Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good morning.

Wow the week just flew by. Let's see..... "M's" mom was giving away her upright freezer and you know that we jumped on it lol . Hubby picked it up . We cleaned out the chest freezer and it is over at "M's" waiting if we need it. I stopped at the farmers market and they where selling pumpkins for a dollar. Ha I grabbed 6 and now we have 13 bags of pumpkin in the freezer yum. Apples are in season so I've been drying them and making pie filling in the crock pot. I had some extra lasagna fixin's so I whipped up a pan , cooked it than cut it and froze. Not a lot of work and we get at least 3 meals out of it.

Yep I'm on a major frugal run lately . Trying to stretch our money lol . I was bad before now... hell it's like a sickness. The kids try to pick on me but all 3 are just as bad lol lol . I hit walmart and scored a bunch of Halloween stuff . I'll take pics this week ( really lol ) . Than I ran back to grab fabric for some totes ( Christmas gifts) I was talking to the woman that works in crafts and she told me that the Halloween fabric was 50 cents a yard ( I was feeling giddy lol ) I picked 4 yards. But when she rang it up it came out to 2.oo $ a yard well I'm not having that so she went into the computer to fix the screw up and it was only 25 cents a yard . Hot dog lol lol . See a sickness :). I'm itching for the thanksgiving sales. Black Friday here I come.

This weekend I rearranged the living room. I was feeling closed in and Hubby pointed out that all of the front windows had big pieces in front of them . So with abit of shuffling I was able to open them up and the room feels so much better. Now I'm working on decluttering the house yet again lol . The weekend after thanksgiving I put out the Christmas stuff and I want to be ready. Specking of Christmas I have a bunch of projects lined up and hopefully I'll get them started this week.I just need to remember to take pic's lol .

No school today , Bear had a bad head cold. Not sure if he's going to school tomorrow or not. Hubby is out hunting. I'm making a cup of tea than I'm off to get my to do list done. That damn list gets bigger every day lol . Til next time . Have a great day.

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daisymum7 said...

Hi there thank you for stopping by daisy mountain I will pop in here and see what you have made with all that cheap fabric!!! Bonnie over at quiltville says if you cut it small enough you can't see the pattern so are you thinking lap quilts for Christmas??