Friday, May 8, 2009


Yep thank god it's Friday ... what a week . Nothing bad just a long long week . Hubby went up state to an auction to get Sissy a car on Tuesday than they had to go up again on Wednesday to pick it up. Thursday it had to go to the shop thankfully they got it done fast and we picked it up later that afternoon. And she was off lol lol . It's nice that she has her own car now lol she can drive Buddy around. Today I had to run into town and pick up some stuff. Found 5 pounds containers of strawberries for $5.00 yippee lol. You know I had to grab 2 .Looks like I'm making some strawberry jam this weekend. I picked up some books lol lol . Grabbed so other odds and ends and ran home. We started looking for land we don't know if we'll go to PA or move farther upstate . Hubby can't make up his mind lol lol . We're looking for a really big piece of property. A house isn't really an issue. If one is there fine if not that's OK too. .And I'm tired:)
So I'm off .Til next time have a great day.

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womandriver said...

My dad has 53 acres that was left to him by my grandfather in western NY. It is up on top of a hill on a road named after my family... I would LOVE to move back there, build me a cabin and live the rest of my life there. Hubby, is a Floridian... I doubt I will live that dream any time soon.