Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Hey. How is every one ??? Things here are insane lol lol as usual. Dahlia has 5 eggs now we have a couple of days until the first one hatches ( if it hatches) She is still feeding herself which is good. Hopefully she'll be able to care for what ever babies she has. If not we have stuff to help out . The canaries( Lucky and Lady) have been mating like mad and have the nest ready so we'll see lol .

The weather here as been crazy. They closed school on Wednesday because we where going to get a storm( that never happened ) . Than Friday a huge ice storm hit and the fool that I am I went to work. Accidents all over the place but I made it in one piece. Than on the way home my wipers froze up or some dumb shit like that and I drove all the way here with no wipers :0. On a good note I did get home ok and I made it up the drive way when all of the guys couldn't lol lol .

I've been crafting like mad. I made 6 fabric blocks for a girlfriends baby. Finished my mom's shawl and started mine. I'm getting ready to make curtains for Sissy's room. Buddy will be next he just doesn't know it yet lol lol . I have a lot of projects planned for the spring. I can't wait til I can start re doing the house.

I have been on a mad tear with organizing . 7 bags between here and the other house. Thing are looking so much better. There is still alot of stuff to do but I'm moving right along .

So with that I'm off to get some stuff done . Have an awesome day. Til next time .

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