Saturday, June 6, 2009

One of those days.

You ever have one of those days that lasts for 2 weeks????? That's whats been happening around here. First poor Sissy has been sick for over a month. After a load of doctors ( don't get me started on those morons) we took her to the ER and after much yelling we found a doctor that figured out what was wrong. It was her appendix. So out it came, the doctor is awesome and is taking really good care of her. She's doing really good but no school or work indefinitely. Needless to say she happy that someone finally figured out what was wrong but she wants to go to school and work :) Than lol the washer starts acting up. So Hubby pulls it apart cleans everything, greases what needs to be greased , puts it back together and thing are good . HA it crapped out yesterday in a big poof of smoke. Today Hubby went to find another one at Sears. Low and behold all of the models they had in stock and on the floor were recalled. Can't sell us one of those no siree ok so he orders one, that we can pick up on Tuesday. Mean while I'm home cleaning out the bathroom lol lol thinking that he'll be home with it hahahahaha. Add to all of this chaos our monthly shopping, a trip to Sam's club, the normal everyday stuff, moving the living room again ( that's a whole other post) and our female parakeet did a Houdini got out of her cage and fly out the back door. Than I get a call from the post office the chickens we ordered are there waiting :0.
Ok I'm done now lol . Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. All in all I grateful for all that we have the good the bad and the down right ugly lol. I'm off of here for now. Be back soon with a bunch pics and good stuff. You guys have a great day. Til next time.

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Terri said...

Sounds like my life! LOL
But instead of the washer it was my van and my chicks don't ship til the end of the week. Fortunately none of my kids have needed a doctor, but that could change depending on report cards.