Monday, February 25, 2008

Back in the saddle again

I'm back lol . The funky blahs are gone ( forever I hope) and I'm ready to rock and roll. My sense of humor is back and for those of you that don't know me well just hold on things might get wild around here ; ) .

Been busy( getting my act together) cleaning , the never ending pile of laundry , cooking, you know mommy stuff. I started stripping that old metal cabinet. I was going to paint it a mushroomy color( yep I making up words lol) to go with the teal color we're painting the bathroom ( gotta love opps paint) but now I just don't know. I like the look of the metal. Who knows it can be a mess which is why it was painted in the first place. But I do like the metal lol. Once thats done I can redo the bathroom. Than I'll move the jerry rigged unit ( Grandpas old record player stand and and old set of shelves we found lol) out of there. We're going to add an extra shelve to the unit and paint it ( orange) and put it in Bears closet ( Bear has a thing for traffic cone orange) . See Bear has one of these in his room . Now don't get me wrong it's great but it's not every strong and takes up a bit of floor space. We have to tighten it up all the time because the screws work loose and the whole thing wobbles. So since we don't hang anything in the closet I figured why not use that space. The bins will fit on the shelves and the cabinet will work for games or what ever. I'm working on an idea for coat/hat racks for both of the boys. We have a bunch of old hockey sticks ( why we have them is a mystery lol Hubby found them some where no one plays lol lol ). So I'm figuring a couple of pieces of scrap wood and some coat hooks and (maybe ) the boys will have a place to hang to never ending collection of ball caps and maybe just maybe their coats will make it on there too.

No baby parakeets all 6 eggs where duds. We went out and got a new parter for Dahlia .His name is Duke lol ( Bear picked the name he named the iguana after this guy LOL)

So we'll see what happens maybe we'll see another clutch of eggs this year . Still no babies from the canary's but we do have some time yet so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

The kids just had a week off from school . Mid winter break ????? What the hell is that??? Never happened before. None of us knew how to act. It was so weird having them off in February. But fear not we all made it and with no body count to boot ( it was touch and go there for a while) And it looks like there are more weird vacations coming up . I'm so confused lol lol . I love when their home but there are times when I want to beat all of them with a large stick lol lol lol .

Ok I'm going to work on my cabinet lol . Til next time . Have an awesome day.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The winter blah's

Yep Looks like I have a case of the blahs lol. I'm so over winter, I can't wait til spring . Looks like another storm is headed our way ugh !!!!!! Hopefully it's snow and not that weird mix of crap that we have been getting. Besides the weather things here are good , I really really want to get to redecorating the house. I have so many plans lol one of the main things is to get rid of some of the furniture. It needs to go, to much stuff in the rooms they feel... tight you know what I mean. So it looks like some re vamping of some pieces we have in storage is the way to go . As soon as I get my thoughts together ( so many ideas so little time ) I'll get some before and afters.

I did get that baby blanket done, have to take a pic. I'm working on some cross stitch now. I'm planning to make a ice blue and silver throw for my best buddy's bedroom and give it to her on mother's day. Than there are some wood crosses ( unpainted) I have that I want to do . Lately I have this thing for all things copper so I went and picked up some copper craft paint this week so maybe I'll get a chance this weekend. I found a bunch of old light fixtures ( I love old light fixtures lol it's a sickness) I wan to take one of them and remove the light kits ( the wiring is older than dirt lol ) paint it copper , hang some old chandler drops on it and toss some candles on it . Ummmm maybe I'll hang it in our room .

I plan to start my spring cleaning early this year so since I most likely won't be going to the office tomorrow I'm going to start with our room. I need to draw out the shelving /wall unit that I want to make for our room. I found a set of old shutters in the attic, we have a ton of scarp wood and if I look around some more I bet I'll find some cabinet doors. Now if I'm lucky maybe I can get the vision in my head out on paper.Than Hubby and I will get to building.

So That's it for now. Til next time. Have a crafty day lol .

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some pics

Just some pictures of some finished projects

One of the shawls

The blocks I made for my friend's baby

Here is Bear's poncho don't look to close lol

Be back later... maybe ... lol lol

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snowy Day

Yep it's a snowin. Just a flurry or two but it's still snow lol Guess thats better than the ice that we've been having. I can't wait til spring. Don't get me wrong I do like winter , I like to curl up on the couch with the clan lol and watch movies maybe read a book or 2. Spring does mean the beginning of a lot of work around here. We have 6 trees that have to come down, start looking for a wood stove, we want to get the inside of here painted, we have a huge garden planned. I have a ton of redecorating projects planned much to Hubby's dismay lol. I start re-doing and moving furniture Hubby gets nervous lol lol lol.

Our local Agway had a 30% off bag sale. We went over and grabbed Hubby a couple of pairs of canvas work pants, a ton of pet food, all of the stuff we'll need if any of the birds have trouble feeding the babies,and seeds lots of seeds. We picked up hot peppers, 2 different kinds of pumpkins, egg plant about 10 packs in all . I still have to get some squash, zucchini, and tomatoes. Some herbs of course. Looks like we'll have to get another freezer lol.

Monday I took a fall at work the stairs where icy and down the whole flight I went. I'm ok, still sore and I have a bruise the size of Maine on my butt lol but at least I didn't break anything . I'm just starting to get back in the swing of things . Sick as it sounds I want to get cleaning and sorting again. I have been selling stuff on eBay . Hopefully I can get some stuff listed today.

In the crafty corner...... I finished my shawl it's in the dryer now . I'm so happy with it. I can't wait til tonight so I can curl up with it. I still need to get hopping on the valentines day decorations done lol before it's easter and I'll still at it . My cousin had her baby and she wanted to be surprised so we didn't know what she was having Well she's now the proud mommy of a beautiful baby girl. So I'm off tomorrow to buy yarn and make that cutie pie a blanket.

At Dr Doolittle farm....... The 5 parakeet eggs should start hatching in the next couple of days. We have 3 canary eggs at last count, Lady is sitting now so we have to wait til she comes out to peek.

Everyone has been asking for split pea soup. Shop Rite had ham on sale . Today I'll make ham, mashed potatoes with some kind o green thing lol. Than I can make the clan the soup .

You guys bored yet?????? lol

Ok I'm out of ( my mind lol ) here. Til next time . Have a awesome day

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Hey. How is every one ??? Things here are insane lol lol as usual. Dahlia has 5 eggs now we have a couple of days until the first one hatches ( if it hatches) She is still feeding herself which is good. Hopefully she'll be able to care for what ever babies she has. If not we have stuff to help out . The canaries( Lucky and Lady) have been mating like mad and have the nest ready so we'll see lol .

The weather here as been crazy. They closed school on Wednesday because we where going to get a storm( that never happened ) . Than Friday a huge ice storm hit and the fool that I am I went to work. Accidents all over the place but I made it in one piece. Than on the way home my wipers froze up or some dumb shit like that and I drove all the way here with no wipers :0. On a good note I did get home ok and I made it up the drive way when all of the guys couldn't lol lol .

I've been crafting like mad. I made 6 fabric blocks for a girlfriends baby. Finished my mom's shawl and started mine. I'm getting ready to make curtains for Sissy's room. Buddy will be next he just doesn't know it yet lol lol . I have a lot of projects planned for the spring. I can't wait til I can start re doing the house.

I have been on a mad tear with organizing . 7 bags between here and the other house. Thing are looking so much better. There is still alot of stuff to do but I'm moving right along .

So with that I'm off to get some stuff done . Have an awesome day. Til next time .