Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey there....

Things have been as the kids put it "Mad Busy" around here. Where to begin????? Well the kids and their father had a huge falling out. My ex and his wife that is. And to make a long story short. The kids have been here more than there. Because our place is so small and both kids are teenagers, so Hubby and I gave them an apartment in the other house. Hubby had to do some retro fitting but he was able to set the place up so they heat and hot water with out us having to open the whole house. Than the fun started . Thank God we save everything. We were able to set up the whole place. Yes lol we had enough stuff to put together a 2 bedroom apartment lol and than some. Hell they even got to pick and choose lol lol . PACK RATS RULE LOL. This works out well for Sissy who is leaving for collage in August. She gets a head start on living on her own. Granted they are right next store :) and they drop off the laundry lol but it's a start. Lets see what else????? Sissy went to Boston on her Senior trip. Memorial day weekend was great . Nothing like a 4 day weekend. We played , hung out and of course worked around here.I went to hang out with my friend J. C and Hubby culled more roosters. Hubby finally got his retaining wall done down by the creek. Bear and I went a couple of towns over and went yard saling with my friend D (J's mom). Hubby took the training wheels off of Bear's bike and Bear was off lol . Hubby thought he was going to be chasing the boy up and down the road.Nope Bear hopped on and was good to go. Buddy spent his time between here and work. I made more jam, strawberry rhubarb this time.Than of course there is my ever growing pile of projects.
So with that I'm off for now. I have a ton of pictures to download and post. Til next time have a great day.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

For the birds.

I'm in the kitchen doing some prep for dinner and the 6 birds start freaking out . So I run over and look everyone looks .... alrighty than.The bird are a bit weird at times. Go back to dinner and they start again, UGH now they aren't settling down so I start looking around and what do I see???????

This birdy sitting on the tree right outside the back windows.

Than it flies to the deck, back to the tree than back to the deck lol.

The whole time the bird were acting like some thing was going to eat them. Bird brains :)

What happens when you pick up stuff

I end up coming home with stuff like this.

They were running a clearance on ducks we only wanted 6 but I couldn't just leave the 7 th one there all by it's self. So 7 ducks lol. The top picture is their first time in the water. The picture below is just a longer shot of the pond if you look close you see the little quakers.

Than well........ they offered my Cornish rock chicks for a dollar each. Now these are heading for the freezer in a couple of months. They can grow to weigh 20 pounds a piece .Did I need to get 20 well.... no not really but they were a dollar lol lol lol

When we got them home

All settled in their new digs :)

No I didn't buy a rooster this is Casanova, my boy friend, the top man in charge, the king of the coup. If Hubby and I are down by the coup and Hubby move toward me Casanova lets him know that I'm off limits :0. He is a good hubby to the girls so he's a keeper.

And last but not least....Black and white poke a dotted mama. We got her with the rest of the convicts lol. She is so wild that we can't catch her. I'm lucky I was able to get this picture :)
She had a nest some where and now she has 8 tiny chicks . The chicks looked like little mice lol.

Now I'm off to go check on the babies. Til next time have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

And another week flies by.

And this is the first time I've been able to sit and post. How was every ones Mama's Day???? I had a great day. Bear gave me a grass plant, a cup with dirt and seeds ( so we can grow the flowers together) and a cute little book to write my favorite memories of him . So sweet. The big kid gave me a huge bag of bagels ummmmm.Than we spent the rest of the day hanging out.
The rest of the week went by in a blur. I finished crocheting that lap blanket and tossed it in the box with the rest of the Christmas stuff I've made. I got a good start on a birthday gift for my friends almost 2 year old. And I started another crocheted blanket this time for us. I was going to make a granny square blanket but to tell you the truth I just don't have the patience to mess with it lol . So instead I decided to make regular old squares. I have a bunch of single skeins of yarn , all multi colored, that I want to use . So I dug them out and got started. I'm going to post pictures over the weekend . Than just the normal stuff , housework , laundry, cooking , driving kids to school see normal. Running around to pick up some things lol you'll see what kind of things next post. I did get to make strawberry jam. It came out great. The gang loves it so looks like there will be more jam making in my future. Now if I could just get the rhubarb harvested.
So that's been our week here at the old homestead. I'm off to crochet :) Til next time have a great day.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Yep thank god it's Friday ... what a week . Nothing bad just a long long week . Hubby went up state to an auction to get Sissy a car on Tuesday than they had to go up again on Wednesday to pick it up. Thursday it had to go to the shop thankfully they got it done fast and we picked it up later that afternoon. And she was off lol lol . It's nice that she has her own car now lol she can drive Buddy around. Today I had to run into town and pick up some stuff. Found 5 pounds containers of strawberries for $5.00 yippee lol. You know I had to grab 2 .Looks like I'm making some strawberry jam this weekend. I picked up some books lol lol . Grabbed so other odds and ends and ran home. We started looking for land we don't know if we'll go to PA or move farther upstate . Hubby can't make up his mind lol lol . We're looking for a really big piece of property. A house isn't really an issue. If one is there fine if not that's OK too. .And I'm tired:)
So I'm off .Til next time have a great day.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I must have a.......

sign at the bottom of the driveway ( that I can't see) that says "Mama's chicken rescue" .Why you ask .....well I'll show you.....

Can you see the 5 chicks ????? C's daughter was give 6 chicks for Easter and well let's just say one met with an untimely death and C's wife gave them to us . Thankfully we had cleaned out the old dog crate to get ready for the chicks we just ordered. They're still a bit small to put in with the older chickens. I do love all of the chickens lol lol but yikes . So I'm chicken mama yet again . Wait until the other ones get here than I'll really be chicken crazy.

I'm off for now lots more to come soon . Til next time have a great day.