Monday, July 28, 2008

Have Mercy

That was the quote of the week last week. Things started out normal ( ha ha ha normal) enough. Cleaning, gardening, chickens, yard work you get the idea. I had to have 3 teeth pulled ( in an effort to fix some problems that I've been ignoring) on Tuesday. Not fun but I rolled with it. Took the big kids back and forth to work. More house work. Than Thursday rolls around . Bear was out side with Hubby working on repairing the drains in the back yard , all the rain made a huge mess , than he goes off to play . Next thing I know is Bear is screaming blood curdling screams, Hubby is running and screaming for Bear to come to him. I look out the back window and there's Hubby carrying Bear ( always a bad sign) up hill and there is blood every where . After I panic a bit my EMT training kicks in ( it's always harder when it's one of mine) Ok so I run out side with towels and grab Bear , take a good look , umm head wound. Bear mean while is off his rocker, ok calm him down, apply pressure, hubby cleans up, grabs the peroxide pours it on ,( Hubby's in full EMT mode ) he needs stitches . Off to the er. By the time we get there the bleeding stopped now we can get a really good look , oh man what a mess I won't share all of that lol. Bear is calm now and cracking jokes. 3 hours later they finally get him in . The Dr decides on 3 stitches because the cut is torn in a weird pattern. So on the table I hop and lay Bear next to me, talking to him to keep him busy. Hubby was cracking jokes , nice family outing lol lol. He was very brave only grunted a couple of time. The Dr gives us our walking papers with instructions, the normal stuff but we have to wait 8 days instead of 5 to have the stitches removed. 8 days??? Yeah the cut was weird and the ER Dr. wants to play it safe Yipee let's blow this clam bake ( Bear is so funny some times) home we go. Late night for all. He's fine ( Thank the Lord) acting like his old self .
BIL 1 calls need to have his car inspected asks if Friday is a good day. Sure come on up. Friday morning rolls around and dear BIL 3 calls says they're coming up and want to stay the night. OK sure. Mean while I feel like crap my mouth is killing me so I'm crabby . BIL 1 shows up gets his stuff done and leaves , he's going fishing. BIL 3 shows up with the 3 kids and the dog. My jaw (which hurts like hell) hits the floor. Hell I love all of my family but the 2 little kids are a hand full and I'm not in the mood but I suck it up. Poor Hubby ( who is waiting for me to go nuclear) is running around trying to take care of everything so I don't have to. Saturday Hubby takes everyone but Bear ( who was bent that he couldn't go) and our niece to go shooting. No yard sales for me lol lol . Every one returns and BIL 3 leaves around 4. Than I hear a car door and I'm like now what?????? It's BIL 1 with 30 pound of blue fish. He makes the drop and leaves lol. Sunday was our anniversary and thank god it was clam.

Ok I'm off to take the kids to work .Til next time have a great day.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yard Sale Haul

Here are some of my yard sale finds from the last couple of weeks

Some clothes for Bear. The shirts are for school , the pants and shorts are just for hanging out . I'm trying to get a jump on his school stuff this year. I even scored a new back pack that was 50% off.
A new rug for the front door .

A great old latch hook rug ( it is huge) I think I'm going to put it our room.

A science book for Bear, he already has a bunch of them marked lol lol.

Is this just too cute ????? There is some debate as to whether it's a dog or a pony lol . Tossed this in my gift bin.
Lol new Pyrex. I've been wanting blue Pyrex, so I gave my set of green crazy daisy to our neighbor cause he didn't have any mixing bowls

More glass jars. I'm really drawn to blues and greens now. These will be used for the herbs that I've been drying. I also picked up a green one a bit bigger than these but the photo is crap lol .

Than of course I picked up tons of books for me, craft supply's , yarn and clothes for Hubby and I. I did get a comforter for us the bag said full/queen but when I got it home I found it was a full. It's beautiful and our bed is a full but... see... Hubby does that old grab tuck and roll with the blankets lol lol lol .So I started using queen blankets so I don't freeze. Maybe Sissy will want it .

Well that's it for now off to get something ( anything lol ) done. Til next time. Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So much to do

So little time to blog . Let's see...... umm.... well I've been hitting yard sales but pickings are slim at best. We did get a bunch of stuff ( pic's to come ) but not nearly as much as year's past. I guess I'm just used to ton's of stuff lol . I've been just getting what we need verses what I want . We have tons of "stuff" and with thing's being what they are with the economy I decided that I'm only buying what we need. I am still hoping to pick up some stuff for Christmas. There are some more sales this weekend and the summers not over yet so we'll see. We did get a wood stove (along with a couple of other things) at a yard sale last week, yipee but now that means re-doing the living room. So I started sorting stuff ( which we have a lot of lol ) I finally got all of the stuff I tear out of magazines sorted, put in sheet protectors and tossed them in 3 ring binders. I set up binders for food, crafts, tips you get the idea. Than I cleaned out a cabinet we have in the living room That's the new home for all of my binders. Still have a lot to do but I'm making progress. Next I want to get started on our room. Maybe ( if I can get Hubby to agree lol) I'll put some more stuff in the yard sale pile. We did get the shelve done under the stove top but lol C gave Hubby a bunch of tongue and groove bead board . So now we're going to use that to " finish off" the kitchen. Once thats done we'll re-stain the cabinets . Than I'll be re-organizing everything again :0 lol. I picked up 2 huge totes last week. One I have in our closet to use for my gift stash. It is clear so I have to keep the kids stuff in bags lol they notice everything. It works so much better than the wally world bags I had crammed in there. Now I can see what I have. The 2nd one is in my craft room packed full of fabric.
There has been a bit of crafting going on . I'm working on some Christmas gifts. I have grand plans for some other gifts lol lol hopefully I can crave out some time and get them done. Doings here today you ask lol well laundry, more sorting , have to come up with something for dinner. Bear needs to do some school work . His teacher sent home stuff for him to do and I grabbed some stuff off of a couple of home school sites that I visit. Better to keep him busy lol . And of course the dreaded housework.

So with that I'm off. Have a great day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer time

Summer time Yipee. No more school.....just sitting around here.... kickin it . It's nice to just hang for a change. Not that it's been all fun and games lol lol lol lol .

We've been working on projects left and right. We did get our new ( to us ) stove top it's a Viking if that means anything to any one lol. I hear it's a great brand. We got it from a local demo house we are trying hard to reuse/recycle and this place is awesome.Hubby put it in and he is working with our dear friend and neighbor C to build out a huge set of shelves for under it . Now you all know how that goes, it starts with the shelves and becomes a total kitchen reorganize lol lol . Hubby now whats to re stain the cabinet fronts , good thing there are only 9 cabinets . Want to bet that we'll be painting before to long.

On the crafting front, I finally made the solar system for Bear's room . Last year I picked up a box of "stuff " lol for a couple of dollars , inside was a bunch of glow in the dark stars and planets. You know the ones you stick to the ceiling. I don't stick stuff lol lol so I decided to make a mobile. I used fishing line beads and what ever else I had around . A twist and a tie and we got 1 mobile and 8 extras. Bear and I set about hanging them up on his new shelve ( which is over his bed) and now he loves to hang out there and stare lol.

This weekend is yard sale heaven hopefully. So C's wife ( her first time) and I are off to our church sale( kid free lol). I checked the paper and there are a couple of more about a mile away so we'll be hitting them.

I 'm off to get ready. Hope y'all had a great 4th. Talk to you soon