Friday, January 4, 2008

Slow and Steady...

...wins the race right ? Good thing to cause things around here are going slowly lol . I'm not complaining , I did get a lot do over the last couple of days . Bear's Christmas stuff is all put away. I'm working on cleaning out his room but I have to be about sneaky about it :) he's a pack rat like his parents. He will check the trash bags if he sees them. I try to do the tossing when he's at school.

I've been sorting, tossing, and cleaning the rest of the house too. One of my goals for this year is to get organized. Hopefully this will give me much more time to craft.I have tons of plans but need to be able to keep up with the housework.What are some of my other goals you ask?( lol ) Well saving money is on top of the list. I really want all of my gift giving to be homemade or thirfted. I want to be able to stay home full time. I'm working on some ideas to make that happen. To be more creative and to use that creativity to make our home comfy. I want to live more simply.

I have finished most of our monthly shopping. Have a couple of more things to get but they were out of stock so I'll stop next week and hope they have them .I got some really great Christmas fabric on sale at walmart. I went a bit over board (14 yards :0 ) lol but I'm sure I'll find something to do with it all. I've been working on the shawls . I have a couple of more to do. Than out comes the sewing machine , got a long list of stuff I want to do. First one my list is to make new cushions for grandpas rocking chair. I do alot of my crocheting and needle point in that chair and the cushions should have been replaced long ago. Nothing like working on something with things sticking you in places I won't mention lol.

So that's all the rambling for now . I'm off to get some stuff done .Take care.


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Sarah and Jack said...

There are plenty of Jack's things that, ahem, disappear in the night. LOL