OK more coffee... that's better.. the fog is lifting. He seems OK for now, a bit pale, a little warm, I guess we'll see how the day goes.

Lets see what's on the list for today???? Clean the bathroom( yippee skippy hahaha) make a pan of granola , maybe some cookies, work on Buddy's blanket, make more dish clothes, and try to relax ( hahahahahahaha). Thank God we have dinner in the crock pot.

And with that I'm off to cuddle with Bear . Til next time have a great day

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Damn I did it again. Took another break..... didn't want too . Might be a good thing. I've been pissy lately. I've been trying to shake this cold. All of the crap with the economy has me a little freaked out. It is what it is. I know this but lol I'm still worried. I know we are lucky to have the things we have . We're blessed to have a good stock pile of food. But what about people who aren't as lucky as us???

Ok enough of that . How have you been????? Me you ask??? Busy lol lol .


I've been drying fruit all week. 10 pound of papaya and another 15 pound of apples and pears. I'm going to pick up more soon . We're still getting some tomatoes. Looks like I'll be making more salsa soon. We do have some pumpkins in the garden. So as soon as they ripen up I'll freeze them.
For dinner tonight I'm going to try another recipe in the crock pot... bean soup .

Around the house.
I've been working on the shopping list. I re worked our budget yet again. My goal is to lower our food budget. I have gotten some Xmas shopping done , mostly for Bear. The big kids are working on a list of what they want. Kids are busy with school , sports and work. I'm making head way on the fall cleaning. I just love when the clutter leaves and things are really clean. The next things to do are hang the winter curtains, drag out the heavy blankets and all of the winter clothes.

I made a new fall center piece. Still working on buddy's blanket . I've been cranking out dish clothes. I have a bunch of stuff to paint. I'm thinking about glittering some of the glass ornaments I picked up . So of them have really worn. I really need to get pics on here.

So thats it for now . Til next time have a great day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

So much for the rainy weekend lol lol . We did get some rain but not what the weather man said. I did get the salsa and monkey munch ( that monkey munch is addictive lol lol can't just eat one ) done on Saturday. Yesterday was so hot that the thought of baking made me sweat more . It didn't help that "C" got it in his head that yesterday was the day to" take care" of the pigs. Oh the insanity of it all. So needless to say we where up late last night packing the pigs. Thank god our buddy "M" was around he took a bunch of the venison and chicken , helping us make room in the freezer. I have to re organize the side by side today because god only knows what he'll take care of next lol lol . Thankfully someone is giving us another small freezer and we'll have more room . The only problem is where to put it. I guess we'll figure it out when the time comes lol .

I did get some cleaning done. Not as much as I wanted but it's OK lol I'll get to it sooner or later. We picked up a couple of cleaning jobs on our road. Most of the places here are summer places ( just "C", "M" , and our clan live here all year) so when a couple of the owners asked if we would clean and close up their units we figured why not . All of them are cleaned and ready for winter. I figured that because it's so windy today I would finish up washing the bedding . Than all that's left is to bag it .

I have been crafting a little. I finished the scarf for Auntie E, still working on Buddy's blanket and was able to whip up a fall wreath . I still have a ton to do but at least I'm getting something done.
Today Buddy gets his braces off (Sissy's came off last month) Sissy has a cold and is home today , Bear is feeling a bit stuffy but wanted to go to school. I'm going to work on my fall cleaning.

So I'm off . Til next time , have a great day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Looks like a rainy weekend.

So we're planning to stay in . We are going to make monkey munch. We saw it on Jon and Kate plus 8 ( which we love ) and found the recipe here . Because of all of the tummy troubles Bear has been having I have been looking for stuff to make him . I really want to have control of what is in the stuff he eats. The recipe looks easy and the ingredients are simple . I want him to be able to have some sweet stuff with out all of the extra stuff that I see in pre packaged stuff. The diet ( and I use that term loosely) that we have him on seems to be working. We'll hopefully know more next week when he goes for his video scope. He's not happy about it but he understands that it needs to be done.

I plan to make some french toast sticks, more zucchini bread, and a patch of salsa.I have goose soup in the crock pot .... yes goose lol . Hubby went hunting and I had to figure out what to do with goose. It's really good . I just tossed in the goose , some french onion soup mix, garlic, tomatoes, sweet peppers, rice , salt and pepper. Along with the housework that should keep me busy. As I type I have the salsa bubbling away on the stove it smells so good( the neighbors what to know whats cooking lol ).

I've been sorting and cleaning . The new fall cleaning plan seems to be working. I'm taking one area at a time. We moved the living room around. I cleaned all of the baseboards. Took care of the computer desk( a lot of stuff seems to pile up there). This weekend I want to get to the plant stand and maybe the TV stand. I have to sort out our "sick box" . I really don't like when we find ourselves sick and out of stuff.

Looks like we all have colds ( yuck) . It's that time of year. As soon as school starts some one gets sick. So that's about it . I'm off to get some stuff done. Til next time, HAVE A GREAT DAY

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Unplanned Blog Break

I haven't had much free time lately, so blogging has taken a back seat. Here's a quick update .

School started . Buddy has been moved up to varsity soccer ( go Buddy lol ) Sissy is a senior
( feeling old here lol ) and only has half days. Bear thankfully loves school and couldn't wait to get back into the swing of things.

I've been busy trying to get the fall cleaning started. This year I want to make the fall cleaning a little less crazy. So the lists have been started lol. Every year I bum rush things and than I'm tired and cranky lol. Maybe slow and steady does win the race.

The chickens are laying eggs. They taste so much better than the eggs from the store. I'm still baking and putting up everything I can. Soon apple season will be in full swing , that means lots of cooking , drying and freezing. Looks like we have some pumpkins in the garden yipee . Once those are ready I'll cook and freeze them too.

Yesterday I started some Christmas shopping. Mostly stocking stuffer's and some stuff for our nieces. I found 3 make your own stocking kits at the $ store. I'm going to give them to the little kids full of goodies instead of the bags we normally do. I was able to get Bear the first 11 of the Lemony Snicket books on eBay . We have the 12th one here so I just need to find the last one. Now I just have to figure out what else to get the kids lol. They are no help either. Every time I ask them I get "whatever " or " I don't know". Ugh !!!!!!!!!!!

That's it for now. Off to get some stuff done . Til next time have a great day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Around the house

We serviced the furnace ( we meaning Hubby did the work and I handed him the tools lol ), repaired a broken boiler valve , caulked everything in sight, cleaned around the house. Fixed the pickup, started hauling the wood from the lower part of the yard and stacking it by the house. We cleaned out the coop and put in nesting boxes. Hubby and "C" got 3 Cornish game hen's and about 20 babies over the weekend ( yes we need more birds like we need a hole in our heads lol ) so we've had to get them used to being in the coops. And with all of that going on the house looks like a hoard of 6 year olds hopped up on sugar have run a muck ha ha ha ha . So when I get do here I'm off to get myself a shovel and try to get things cleaned up lol .

I cleaned and sorted out Bear's drawers. Now he's ready for school next week. The big kids have finished their school shopping and we sorted and cleaned out their rooms. Where did the summer go?????? I can't believe that school is right around the corner.On the flip side of that fall is coming YIPEE!!!! I love the fall . I 'm so ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I can't wait to get out all of my fall stuff. I was hoping to find some really great vintage Halloween stuff this year but it just wasn't out there. Well at least not here maybe I'll try my luck on eBay.

Sissy and I went to thrift sale this morning. Not as good as the ad said but Sissy was able to find some clothes . I found a pair of pj bottoms and a pair of pants, a small sewing box, and 26 glass xmas ornament's. The ornaments aren't vintage . I don't want to use the vintage ones my mil gave me until Bear is a little older. This way I can have the look of the glass with out the freaking out if they get broken.

I'm still cooking up a storm. The zucchini is still coming( I've been seeing it in my sleep lol) looks like more bread in my future . I did get 5 pounds of green beans frozen this weekend and will do more in the coming weeks.I didn't do my normal big shop last month . I wanted to get the kitchen organized . Now that it kinda is lol lol lol I've been working on the list for next month.

Well that's it for now.I'm off to shovel ..... I mean clean ; ) Til next time . Take care.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yep lot's of that going on this week. We have been over run by zucchini. We did get some from our garden but our neighbor "C" is zucchini rich lol and he has been dropping them off at a record rate. Thankfully everyone love zucchini bread and muffins cause by the time I'm done both houses will be swimming them lol . Looks like I'll have some bread to freeze for xmas gifts.
We ( by we I mean Hubby and "C" ha ha ha) have been slowly butchering chickens. We have about 50 between the 2 houses and are planning to keep about 2 dozen hens and a couple of roosters. So I've been cookin me some chicken lol . 1 we had for dinner than made a pot of stock. The stock is headed for the freezer,and what meat is left will be chicken salad. I'm roasting the last one ( for now any way lol) now and I'll put some of the meat up for a couple of crock pot meals with the remaining meat and stock frozen for soup . There is some left over ham that I going to toss in the crock pot to make a casserole and half a pork roast to make pork fried rice. Looks like we'll have enough food made for a couple of meals .

I love to have stuff in the freezer . I will cook up 10 pounds of chop meat. Toss it in the freezer in meal size portions. I do the same with sausage. I keep chili, meat loaf, lasagna , all kinds of stock on hand . There are days when I just don't feel like cooking so I can just raid the freezer and whip some thing up in record time. I've been cleaning out the freezers. I need to make room . With all of the cooking, the chickens and hunting season looming we'll need the room .

So I'm gonna cook, cook and cook some more . Til next time. Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Let's see , Bear has acid reflux. After the smashing of the head thing he said he was having trouble swallowing. So we took him for a dye test and there it was. His Dr. put him on a liquid version of Zantac we're keeping our fingers crossed that it will straighten this out.

I finished Bear's school shopping . We did really good this year money wise . I only spent about $50.00 . Between yard sales and what I've picked up on sale we only had to buy2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of jeans , a back pack,and a hand full of supplies. He's super excited about going back. The big kids .... not so much lol lol . Sissy and Buddy are going this weekend to get their shopping done. Thankfully both of them know how to find a deal. Cheap like their mama lol I've trained them well : ) .

Besides that things are moving along. The chickens are good. Hopefully we'll get some eggs soon. The garden not so good. We have been getting some stuff but other things seem to be growing slow. We'll see what happens . Maybe next year we'll change the spot . Could be the weird weather we've been having . Yesterday we had a wild storm . I took pics I'll post them later.

I finished Sissy's scarf and started Buddy's blanket. Sorted out the yarn stock pile and found some chenille yard at the bottom of the pile. I'm going to use it for a scarf for Our dear aunt. I have to see what else I have down there. I have one more baby blanket to make. Looks like a run on baby girls this year lol lol lol .

Well that's it for now . I'm off to work on the house and Buddy's blanket. Til next time . Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crockpotting ,crafting and Christmas gifts

Our aunt gave us a new Crockpot, a box of Crockpot liners, and the Fix it and Forget it cookbook. The cookbook is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!.Recipes are simple and made with stuff I normally keep in the house. I've been trying new recipes out weekly . I can't wait til the cooler weather comes so I can try out the soups and stews.

I finished 2 more baby blankets (yipee lol) and started a scarf for Sissy. Buddy asked for another blanket this time in orange and lime green :0. I have a small pile of dish clothes done , one started and God knows how many more to go lol lol . I still have to figure out who's getting them and how many each. I'm thinking about tossing together a couple of more scarves. Just have to dig in my yard stash and see what I have. I've been whipping up zucchini bread I might freeze some and give them as gifts. If the crew doesn't eat it all first lol.

Ok I'm off . Til next time . Have a great day.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Have Mercy

That was the quote of the week last week. Things started out normal ( ha ha ha normal) enough. Cleaning, gardening, chickens, yard work you get the idea. I had to have 3 teeth pulled ( in an effort to fix some problems that I've been ignoring) on Tuesday. Not fun but I rolled with it. Took the big kids back and forth to work. More house work. Than Thursday rolls around . Bear was out side with Hubby working on repairing the drains in the back yard , all the rain made a huge mess , than he goes off to play . Next thing I know is Bear is screaming blood curdling screams, Hubby is running and screaming for Bear to come to him. I look out the back window and there's Hubby carrying Bear ( always a bad sign) up hill and there is blood every where . After I panic a bit my EMT training kicks in ( it's always harder when it's one of mine) Ok so I run out side with towels and grab Bear , take a good look , umm head wound. Bear mean while is off his rocker, ok calm him down, apply pressure, hubby cleans up, grabs the peroxide pours it on ,( Hubby's in full EMT mode ) he needs stitches . Off to the er. By the time we get there the bleeding stopped now we can get a really good look , oh man what a mess I won't share all of that lol. Bear is calm now and cracking jokes. 3 hours later they finally get him in . The Dr decides on 3 stitches because the cut is torn in a weird pattern. So on the table I hop and lay Bear next to me, talking to him to keep him busy. Hubby was cracking jokes , nice family outing lol lol. He was very brave only grunted a couple of time. The Dr gives us our walking papers with instructions, the normal stuff but we have to wait 8 days instead of 5 to have the stitches removed. 8 days??? Yeah the cut was weird and the ER Dr. wants to play it safe Yipee let's blow this clam bake ( Bear is so funny some times) home we go. Late night for all. He's fine ( Thank the Lord) acting like his old self .
BIL 1 calls need to have his car inspected asks if Friday is a good day. Sure come on up. Friday morning rolls around and dear BIL 3 calls says they're coming up and want to stay the night. OK sure. Mean while I feel like crap my mouth is killing me so I'm crabby . BIL 1 shows up gets his stuff done and leaves , he's going fishing. BIL 3 shows up with the 3 kids and the dog. My jaw (which hurts like hell) hits the floor. Hell I love all of my family but the 2 little kids are a hand full and I'm not in the mood but I suck it up. Poor Hubby ( who is waiting for me to go nuclear) is running around trying to take care of everything so I don't have to. Saturday Hubby takes everyone but Bear ( who was bent that he couldn't go) and our niece to go shooting. No yard sales for me lol lol . Every one returns and BIL 3 leaves around 4. Than I hear a car door and I'm like now what?????? It's BIL 1 with 30 pound of blue fish. He makes the drop and leaves lol. Sunday was our anniversary and thank god it was clam.

Ok I'm off to take the kids to work .Til next time have a great day.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yard Sale Haul

Here are some of my yard sale finds from the last couple of weeks

Some clothes for Bear. The shirts are for school , the pants and shorts are just for hanging out . I'm trying to get a jump on his school stuff this year. I even scored a new back pack that was 50% off.
A new rug for the front door .

A great old latch hook rug ( it is huge) I think I'm going to put it our room.

A science book for Bear, he already has a bunch of them marked lol lol.

Is this just too cute ????? There is some debate as to whether it's a dog or a pony lol . Tossed this in my gift bin.
Lol new Pyrex. I've been wanting blue Pyrex, so I gave my set of green crazy daisy to our neighbor cause he didn't have any mixing bowls

More glass jars. I'm really drawn to blues and greens now. These will be used for the herbs that I've been drying. I also picked up a green one a bit bigger than these but the photo is crap lol .

Than of course I picked up tons of books for me, craft supply's , yarn and clothes for Hubby and I. I did get a comforter for us the bag said full/queen but when I got it home I found it was a full. It's beautiful and our bed is a full but... see... Hubby does that old grab tuck and roll with the blankets lol lol lol .So I started using queen blankets so I don't freeze. Maybe Sissy will want it .

Well that's it for now off to get something ( anything lol ) done. Til next time. Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So much to do

So little time to blog . Let's see...... umm.... well I've been hitting yard sales but pickings are slim at best. We did get a bunch of stuff ( pic's to come ) but not nearly as much as year's past. I guess I'm just used to ton's of stuff lol . I've been just getting what we need verses what I want . We have tons of "stuff" and with thing's being what they are with the economy I decided that I'm only buying what we need. I am still hoping to pick up some stuff for Christmas. There are some more sales this weekend and the summers not over yet so we'll see. We did get a wood stove (along with a couple of other things) at a yard sale last week, yipee but now that means re-doing the living room. So I started sorting stuff ( which we have a lot of lol ) I finally got all of the stuff I tear out of magazines sorted, put in sheet protectors and tossed them in 3 ring binders. I set up binders for food, crafts, tips you get the idea. Than I cleaned out a cabinet we have in the living room That's the new home for all of my binders. Still have a lot to do but I'm making progress. Next I want to get started on our room. Maybe ( if I can get Hubby to agree lol) I'll put some more stuff in the yard sale pile. We did get the shelve done under the stove top but lol C gave Hubby a bunch of tongue and groove bead board . So now we're going to use that to " finish off" the kitchen. Once thats done we'll re-stain the cabinets . Than I'll be re-organizing everything again :0 lol. I picked up 2 huge totes last week. One I have in our closet to use for my gift stash. It is clear so I have to keep the kids stuff in bags lol they notice everything. It works so much better than the wally world bags I had crammed in there. Now I can see what I have. The 2nd one is in my craft room packed full of fabric.
There has been a bit of crafting going on . I'm working on some Christmas gifts. I have grand plans for some other gifts lol lol hopefully I can crave out some time and get them done. Doings here today you ask lol well laundry, more sorting , have to come up with something for dinner. Bear needs to do some school work . His teacher sent home stuff for him to do and I grabbed some stuff off of a couple of home school sites that I visit. Better to keep him busy lol . And of course the dreaded housework.

So with that I'm off. Have a great day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer time

Summer time Yipee. No more school.....just sitting around here.... kickin it . It's nice to just hang for a change. Not that it's been all fun and games lol lol lol lol .

We've been working on projects left and right. We did get our new ( to us ) stove top it's a Viking if that means anything to any one lol. I hear it's a great brand. We got it from a local demo house we are trying hard to reuse/recycle and this place is awesome.Hubby put it in and he is working with our dear friend and neighbor C to build out a huge set of shelves for under it . Now you all know how that goes, it starts with the shelves and becomes a total kitchen reorganize lol lol . Hubby now whats to re stain the cabinet fronts , good thing there are only 9 cabinets . Want to bet that we'll be painting before to long.

On the crafting front, I finally made the solar system for Bear's room . Last year I picked up a box of "stuff " lol for a couple of dollars , inside was a bunch of glow in the dark stars and planets. You know the ones you stick to the ceiling. I don't stick stuff lol lol so I decided to make a mobile. I used fishing line beads and what ever else I had around . A twist and a tie and we got 1 mobile and 8 extras. Bear and I set about hanging them up on his new shelve ( which is over his bed) and now he loves to hang out there and stare lol.

This weekend is yard sale heaven hopefully. So C's wife ( her first time) and I are off to our church sale( kid free lol). I checked the paper and there are a couple of more about a mile away so we'll be hitting them.

I 'm off to get ready. Hope y'all had a great 4th. Talk to you soon

Friday, June 27, 2008

Always busy around here...

...not a bad thing but there are some days I just want to stay curled up in bed. Always more wood to cut /split/ stack,the garden to water /harvest ,the kids, housework ,ugh the list goes on and on.

The other house...
Well we're not opening the other house now.With the price of oil ( as of yesterday it was $4.59 a gallon) it's just not cost effective. So now the goal is to finish the clean out, get some furnisher decorate and rent it for next summer for the season. Hopefully some of the yard sales that are coming up will have stuff we can use. My craft rooms will stay put. When winter comes around I'll move all of the paints/glues and what ever else will freeze up here.

Specking of yard sales I did go to that church sale last weekend. Not to much unfortunately an older couple who does re sale got there at 8:30( sale started at 9) and filled 2 trucks. I did get some table clothes not vintage but 1 for fall and 1 for xmas plus 8 xmas napkins. I found a green crazy daisy bowl and a craft magazine. The haul was about $ 2.

We finally got the last shelve up in Bears room yesterday( happy dance lol ) So I spent the day reorganizing his stuff. The shelves are up over his windows so we put all of the games and puzzles that he doesn't play with all the time , a couple of rockets, some books on one. And all of his army/ gi joe stuff on the other. Than a quick clean up in the closet. Than the shelve on top of the dresser. Need less to say I'm still not done lol lol. It was supposed to be a quick thing lol lol lol . NOT!!!!! I always do that to myself oh well lol . Thank God Bear is willing to cull his stuff with out a fight as long as I give the stuff to some one. God forbid I try to toss some thing .

Well I'm off . Today is Bears last day of school, hopefully he doesn't have a melt down ( last year he cried and cried it took us 20 minutes to calm him down when he got home the poor bus driver) Catch ya later.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Christmas in June

I've been thinking about what to do for Christmas this year. Yes I know I'm nut's, who thinks about Christmas in June lol lol. . I've been looking for different ideas for home made gifts while staying with in my goal of thrift it or make it. Yard sales have been few and far between but either its an bunch of unusable stuff or the prices are so high that I can get it new.
I'm kinda hoping that the 2 big yard sales that are coming in July will be better than some of the stuff I've seen.

Bear likes to read which is good so I'm on the hunt for books that I know he'll love. Sissy and Buddy are really easy they are more concerned that Bear gets stuff than with what they get ( yeah I know they're great kids and we're lucky to have them) but we'll still get them stuff. Hoping to get so computer games lol lol . Maybe a couple of PS2 games. Sissy is so girly girl that anything pink and frilly will work lol. She has been hinting around that she wants a canopy for her bed. I guess I'll see what I can find made something will pop up. Sissy is easy lol the boys not so much.Buddy loves sports and Bear loves anything science. So that helps lol lol .

I do have some ideas floating around in my head. If I can get them made I'm hoping that they turn out the way I picture them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


School here is almost done . The older kids are done except for Sissy she has 1 more test Tuesday . Bear is done on the 27th. Bear had 2 trips this year 1 was to the Bronx zoo, the other was field day. I went to field day (to many parents for me to go to the zoo)It was a ton of fun much better than last years. So now the fun begins everyone is so ready for the summer to start.

Our computer is still down it works we just can't get it on line. So for now our system is in Bears room. It's ok we just have to play games in there lol .Yep we're a family of gamers . All of us. We all like different games but we share lol .

I'm still working on organizing things ..ugh... what a chore. It's all good lol because when it's done it's done . Yesterday I was looking for last years year book and thought I put it in with the pictures(which are stored in the trunk we use as a coffee table) nope wasn't in there ( found it on a book shelve lol ) but the pics in there where a mess. Things got wet ( don't ask I have no idea) pics where stuck together. So Sissy and I sorted it all out tossed the doubles put what we could in albums. Now we're going to work on scanning them all into the computer.

So this weekend we have 1 yard sale to go to , the normal housework stuff ,and hopfully so time to chill. I have more stuff rattling around in my skull but I'll post them another day . Better than you guys reading a book that never ends lol lol .So with that I'm off to hit that yard sale keep my fingers crossed that it's worth the trip. Til next time . Have an awesome day.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Warp speed

Things have been moving at warp speed around here over the last week or so. But things are getting done . The chickens decided that they want to sleep in the coup so Hubby has made some small changes to make them happy lol . The garden is really taking off. We have some flowers on the bigger eggplants, the snow peas have put out a couple of beans and the tomatoes plants are flowering. We've been stacking wood, cleaning up the yard, preping the back deck for stain, mowing, weed whacking lol the normal summer stuff. And I swear the list keeps growing . We're hoping to get a lot more stuff done before Bear gets out of school.

I've been looking to re do our deck we have the space so we might as well use it for some thing other than a drop off place for crap hahahaha. So I'm doing a no cost make over.I did a bit of dumpster diving last summer and found 2 bar stools. They're supposed to be used inside but Hubby liked them on the deck so I changed out the heavy card board seat bottoms and replaced them with ply wood. Than I used the original vinyl and foam to re cover them . 1 down 1 to go. We have a heavy porch rocker and another wooden chair that just need to be cleaned and sealed. Than I have to go into the basement ( the horror) and find the tables that I think are stored there. Those will need a good cleaning and staining. I also have 3 awesome old rusty metal Japanese's style candle holders that I want to seal and put in Citronella candles. All that will be left is to make or reuse something to put our little barbecue on.

I've been working on my craft room. I didn't realize how much stuff I had. I'm not complaining or anything lol but damn. I'm glad I have it, now I just need to finish my work space so I can get crackin. I've been shifting stuff to the left than back to the right , from one room to the other lol lol . But it's coming along.

I'm still working on cleaning and organizing the other house. Looks like I'm going to be having a yard sale this summer. We have a ton of stuff and I've decided we don't need 3/4's of what we have. How many dishes do we need . The knick knacks, glasses, pots and pans are breeding in the attic lol lol . I don't even remember putting half of this stuff up there put it's my hand writing on the boxes :) so I must have....right.

I guess I'm on a roll because I've been doing a lot of re decorating/organizing our house.It's just time I guess. With summer break right around the corner I need to get this palce running right....kinda lol. With that said I'm off to get a getting lol .Til next time .Have a great day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When lighting strikes.

Yep we had a lighting strike during Sunday's storm. Want to see?????

Talk about scaring the crap out of me . A friend and I where standing in the living room when it hit .It was like someone set a nuke off in the back yard. There was a HUGE ball of blue light than a HUGE ball of orange light, the whole house shook. Did you know that lighting doesn't have to hit the house to fry things????? Yep fried. The TV, the phone, a couple of outlets , 2 of the 3 lights in the kitchen and the Ethernet board on our computer( we had to hook up Bear's puter to get online) Weird. Ok the tree is really close to the house ( that's the next tree to come down) but damn. There was a 60 foot wide spray of pine bark around our place and into the yard next door.
Thankfully no one was hurt.

Thats it for now .I have some work to do on this computer to speed things up a bit. Til next time. Have a great day.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Get into the groove

Lord save us. I've got Madonna going around in my head lol now I'm showing my age lol lol. I'm really trying to get my stuff together , it's weird I'm still on my "work " schedule when it comes to housework and stuff. Looks like I'm going to have to make a list of the stuff I do weekly and try to break it up into a daily list. Than tackle things by day. I know it sounds anal but I'm hoping that I'll have some sort of plan worked out when summer comes. This way we'll have more time for fun. I've found that things I hate doing like cleaning the bathroom really don't take long to do 15 -20 minutes tops. So I guess it's just a matter of getting a plan in place and sticking to it.
Things have been busy here at the old homestead.We most of our plants in the garden. I still have some in the planter boxes that we have to figure out what they are lol . Right now we have 4 grape tomatoes, 12 beef steak tomatoes, 2 egg plants,2 broccoli, assorted pumpkins, zucchini,yellow squash, black beauty squash, 2 kinds or hot peppers, parsley, sweet basil, potatoes, chives I think that's it lol . I want to pick up some oregano maybe some carrots . We started chopping wood. It's going slow ( there is a ton of wood ) but we're making a dent in it. I did get to the church thrift store on Saturday. I picked up a pair of pants , a tinker bell t-shirt, and what the kids call a girlie shirt lol for me and a red summer shirt for Sissy. But yard sale's where no where to be found.

I'm getting ready for the big shop tomorrow. I have the list going and have to start sorting and cleaning out the fridge and both freezers. The list isn't to bad but we have some extra stuff . Hopefully we'll have enough stuff stock piled , less to buy next month.

Alright I'm off to get to getting lol . Til next time. Have a great day.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer time fun !?!?

Well the school year is coming to a end and I wondering what we're going to do this year to keep Bear busy . This is the first summer that I'll be home in 4 years. So I'm hoping that with some looking I can find thrifty stuff for us to do. I need to find things that Bear will do. Stuff that falls in with what he's into at the time . With the price of gas being what it is some of the stuff we had planned is not going to happen. So I've signed up for some craft news letters. I'll toss the links on one of my side bars. I've found a great site for just about anything a mom can want. Thirftyfun is an awesome site.They have everything from recipes to crafts and everything in between. So I'll be looking around on triftyfun alot in coming weeks. What do you guys like to do ? Any cheap and easy ideas any one would like to pass on? What do your kids like to do?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've been thinking.

Yes lol lol I've been thinking (be afraid very afraid) about starting another blog. A blog geared to anything kids and the people who raise them. I'm still working out the whole thing in my mind ( might take a while don't want to overwork that last brain cell lol ) A one stop place with everything from crafts , books, saving money on the things they need.Toss links in the side bars Recipes of all kinds. Stuff that's tried and true. Stuff that mom's know work. You get the idea. But I don't know if I can keep up with it myself . Any one want to team up. Might be easier with a bunch of us posting . Just a thought. I'm looking for some feed back. Just email me and let me know what you guy's think.


Random stuff

Have a bunch of stuff going on. Our garden is almost done .We have some more plants to put in ( I got them today ) and guess what we here on the weather..... we have a frost warning for tonight . I'm sooooo confused .What month is it ???? I swear it was May . It's all good we'll just cover the plants and keep our fingers crossed.

The chickens are doing great , getting bigger by the day . They still think I'm Mama Hen lol lol . I have to watch where I go in the yard cause they run around behind me . Now they will come up just to watch me hang the laundry on the line lol go figure. The coop is finished and.... lol the chickens decided that they don't want to go inside they want to sleep under it lol so now we have a storage shed with 52 chickens sleeping under it .

The other birds are doing good . We waited to long to take Lucky out of the cage and now Lady has laid 4 more eggs :0 . So today I'm going to move Duke and Dalila another cage. Than I'll move the little canary's to the other side of the flight cage with the little parakeet. Than when the time comes we'll move Lucky into another cage we have so there will be no more babies this year anyway.

Later today when Buddy comes home we're going to go do some work in my craft room. Hubby has moved alot of the big stuff around ( and around again lol ) but there is still more to do . I want to wash the floor and put down a rug I found in storage. The rug is in rough shape but it works for that space. Than I have to work on sorting and putting stuff away.

I've been looking on eBay for long peasant skirts. Now I'm not a skirt person .I'm happy in sweats and one of Hubby's tee shirts but the is a method to my madness ( when I told everyone want I was looking for jaws dropped and my smart ass kids where running around looking for the pod with their real mom in it lol lol ) I don't like to wear shorts . I'll wear them when I'm home but if I have to go off the property for anything I toss on sweats .It's getting hot. I don't want to be all sweaty so peasant skirts. Now try finding large all cotton long skirts on eBay . I want used this way I don't worry about messing them up. I want cotton this way I can just toss them in the wash and on the line. I don't want to hand wash any thing lol . I did find a few so we'll see what happens.

When I'm done on here I have a ton of house work to do . Hubby is busy working away in the other house. So I can get a ton of stuff done. I always seem to get more stuff done when the house is empty.

On that note I'm off . Til next time, have a great day

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yard sale haul

Here's the pic's from this weekends yard sales,

A bunch of baby blankets.ys stuff 5-24-08 001

The receiving blankets are flannel and stained so I figured that I can cut them up for quilts. The bunny blanket is all fuzzy lol and is a gift for a friend.

A super cool vintage metal picnic basket / box,

ys stuff 5-24-08 007

Perfect to hold all sorts of things. I'm going to put our growing pile of cloth napkins in it.

Speaking of napkins ,

ys stuff 5-24-08 006

Picked up 8 more , better than buying paper. I found a huge tablecloth that matches I figured I could fold it in half and use it. When I got home I saw there was a huge hole in the center, see what happens when I have Bear with me and don't take a good look. I've tried to fix it but had no luck and as much as it kills me I'll have to cut it and re hem it. Thankfully it's not super old .

A new to me Christmas tree skirt,

ys stuff 5-24-08 004

I love it and it was only a quarter.

Sissy lucked out again

ys stuff 5-24-08 008

This whole bag of clothes ( forgot to take a pic before I put it in the bag) $ 2.00

Some glass jars,

ys stuff 5-24-08 009

We've been grabbing them when we can to use for beans, rice, and stuff.

Another baby blanket and a patch work pillow.

ys stuff 5-24-08 005

So that's the haul. Not as good as I do locally but I'm happy .

So that's it for now , off to clean. Til next time. Have a great day.

Monday, May 26, 2008

What a pain in the butt

Well I ended up with another massive sinus/ear infection that knocked me on my ass. What a pain . Ok I'm really stubborn , like super thick headed so when I started to feel sick I blow it off. HA it decided to blow back . My head hurt, my ears felt like they where bleeding, my eyes felt like they where going to melt of my head. Every time I moved so did every thing else lol. I couldn't even take any more antibiotics because I just finished a batch. Which is ok I really didn't what to take more . I did all natural (kinda I did use ear drops) We ran the humidifier 24/7 . I drank enough chamomile tea to make my teeth float. Thank God Hubby took over . I tried to do the normal house stuff (see thickheaded lol ) and he would give me that evil look of his that means sit your butt down woman lol or else.He was able to keep up with things while I sat on the couch ( yuck yuck ugh) I'm feeling better not 100% but better.

So back to the grind today. I did get most of my craft stuff into the other house.Have to move some stuff around see what stuff I want to keep in there , what needs to move out , and what I need to look around for. It all needs to be organized but that will wait til I'm done cleaning.

We did get some yard sales in this weekend ( a bit of a mistake cause I felt like crap when we got home) I'll post pic's tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Til next time . Have a great day

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The other house

About 5 years ago Hubby and I decided to renovate the bottom half of the other house for ourselves. We set it up so we had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. And a space for me to craft. About half way in to it Hubby got called back to active duty. So we had to close up the house . By the time he got home it was winter again and we just left it. Well now as you guys might already know we are opening the house back up and getting the other 2 apartments ready for tenants. But we're not going to move in. We'll stay put here until we sell( hopefully soon God willing) We have a ton of building supplies to store and have gotten used to not having people live next to and above us. But I do get my crafting space YIPEEE . I've been working at cleaning out 3 of the rooms, 1 is a pretty large kitchen , a 3/4 bath , and what would have been Sissy's room. What a ton of crap we have lol . Because we have the rentals we have all sorts of building, plumbing, electrical, and paint supplies. Add to that all of the other stuff we've collected over the years . Holy shit lol lol lol . Alot of the stuff we originally planned to use in the new place has been moved up here . We had a brand new Hamilton Beach counter top oven with convection that also is a rotisserie. Works great it and uses so much less electric than our oven that we're now thinking about replacing the old stove/ oven and putting in a cook top than we'll be able to put in more storage. What we can use or don't want we have been either putting on eBay or giving it away. And on it goes hopefully I'll have it cleaned out by the weekend and than give it a good cleaning. Than the hard stuff begins :) I have to start moving all of my craft stuff in . That might be harder than moving the crap out . It will take some time to get it all organized but it will be soooo worth it . We'll have so much more room in the house with all of my stuff out and it will be nice to start a project or 2 and be able to leave them out . Maybe I can even start painting again after I dust off the easels.

Well I'm off of here gonna go do more work in my new space ( hehehe I'm all giddy) .Til next time. Have a great day!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yard sales yipee

Well it's a bright sunny day here at the old homestead. A definite improvement from the last couple of days of rain. We did get to hit a  yard sale  and stopped at a local church thrift store yesterday.

stuff 5-18-08 004 

Picked up this Vincelli Tote for a $1 (our new library bag) Don't know who Vincelli is but Sissy was all excited so I guess it was a could buy lol lol .

stuff 5-18-08 005 

Found this sweet bunny fabric at the thrift store for 10 cents. It's a smallish piece but  I want  to make a couple of baby quilts ( 2 friends having baby's this fall) so I'll cut it into blocks . Do I know how to make a quilt ?????? Nope but I guess I'll figure it out lol lol .


Sissy found 3 Express shirts and 3 old navy shirts for $2.50 and she was really happy.Don't have a picture because I'm washing them. Hell I have to remember to take pictures of all of our finds lol lol . Yard sale season officially opens next weekend . So we'll be heading a couple of towns up for their annual town wide yard sale. It's always a great event 4 or 5 of the surrounding towns join in .We even get maps lol lol .

Well that's it for now Bear and I are off the the library. Til next time. Have a great day

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On the crafty side of things

Shawl for Mom

When I sent my Mom her mothers day gifts, I stayed on track with my goal of making or trifting gifts. I had 2 books that I finished that I knew she would like and I made her a shawl
but I didn't want to buy wrapping paper. Hubby bought a hunting bow off of eBay it was wrapped in sheets of brown paper, so I grabbed it and put it away (Hubby gave me that your crazy woman look lol ) Light bulb moment... I can use the brown paper. I have some stamps ( I'm not really into stamping but they where in the one of the craft lots I bought on eBay) So I used the stamps than colored the images with colored pencils ( a gift from a friend) . Presto chango wrapping paper.

Bear's coat rack

Hubby helped me fix Bear's hockey stick coat rack today. He told me that the way I did it wouldn't work and .... oh this hurts ..... he was right. So he re-did it so it won't fall off the wall. I was able to get 5 hooks per stick so it hold all of his hats ( for some reason Bear and Buddy have huge hat collections lol lol they are almost as bad as Sissy with her shoes lol lol ). Now I have to work on Bears bulletin board. I made each of the big kids a customized bulletin board for Christmas but Bear couldn't make up his mind what he wanted. He finally decided today on color ( honey brown) and the design ( dinosaurs).

Blanket for BFF

Made this blanket for my Best girl friend as a mother's day gift. She just did her bedroom over in icy blue and white .

We have a friend who's mom crochets alot and has a room full of yarn. She's been going though it and sent him over with a bag for me . So I started a throw for the back of the couch. The timing was great because I just bought a slip cover for the couch ( sage green denim) and the yarn is Homespun (Lion brand) Fiesta . I like the multi color yarn lol this way if I get it in my head to change colors in the living room I don't have to make a new throw.

Well that's it for now.Til next time. Have a crafty day.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hey y'all. Hope all of you mom's out there had a great mother's day. I did!!! Bear made me this awesome pen  out of polymer clay.

stuff 5-13-08 005

The big kids gave me cards and Hubby worked on the chicken condo ( we passed coup some time last week lol lol it's huge lol lol ).And what did I do you ask ..... I rearranged the living room rotf.  I really wanted to get it done so I did it . It came out really nice except.... well see remember that table I was working on it's all done but one problem it's to big. Now it my last brain cell was working I would have remembered that we had this onestuff 5-13-08 006

in storage and I could have saved my self the trouble lol lol              ( ignore the mess )  Bear was so happy to have a " regular table" to eat at . It's the little things that make him happy  lol .

We did get a yard sale in this weekend. Bear got some new books , he's really into science now so when he found books on underwater animals he had to have them . He also got a hungry hungry hippo game. LOL LOL I forgot how noisy that game is. I found a tablecloth. It's huge. I'll have to fold it in half to put it on the table. (I have to take pic's of my small tablecloth collection and put them on flicker) Speaking of tablecloths   Sarah is having a vintage tablecloth giveaway for her birthday, you should check it out.

I did take yesterday off and relaxed ...well as much as I can relax any way than got back into the swing of things today.

And with that I'll leave you with pictures of our 3 baby birds

stuff 5-13-08 002 The baby canary's looks like we have a boy and a girl( maybe lol )

and last but not least

stuff 5-08 001

the baby parakeet don't know what it is yet.

Til later than .

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The insanity continues and other ramblings

So 52 chickens at last count. 7 eggs incubating in a cooler in the living room. Baby parakeet is out of the box ( have to watch because Delilah goes after it  Hubby things it's because she doesn't recognize it outside of the box lol ) for how long who knows. 2 baby canary's that look like their ready to pop out of the basket any time now. Both sets of bird have been doing the birdie mating dance again.

* I did get the monthly shopping done and had a heart attach when I saw the price of food . The prices go up here around this time of year ( because of the summer ) anyway but to get hit this early really freaked me out. I'm working hard to expand our food stock pile cause it looks like things aren't going to get any better. We do have 2 full freezers. But I want to work on dry goods. So to do that ( ugh hate shopping ) I have started making more room in the house to store the extras . Not easy when your house is only 400 sq feet. Small is not  a bad thing you just have to be really creative on how you do things. So I just cleaned off the hutch and ....well I have to get rid of alot of stuff :). So let the sorting begin.  I really don't need more than 4 Pyrex bowls ( well.... ok ok I have to be strong lol ) so one large yellow bowl headed for eBay. I have a pink sugar bowl and creamer  ( I think they're anchor hocking) off to eBay. 1 pink daisy Pyrex divided  dish with lib ....eBay.  Any the list goes on and on. Sissy will be on picture duty after school.I have to get this stuff listed.

On the project front Hubby is working hard expanding the chicken coop. Poor man just when he things he's done . ** I have decided to re arrange our living room( much to poor Hubby's dismay). See we don't a dining table( Hubby built a breakfast bar between the kitchen and living room so we just never put a table in ) I want a table to  craft,  do puzzles, for Bear to do project etc . Oh and eating lol.  ***  So I went hunting in storage and found a wooden table ( with the leaves that pull out the sides) . I have  been working on it as much as I can to get it ready  ( pics to come) So long story short I want to move things around to toss it in . LOL LOL I'll let you know how it works out . Plus the 3 or so dozen other things going on . See insanity lol lol .

Ok Ok before I bore you to tears with all this rambling( my mind is in over drive) I'm off lol lol . Til next time. Have a great day.

* Rambling

**More rambling

*** Even more  yep you guessed it rambling

Monday, April 28, 2008

Alrighty Than

Just when you think it's safe.. lol I'm... back . Awesome weekend  around here busy but awesome lol.

stuff 047

First flock of chickens. I have to get some new pic's They have gotten really big.


stuff2 004

Here are the new chickens . Aren't they super cute?

stuff2 001

Here's our baby parakeets . Cute too uh !!!! ( sorry about the pic but it's hard to get it to sit still )

stuff2 007

Bear found some scraps that he grabbed from daddy ( left overs from the chicken coup) He's been coloring them to use as ramps for his cars.

stuff2 002

I did get a bit of crafting in . Made this wreath from a grape vine wreath I got from the dollar store , had the vine and swag in storage( have a ton more so I have to get it used up ), a little wire and got myself a new wreath for the front door.


Rainy day here, so I'm going to do some inside stuff. I did get our clothes done. I still have to get to the top of Bear's closet but that will have to wait until the weather is better. Now I have to get off of here and get some stuff done.

Till next time. Have a great day

Going green

I know I'm late for earth day but I wanted to post what we've been doing to go green .

We combine trips as much as possible . It looks like that will be a more consistent  thing now that the gas prices are going sky high.Yardsaling might be effected this year I'll end up staying close to home.

I use the clothes line as much as possible  only use the dryer on days like today when it's raining ( I have a thing  about the  laundry piling up). I only wash full loads and only use half of the soap the company recommends.

We picked up some outside solar lights that we use inside as night lights . I'm hoping to pick up some more in the coming months. I even saw some that are table top lamps . Maybe  I'll grab a couple of those . This way I can read and craft when it gets dark.

Recycle and reuse everything. I'm trying hard not to buy anything new . This falls in line with my make it or thrift it gift goal for this year. But we also have been re using alot of construction materials that might have other wise ended up in the land full.

We are  really working hard to grow what we eat. The chickens are a great start. We have started our seeds . I'm making a list of what veggie plants to buy next month. We are using the pond , soaker hoses, and an old water storage tank to water the garden. No need to turn on the hose. We compost all of our yard and kitchen waste so there is no need for us to buy fertilizers. I'll need to buy a food saver( hoping to find it used) to store all of the food

We shut off our furnace as much as possible. Only turning it on when we need the hot water. We're looking to buy a wood stove this year used of course. We have a ton of wood ( the trees had to come down because of the moth damage) so if it works out right we'll have enough wood for the winter. 

That's all I can think of now lol lol lol . I know there are other things but they just flew clan out of my head lol . So til next time.Have a green day