Monday, July 21, 2008

Yard Sale Haul

Here are some of my yard sale finds from the last couple of weeks

Some clothes for Bear. The shirts are for school , the pants and shorts are just for hanging out . I'm trying to get a jump on his school stuff this year. I even scored a new back pack that was 50% off.
A new rug for the front door .

A great old latch hook rug ( it is huge) I think I'm going to put it our room.

A science book for Bear, he already has a bunch of them marked lol lol.

Is this just too cute ????? There is some debate as to whether it's a dog or a pony lol . Tossed this in my gift bin.
Lol new Pyrex. I've been wanting blue Pyrex, so I gave my set of green crazy daisy to our neighbor cause he didn't have any mixing bowls

More glass jars. I'm really drawn to blues and greens now. These will be used for the herbs that I've been drying. I also picked up a green one a bit bigger than these but the photo is crap lol .

Than of course I picked up tons of books for me, craft supply's , yarn and clothes for Hubby and I. I did get a comforter for us the bag said full/queen but when I got it home I found it was a full. It's beautiful and our bed is a full but... see... Hubby does that old grab tuck and roll with the blankets lol lol lol .So I started using queen blankets so I don't freeze. Maybe Sissy will want it .

Well that's it for now off to get something ( anything lol ) done. Til next time. Have a great day.


Wendy said...

Love that Pyrex! And the little rug is cute. :)

lera said...

Ooh. Nice Pyrex.