Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Howdy Y'all

How is everyone? Well today's the day. Yep cleaning the Bear's room. Now I as I clean I get to see where he has hidden all of the stuff he's afraid I'll toss. Should be interesting lol. It's fun to see where he stuffed stuff this time. He's just scary sometimes lol. It shouldn't be to bad ( at least I'm praying it's not lol lol ) We don't let him eat in there so I won't find what was once food crawling out from under the bed .

The weather here has be great the last couple of day's. I got all excited when I hung the wash out yesterday lol lol .See it's the little things that make me all giddy. I just hung up another load. Anything so I don't have to run the dryer. I'm going to open the windows today too. I hate when things are all closed up. It's nice to have the fresh air pouring into the house and get rid of that stuffy feeling. I do have some housework to do today nothing to bad so I should be able to knock all of that off in an hour or so.

On the crafty front all 3 of the shawls I did are gone lol. 1 each to our aunts and my dear mil grabbed the other one lol lol. Everyone loves them and called me to let me know that they are using them daily. So as of now I have 2 more to make 1 for me and 1 for my mom. Than again someone else could want one too lol lol. Bear wanted one and picked out some wild yarn lol lol. We convinced him that he wanted a poncho instead. Do I know how to make a poncho???? NOPE . Than again I didn't know how to make a shawl either and I figured that out lol I'll let you know how it comes out . I did drag the old couch cushions out of the other house this morning. I have them airing out on the deck. I went digging around in my fabric stash and found a pink fabric with small red roses that is heavy enough ( I hope ) to use on the new rocking chair cushions. It's in the machine now I'll toss it on the line and hopefully get to that at some point today.

So that's it from here . Hope you all have an awesome day. Talk to you soon .


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