Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer time

Summer time Yipee. No more school.....just sitting around here.... kickin it . It's nice to just hang for a change. Not that it's been all fun and games lol lol lol lol .

We've been working on projects left and right. We did get our new ( to us ) stove top it's a Viking if that means anything to any one lol. I hear it's a great brand. We got it from a local demo house we are trying hard to reuse/recycle and this place is awesome.Hubby put it in and he is working with our dear friend and neighbor C to build out a huge set of shelves for under it . Now you all know how that goes, it starts with the shelves and becomes a total kitchen reorganize lol lol . Hubby now whats to re stain the cabinet fronts , good thing there are only 9 cabinets . Want to bet that we'll be painting before to long.

On the crafting front, I finally made the solar system for Bear's room . Last year I picked up a box of "stuff " lol for a couple of dollars , inside was a bunch of glow in the dark stars and planets. You know the ones you stick to the ceiling. I don't stick stuff lol lol so I decided to make a mobile. I used fishing line beads and what ever else I had around . A twist and a tie and we got 1 mobile and 8 extras. Bear and I set about hanging them up on his new shelve ( which is over his bed) and now he loves to hang out there and stare lol.

This weekend is yard sale heaven hopefully. So C's wife ( her first time) and I are off to our church sale( kid free lol). I checked the paper and there are a couple of more about a mile away so we'll be hitting them.

I 'm off to get ready. Hope y'all had a great 4th. Talk to you soon

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