Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So much to do

So little time to blog . Let's see...... umm.... well I've been hitting yard sales but pickings are slim at best. We did get a bunch of stuff ( pic's to come ) but not nearly as much as year's past. I guess I'm just used to ton's of stuff lol . I've been just getting what we need verses what I want . We have tons of "stuff" and with thing's being what they are with the economy I decided that I'm only buying what we need. I am still hoping to pick up some stuff for Christmas. There are some more sales this weekend and the summers not over yet so we'll see. We did get a wood stove (along with a couple of other things) at a yard sale last week, yipee but now that means re-doing the living room. So I started sorting stuff ( which we have a lot of lol ) I finally got all of the stuff I tear out of magazines sorted, put in sheet protectors and tossed them in 3 ring binders. I set up binders for food, crafts, tips you get the idea. Than I cleaned out a cabinet we have in the living room That's the new home for all of my binders. Still have a lot to do but I'm making progress. Next I want to get started on our room. Maybe ( if I can get Hubby to agree lol) I'll put some more stuff in the yard sale pile. We did get the shelve done under the stove top but lol C gave Hubby a bunch of tongue and groove bead board . So now we're going to use that to " finish off" the kitchen. Once thats done we'll re-stain the cabinets . Than I'll be re-organizing everything again :0 lol. I picked up 2 huge totes last week. One I have in our closet to use for my gift stash. It is clear so I have to keep the kids stuff in bags lol they notice everything. It works so much better than the wally world bags I had crammed in there. Now I can see what I have. The 2nd one is in my craft room packed full of fabric.
There has been a bit of crafting going on . I'm working on some Christmas gifts. I have grand plans for some other gifts lol lol hopefully I can crave out some time and get them done. Doings here today you ask lol well laundry, more sorting , have to come up with something for dinner. Bear needs to do some school work . His teacher sent home stuff for him to do and I grabbed some stuff off of a couple of home school sites that I visit. Better to keep him busy lol . And of course the dreaded housework.

So with that I'm off. Have a great day.

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