Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh My......

It's a sad day here. Our male parakeet Sampson died last night. Totally surprised us. We have no clue on what happened he was fine than he was gone. Now Dalila is looking for him :( She seems OK and so far she is still sitting on the 2 eggs. We're a little worried that she'll abandon the eggs. Hubby rearranged the inside of the cage so she can feed herself. We're not sure how she'll handle feeding the babies ( if the eggs do hatch) but we're keeping our fingers crossed.We can't get another bird because she has the eggs and she would more than likely hurt another bird. We just going to have to wait and see and have faith.

On a happier note things here are going good. We've been busy but happy. I'm still feeling a bit out of sorts, but I'm coming out of it. Must be the weather or something. I have been cleaning ( yuck yuck gag lol) and sorting.There is something freeing about tossing and reorganizing. With each project that I finish I feel more grounded. Maybe I'm weird ( ok for those of you who actually know me we know I'm weird lol lol lol ) but I'm happy. I'm still working on it. I finally got to the bottom of grandma's hutch. It was in the other house for years .We don't have a dining room so when we needed more storage space we rearranged the living room and tossed it in here. We put pictures and other knick knacks on it than used the bottom for my stand mixer, roasting pans, the paper shredder and other stuff that we don't use every day in. The drawers are used for extra office supplies batteries, you get the idea. It was a mess now it is clean and organized, hopefully it will stay that way lol lol lol. Still more to do but I'm on it :)

I have been crafting yipee lol . I finished the shawl for my mom. I'm working on Bear's poncho. It needs some tweaking you guys know what I mean . I didn't have a clue what I was doing so none of the bottoms match. Ones to long, ones to short lol lol, the neck hole was way to big lol lol it's so funny. So out comes the yarn lol hopefully Bear won't look lopsided when I'm done. My friend Dee gave me a kit to make another Christmas tree skirt. I've been wanting to replace ours but couldn't find and thing I liked for a good price. She had the kit in a drawer , she knew she would never do it so it's mine mine all mine lol ( I'll drop a picture on flicker with the Christmas ornaments kits that I got on clearance) So I cut the old red felt one up into hearts to make Valentine's decorations. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with all of it lol but I'm sure something will come to me.
So that's it from the old homestead :) I'm off to get cracking lol. Til next time. Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome to the jungle and other crazy happenings

LOL LOL . Well yeah I guess it's a jungle in here. This weekend we decided that it was time to get Lucky a mate so off to the pet store. First store the birds looked sick and they couldn't be sure if they where male or female so off to the next store. The canary's there looked much better and they could be sure of a female. But they wanted $99.00 for the bird I almost had a heart attack. Sissy thought she was going to have to preform CPR lol. Meanwhile Sissy wants a pet , Bear wants a pet I figure ok so we look. I decide to come home and talk to hubby. I was having a hard time spending that kind of money on 1 bird and the kids wanted his advice on what kind of pet. So we run home talk to Hubby. He's right Lucky needs a mate. He talks to the kids than Sissy and I head back out ( Bear wanted to stay with Daddy he said he didn't want to hang with a bunch of girls lol lol ). Ok so we get the bird and iguana for Bear and... a gerbil for Sissy. We head home grab the extra tanks from the other house and get everything set up. Ok now on the Sunday Buddy decides he wants a pet too. My friend had another tank ( the gerbil was in a tank that was to small) we stopped to visit and pick up the tank. Stopped at Walmart to get a small embroidery hoop ( of course I couldn't find one ugh!!!) than back to the pet store .Buddy got a turtle , we did have to get another tank lol. So the gerbil is happy, the turtle is happy, so is the iguana, canary's are happily fooling around lol. We found a parakeet egg in the box this morning . So everyone is happy( lol lol lol) and we have our own zoo going on.The big kids pets are at their fathers house ( we share custody) so it's not so bad lol lol

This last week has been crazy busy. Between me working , the kids with school and work for the older ones , the pets, just life in general. I have been working on my new years goals but I'm alittle off my game. Can't seem to get my stuff together . Do you know what I mean???? I'm pulling out my MOM BOOK and starting making lists again. I want to start blogging more than once a week. This way you guys don't have to read a book lol .

Ok I'm off for now. I'll try to post later .Til next time . Have an awesome day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Lookie what I got !!! My mother in law found these in her night stand drawer. They are from 1964-65. Only one has a cover but I love them . Now if only I could hook up my new all in one printer( I'm trying to use the ink in the old printer first ), I can scan them both into the computer. She also gave me 2 1960's Singer sewing library books, and a bag full of her old clutch pocket books , and 2 ceramic bowls that she got as wedding gifts in the 50's. All of it (well maybe not the 2 McCall mags lol lol) are going on eBay this week. Than a piece of Pyrex or 2 and some really old cookbooks. I also have 5 cases of stuff to sort and get ready to get listed too.

I did finish Bear's poncho . It looks ok for my first try lol lol . Now he wants a hood . I started the new rocking chair cushions and covers. Not perfect( and I'm so anal lol ) but they work . I do need to do some tweaking and the foot stool maybe later today.

My mil gave me a new lasagna pan for Christmas, (I've been using foil ones for years) so yep you guessed it lasagna for dinner tonight. I found bags of cheese ( you know the 4 cheese kind) on sale for $1.74 a bag so I grabbed 4 ( to per pan we love cheese) and tossed them in the freezer. I have some pre-made burgers that I can use , already have the pasta and sauce. So a pretty cheap meal with what I already have in the house . Today is bill paying day ( gag gag gag lol lol ) So I'm off to get that done.

Til next time. Have an awesome day.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Howdy Y'all

How is everyone? Well today's the day. Yep cleaning the Bear's room. Now I as I clean I get to see where he has hidden all of the stuff he's afraid I'll toss. Should be interesting lol. It's fun to see where he stuffed stuff this time. He's just scary sometimes lol. It shouldn't be to bad ( at least I'm praying it's not lol lol ) We don't let him eat in there so I won't find what was once food crawling out from under the bed .

The weather here has be great the last couple of day's. I got all excited when I hung the wash out yesterday lol lol .See it's the little things that make me all giddy. I just hung up another load. Anything so I don't have to run the dryer. I'm going to open the windows today too. I hate when things are all closed up. It's nice to have the fresh air pouring into the house and get rid of that stuffy feeling. I do have some housework to do today nothing to bad so I should be able to knock all of that off in an hour or so.

On the crafty front all 3 of the shawls I did are gone lol. 1 each to our aunts and my dear mil grabbed the other one lol lol. Everyone loves them and called me to let me know that they are using them daily. So as of now I have 2 more to make 1 for me and 1 for my mom. Than again someone else could want one too lol lol. Bear wanted one and picked out some wild yarn lol lol. We convinced him that he wanted a poncho instead. Do I know how to make a poncho???? NOPE . Than again I didn't know how to make a shawl either and I figured that out lol I'll let you know how it comes out . I did drag the old couch cushions out of the other house this morning. I have them airing out on the deck. I went digging around in my fabric stash and found a pink fabric with small red roses that is heavy enough ( I hope ) to use on the new rocking chair cushions. It's in the machine now I'll toss it on the line and hopefully get to that at some point today.

So that's it from here . Hope you all have an awesome day. Talk to you soon .


Friday, January 4, 2008

Slow and Steady...

...wins the race right ? Good thing to cause things around here are going slowly lol . I'm not complaining , I did get a lot do over the last couple of days . Bear's Christmas stuff is all put away. I'm working on cleaning out his room but I have to be about sneaky about it :) he's a pack rat like his parents. He will check the trash bags if he sees them. I try to do the tossing when he's at school.

I've been sorting, tossing, and cleaning the rest of the house too. One of my goals for this year is to get organized. Hopefully this will give me much more time to craft.I have tons of plans but need to be able to keep up with the housework.What are some of my other goals you ask?( lol ) Well saving money is on top of the list. I really want all of my gift giving to be homemade or thirfted. I want to be able to stay home full time. I'm working on some ideas to make that happen. To be more creative and to use that creativity to make our home comfy. I want to live more simply.

I have finished most of our monthly shopping. Have a couple of more things to get but they were out of stock so I'll stop next week and hope they have them .I got some really great Christmas fabric on sale at walmart. I went a bit over board (14 yards :0 ) lol but I'm sure I'll find something to do with it all. I've been working on the shawls . I have a couple of more to do. Than out comes the sewing machine , got a long list of stuff I want to do. First one my list is to make new cushions for grandpas rocking chair. I do alot of my crocheting and needle point in that chair and the cushions should have been replaced long ago. Nothing like working on something with things sticking you in places I won't mention lol.

So that's all the rambling for now . I'm off to get some stuff done .Take care.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Wishing you all A Healthy and Happy New Year .

May all of your dreams come true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!