Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Around the house

We serviced the furnace ( we meaning Hubby did the work and I handed him the tools lol ), repaired a broken boiler valve , caulked everything in sight, cleaned around the house. Fixed the pickup, started hauling the wood from the lower part of the yard and stacking it by the house. We cleaned out the coop and put in nesting boxes. Hubby and "C" got 3 Cornish game hen's and about 20 babies over the weekend ( yes we need more birds like we need a hole in our heads lol ) so we've had to get them used to being in the coops. And with all of that going on the house looks like a hoard of 6 year olds hopped up on sugar have run a muck ha ha ha ha . So when I get do here I'm off to get myself a shovel and try to get things cleaned up lol .

I cleaned and sorted out Bear's drawers. Now he's ready for school next week. The big kids have finished their school shopping and we sorted and cleaned out their rooms. Where did the summer go?????? I can't believe that school is right around the corner.On the flip side of that fall is coming YIPEE!!!! I love the fall . I 'm so ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I can't wait to get out all of my fall stuff. I was hoping to find some really great vintage Halloween stuff this year but it just wasn't out there. Well at least not here maybe I'll try my luck on eBay.

Sissy and I went to thrift sale this morning. Not as good as the ad said but Sissy was able to find some clothes . I found a pair of pj bottoms and a pair of pants, a small sewing box, and 26 glass xmas ornament's. The ornaments aren't vintage . I don't want to use the vintage ones my mil gave me until Bear is a little older. This way I can have the look of the glass with out the freaking out if they get broken.

I'm still cooking up a storm. The zucchini is still coming( I've been seeing it in my sleep lol) looks like more bread in my future . I did get 5 pounds of green beans frozen this weekend and will do more in the coming weeks.I didn't do my normal big shop last month . I wanted to get the kitchen organized . Now that it kinda is lol lol lol I've been working on the list for next month.

Well that's it for now.I'm off to shovel ..... I mean clean ; ) Til next time . Take care.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yep lot's of that going on this week. We have been over run by zucchini. We did get some from our garden but our neighbor "C" is zucchini rich lol and he has been dropping them off at a record rate. Thankfully everyone love zucchini bread and muffins cause by the time I'm done both houses will be swimming them lol . Looks like I'll have some bread to freeze for xmas gifts.
We ( by we I mean Hubby and "C" ha ha ha) have been slowly butchering chickens. We have about 50 between the 2 houses and are planning to keep about 2 dozen hens and a couple of roosters. So I've been cookin me some chicken lol . 1 we had for dinner than made a pot of stock. The stock is headed for the freezer,and what meat is left will be chicken salad. I'm roasting the last one ( for now any way lol) now and I'll put some of the meat up for a couple of crock pot meals with the remaining meat and stock frozen for soup . There is some left over ham that I going to toss in the crock pot to make a casserole and half a pork roast to make pork fried rice. Looks like we'll have enough food made for a couple of meals .

I love to have stuff in the freezer . I will cook up 10 pounds of chop meat. Toss it in the freezer in meal size portions. I do the same with sausage. I keep chili, meat loaf, lasagna , all kinds of stock on hand . There are days when I just don't feel like cooking so I can just raid the freezer and whip some thing up in record time. I've been cleaning out the freezers. I need to make room . With all of the cooking, the chickens and hunting season looming we'll need the room .

So I'm gonna cook, cook and cook some more . Til next time. Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Let's see , Bear has acid reflux. After the smashing of the head thing he said he was having trouble swallowing. So we took him for a dye test and there it was. His Dr. put him on a liquid version of Zantac we're keeping our fingers crossed that it will straighten this out.

I finished Bear's school shopping . We did really good this year money wise . I only spent about $50.00 . Between yard sales and what I've picked up on sale we only had to buy2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of jeans , a back pack,and a hand full of supplies. He's super excited about going back. The big kids .... not so much lol lol . Sissy and Buddy are going this weekend to get their shopping done. Thankfully both of them know how to find a deal. Cheap like their mama lol I've trained them well : ) .

Besides that things are moving along. The chickens are good. Hopefully we'll get some eggs soon. The garden not so good. We have been getting some stuff but other things seem to be growing slow. We'll see what happens . Maybe next year we'll change the spot . Could be the weird weather we've been having . Yesterday we had a wild storm . I took pics I'll post them later.

I finished Sissy's scarf and started Buddy's blanket. Sorted out the yarn stock pile and found some chenille yard at the bottom of the pile. I'm going to use it for a scarf for Our dear aunt. I have to see what else I have down there. I have one more baby blanket to make. Looks like a run on baby girls this year lol lol lol .

Well that's it for now . I'm off to work on the house and Buddy's blanket. Til next time . Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crockpotting ,crafting and Christmas gifts

Our aunt gave us a new Crockpot, a box of Crockpot liners, and the Fix it and Forget it cookbook. The cookbook is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!.Recipes are simple and made with stuff I normally keep in the house. I've been trying new recipes out weekly . I can't wait til the cooler weather comes so I can try out the soups and stews.

I finished 2 more baby blankets (yipee lol) and started a scarf for Sissy. Buddy asked for another blanket this time in orange and lime green :0. I have a small pile of dish clothes done , one started and God knows how many more to go lol lol . I still have to figure out who's getting them and how many each. I'm thinking about tossing together a couple of more scarves. Just have to dig in my yard stash and see what I have. I've been whipping up zucchini bread I might freeze some and give them as gifts. If the crew doesn't eat it all first lol.

Ok I'm off . Til next time . Have a great day.