Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The week in review :)

Bear's party was a hit. We all had a great time. The cake the kids picked up was way too cool . I love having the whole family together.

I've been having some computer troubles but that's all fixed now. Now I can post with out any issues.

Hubby and I are putting up the last of the heavy curtains today. Than I'll take down all of the Halloween stuff, put out the Thanksgiving stuff and start planning for Christmas.

No school today so we'll be doing some yard work if the weather holds. Speaking of the weather ..... it has been weird here. 25 one day , 60 the next. And the rain has been something else. The day of Bear's party it poured all day we got almost 2 inches. Welcome to November lol lol .

We took Bear to the safe trick or treat that his school does every year. He was a pirate but he first asked to be Colonel Sanders lol lol lol . I have no idea where that came from but he came up with it too late and had to settle lol .

The weekend was pretty quiet. Just house work , watching TV taking the kids back and forth from work. Hubby did some hunting.

Yesterday was spent doing errands.

And that's it lol for now any way. Til next time , have agreat day

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