Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm still here!!!

Just been super busy . We still don't know whats up with Sissy. Looks like more trips to the Dr's for us. I did get Bear to the Dr's and he had fifth disease Yikes. The fever did break and once he got the rash he was cleared to go back to school. My birthday came ( last Wednesday) and went lol. I've found that 39 isn't any different than 29 lol. And of course I ended up at the Dr's myself ( on my birthday lol) double ear infection and as the Dr put it a massive sinus infection with impacted sinuses . Yippee lol lol. But the day was good I was happy Hubby and the kids where here so we had a BBQ. Friday was Bear's last day of school now I have all of my kiddies back. I'm working on how to keep Bear busy lol . I did the shopping early so I don't have to deal with the summer crowds. The next trip will be at 7 am in and out lol. Sissy graduated yesterday. Hubby and I are so proud. We had some family come up to watch the ceremony. The rest will be up for her party in a couple of weeks.
Things are moving along here. We are getting ready to cull the Cornish rocks in the next couple of weeks. One of the ducks hurt it's foot so we've been keeping an eye on him. The little chickens are growing fast and are super funny. One of the Millie roosters likes to jump up on our legs and climb up to our shoulders and just hang out . I finishes the curtains for Bear's room and crocheted 2 hat and scarf sets to give as Christmas gifts. M's mom gave me a ton of yarn I mean a ton the pile is about 6 feet long, 5 feet wide and 5 feet high lol . I have to get that mess sorted out. We're working on the decorating here. I picked up a bard nailer so now we can get the wood up in the kitchen. All of the paint colors are picked for the living room. Now I just have to get the paint. Still have to pick paint for the rest of the rooms but one thing at a time right. Hopefully now that all of the craziness is done for now I can get back on track because the other house needs to be done and to tell the truth I don't look forward to getting in there. But hopefully when I get in there things will move along fast.

Ok I'm off for now . Til next time have a great day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And so it goes.

Busy as usual ! Sissy is doing better but I think she went back to work to soon. She has another Dr's appointment today. The Dr had her appendix tested to find out exactly what happened. He might want to test her for crones disease. Hopefully today we'll get some answers. The big kids are done with school and now it's time to get ready for Sissy's graduation. Bear is sick . He started a fever on Sunday and is complaining his head hurts, sounds like a sinus infection to me. I'm going to call the Dr this morning and hopefully get him in. He's not happy lol lol . His school field day is this week but I'm not sure if he's going to be able to go.He's laying on the couch looking terrible poor kid.

I'm ...well buried in stuff lol. My to do list is huge but we're knocking some stuff out. After we put in the booth it kinda started the ball rolling on other home improvement projects. I have to paint some parts of the booth , than make curtains to skirt the bottom to cover the base. I all of the stuff together to make new curtains for Bear's room, and to make the curtains for the shelves in the living room. Now if I can just find the time. We also cut all of the wood to put up in the kitchen. Than staining the cabinets. Of course if we're going that far we might as well paint too lol. Mean while the first set of chicks and the ducks are growing like weeds. Looks like we'll be processing the chickens soon . The ducks have a while to go. The little chicks are doing great , they are the friendliest chickens ever.Yes I have to post pics hopefully in the next couple of days. There are a couple of yard sales this weekend I'm hoping to hit .We'll see how things go.

So those are the happenings at the old homestead. I'm off to get some housework done. Til next time have a great day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting it together

Sort of lol. Things here are getting back to whats considered normal for here. Sissy's back to school today now it's crunch time and she has to get all of her finals done. She's sweating it a bit but I'm sure things will work out.Bear went on his field trip yesterday. The big kids are out of school next week. Bear's last day is the 25th . We are all looking forward to summer break. I got my new washer and dryer on Tuesday. Yipeee I'm so happy yes I know I'm weird lol . The wash is all caught up and I can breath a bit easier. I'm still working on the rest of the house. I made room in the living room for another surprise..... a diner booth. C is doing a diner redo and asked Hubby if we wanted a booth . Now we have a place to eat and to play. I need to make some curtains to use as a skirt. I'll post pics soon. While I'm at it I'm going to make new curtains for Bear's room and to cover the open shelves we have in the living room.I was able to finish the blanket for J's daughter and I started a hat for Hubby. Ton's more to do so I guess I'd better get to it. Til next time have a great day.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

One of those days.

You ever have one of those days that lasts for 2 weeks????? That's whats been happening around here. First poor Sissy has been sick for over a month. After a load of doctors ( don't get me started on those morons) we took her to the ER and after much yelling we found a doctor that figured out what was wrong. It was her appendix. So out it came, the doctor is awesome and is taking really good care of her. She's doing really good but no school or work indefinitely. Needless to say she happy that someone finally figured out what was wrong but she wants to go to school and work :) Than lol the washer starts acting up. So Hubby pulls it apart cleans everything, greases what needs to be greased , puts it back together and thing are good . HA it crapped out yesterday in a big poof of smoke. Today Hubby went to find another one at Sears. Low and behold all of the models they had in stock and on the floor were recalled. Can't sell us one of those no siree ok so he orders one, that we can pick up on Tuesday. Mean while I'm home cleaning out the bathroom lol lol thinking that he'll be home with it hahahahaha. Add to all of this chaos our monthly shopping, a trip to Sam's club, the normal everyday stuff, moving the living room again ( that's a whole other post) and our female parakeet did a Houdini got out of her cage and fly out the back door. Than I get a call from the post office the chickens we ordered are there waiting :0.
Ok I'm done now lol . Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. All in all I grateful for all that we have the good the bad and the down right ugly lol. I'm off of here for now. Be back soon with a bunch pics and good stuff. You guys have a great day. Til next time.