Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope your day is filled with food , family and lots of love.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This morning

First some pics
The cheapo (lol) Halloween fabric

Fabric for the totes I'm making( soon hopefully ; )

Some glass ornaments I found at the $ store

I wanted new beaded garland but I couldn't find any thing I liked so I dug out the beads and made these.

These are the ornaments that I picked up over the summer . All they need now is glitter
And last but not least lol lol my new clothes drying spot :o lol lol lol
Bear was up at 4 this morning. No clue why lol. He beat Hubby out of bed this morning. Hubby's hunting, Bear is cleaning his room ( at least he'd better be), the big kids are at school, and I sit here typing and cleaning lol. We have a bit of snow on the ground. When I let the chickens out you would think I was trying to kill them.I tried to coax them out of the coop but they didn't fall for it lol lol . So I tossed their food and they are slowly coming out.
OK I'm back . The Bear is off to school and I ran to get milk and pick up the mail. Now I have til 12 ( Bear has a half a day )to get the rest of the house work done. Dinner is in the crock pot , I hung a load of clothes, cleaned the sink and fed the birds. Than I have to get Sissy from school and take her to work, and at 4 I have to get Buddy from basketball practice.
I'm putting the finishing touches on our thanksgiving menu. So far turkey of course, apple and pumpkin pies, veggie platter with dip, shrimp cocktail , biscuits and herb mashed potatoes. I'm going to try my hand at making french fried sweet potatoes. Since it's just us I won't go all out. We tend to keep the holidays pretty mellow.
Ok I'm off for now. Til next time have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good morning.

Wow the week just flew by. Let's see..... "M's" mom was giving away her upright freezer and you know that we jumped on it lol . Hubby picked it up . We cleaned out the chest freezer and it is over at "M's" waiting if we need it. I stopped at the farmers market and they where selling pumpkins for a dollar. Ha I grabbed 6 and now we have 13 bags of pumpkin in the freezer yum. Apples are in season so I've been drying them and making pie filling in the crock pot. I had some extra lasagna fixin's so I whipped up a pan , cooked it than cut it and froze. Not a lot of work and we get at least 3 meals out of it.

Yep I'm on a major frugal run lately . Trying to stretch our money lol . I was bad before now... hell it's like a sickness. The kids try to pick on me but all 3 are just as bad lol lol . I hit walmart and scored a bunch of Halloween stuff . I'll take pics this week ( really lol ) . Than I ran back to grab fabric for some totes ( Christmas gifts) I was talking to the woman that works in crafts and she told me that the Halloween fabric was 50 cents a yard ( I was feeling giddy lol ) I picked 4 yards. But when she rang it up it came out to 2.oo $ a yard well I'm not having that so she went into the computer to fix the screw up and it was only 25 cents a yard . Hot dog lol lol . See a sickness :). I'm itching for the thanksgiving sales. Black Friday here I come.

This weekend I rearranged the living room. I was feeling closed in and Hubby pointed out that all of the front windows had big pieces in front of them . So with abit of shuffling I was able to open them up and the room feels so much better. Now I'm working on decluttering the house yet again lol . The weekend after thanksgiving I put out the Christmas stuff and I want to be ready. Specking of Christmas I have a bunch of projects lined up and hopefully I'll get them started this week.I just need to remember to take pic's lol .

No school today , Bear had a bad head cold. Not sure if he's going to school tomorrow or not. Hubby is out hunting. I'm making a cup of tea than I'm off to get my to do list done. That damn list gets bigger every day lol . Til next time . Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The week in review :)

Bear's party was a hit. We all had a great time. The cake the kids picked up was way too cool . I love having the whole family together.

I've been having some computer troubles but that's all fixed now. Now I can post with out any issues.

Hubby and I are putting up the last of the heavy curtains today. Than I'll take down all of the Halloween stuff, put out the Thanksgiving stuff and start planning for Christmas.

No school today so we'll be doing some yard work if the weather holds. Speaking of the weather ..... it has been weird here. 25 one day , 60 the next. And the rain has been something else. The day of Bear's party it poured all day we got almost 2 inches. Welcome to November lol lol .

We took Bear to the safe trick or treat that his school does every year. He was a pirate but he first asked to be Colonel Sanders lol lol lol . I have no idea where that came from but he came up with it too late and had to settle lol .

The weekend was pretty quiet. Just house work , watching TV taking the kids back and forth from work. Hubby did some hunting.

Yesterday was spent doing errands.

And that's it lol for now any way. Til next time , have agreat day