Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome to the jungle and other crazy happenings

LOL LOL . Well yeah I guess it's a jungle in here. This weekend we decided that it was time to get Lucky a mate so off to the pet store. First store the birds looked sick and they couldn't be sure if they where male or female so off to the next store. The canary's there looked much better and they could be sure of a female. But they wanted $99.00 for the bird I almost had a heart attack. Sissy thought she was going to have to preform CPR lol. Meanwhile Sissy wants a pet , Bear wants a pet I figure ok so we look. I decide to come home and talk to hubby. I was having a hard time spending that kind of money on 1 bird and the kids wanted his advice on what kind of pet. So we run home talk to Hubby. He's right Lucky needs a mate. He talks to the kids than Sissy and I head back out ( Bear wanted to stay with Daddy he said he didn't want to hang with a bunch of girls lol lol ). Ok so we get the bird and ...an iguana for Bear and... a gerbil for Sissy. We head home grab the extra tanks from the other house and get everything set up. Ok now on the Sunday Buddy decides he wants a pet too. My friend had another tank ( the gerbil was in a tank that was to small) we stopped to visit and pick up the tank. Stopped at Walmart to get a small embroidery hoop ( of course I couldn't find one ugh!!!) than back to the pet store .Buddy got a turtle , we did have to get another tank lol. So the gerbil is happy, the turtle is happy, so is the iguana, canary's are happily fooling around lol. We found a parakeet egg in the box this morning . So everyone is happy( lol lol lol) and we have our own zoo going on.The big kids pets are at their fathers house ( we share custody) so it's not so bad lol lol

This last week has been crazy busy. Between me working , the kids with school and work for the older ones , the pets, just life in general. I have been working on my new years goals but I'm alittle off my game. Can't seem to get my stuff together . Do you know what I mean???? I'm pulling out my MOM BOOK and starting making lists again. I want to start blogging more than once a week. This way you guys don't have to read a book lol .

Ok I'm off for now. I'll try to post later .Til next time . Have an awesome day.

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