Monday, March 24, 2008

I just realized that my last post was.... well like the ramblings of a crazy person lol . My mind goes in way to many directions sometimes . Than I get on here and well know ramble.

So how was everyones Easter ? We had a nice weekend . Saturday we had family come up and hang out . Sunday we just hung around in our pj's and ate alot lol . The easter bunny gave Bear 2 new computer games ( the easter bunny is very thrifty and from what I was told only spent $5 each on the games) and of course candy. Grandma made him a cool easter pail that he thought was way to cool.

We have 8 yes that's 8 parakeet eggs. Dalila seems to have taken to Duke and he seems to( umm how to put this delicately) know what his is doing in the mating dance. So we're keeping our fingers crossed that some of them have babies. The canary's well there are 2 more eggs but unlike Duke , Lucky doesn't seem to have the hang of the dance yet. Either way this is the last clutch for both sets . Michelangelo decided that Saturday was a good day to hide. We let him out to sun himself than when every one showed up we went to put him away and he was AWOL. So here we all are running around looking for him ( even my mil and she's afraid of him lol) with no luck .We looked again Sunday morning and still no luck. Than I went to water the plants and there he was just hanging out like he was cool( he's lucky I don't have him stuffed and mounted lol lol lol ). I went to grab him and he took off and we couldn't find him until.... I saw his head sticking out of the baseboards .Guess he likes the heat uh lol .

So thats it for now . I'm off to work on that blanket .Til next time . Have a great day

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good day Ya'll

Hey there!!!!! Things have been a bit crazy around here over the last 2 weeks or so, and I just haven't been able to get on here to post ( the horror lol). The long and short of it is ..... the key board wasn't the problem. I thought it was the power supple. NOPE!!!!! I don't have a flippen clue. So we dragged out the old stand by and of course had to some minor stuff before we could use it .
We did get Bears room done ( looks great and he loves it ) all thats left is the closet hopefully soon it's just to cold to paint. All of this makes me cranky I want spring to get here already than I can paint away. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I'll survive . I've been working like mad in the other house . Our cheap slave labor force ( aka Sissy Buddy and Sissy's bf D) are going to help out over spring break( break starts here tomorrow). It's amazing how much stuff we can get done when there is a group of us working.

I'm still working on our room, guess I'm going to use the cabinet idea. Some sanding, painting,a couple of screws and it will be ready to roll ( yep changed my mind thank god Hubby is so easy lol or he would be pulling his hair out lol lol lol )

I really want to decorate the house . Just not sure which way to go . I love Shabby Chic ( but damn thats a lot of white). I love vintage stuff from the 20's 40's 50's and the 60's. What to do ??? A couple of years ago some one asked me what my style was and I said early American Garage sale lol lol .

So are you guys ready for Easter?? We're as ready as ready is gonna get lol lol .The baskets are stuffed, the food is preped . Just need to dye the eggs and that's a Mama and Bear thing , so we'll hit it tomorrow.

Everyone have a great easter. Til next time. Have an awesome day

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well I did it ...... twice

I finally broke down and got a new key board. Of course I waited until the old board was so bad that the puter just wouldn't boot .So after trying to get on this morning Hubby suggested that I stop and grab a new one. He was just afraid that I would smash the computer ( yep I'm one of those people when things don't work I cuss and bang them lol) It's nice to have a key board that doesn't stick .

The other thing I did ..... well I finally gave notice at work. It's time to go. I want to be home with Hubby and the kids. Being a mommy/wife is what I get the most joy out of. Only a month to go than I'm home again. Bear is so excited. Hubby just wants me to be happy ( even with all the craziness lol I'm much happier home)and the big kids well their teenagers so their cool with what ever lol .We'll be ok money wise.Soon we'll have the 2 units done and rented . Than they'll support themselves.

I did start my spring cleaning yesterday. ( and I'll have the day to myself tomorrow too) I finally got the new all in one printer hooked up and tackled our office area. Killed me some dust bunnies too. Oh and cob webs... have mercy there where tons of those too. I still have a bunch to do but it's coming along . So tomorrow I'll tackle the piles of eBay stuff and get it ready to list next week.

Ok you guys bored yet lol lol .I'm off to get Bear off the bus. Til next time. Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm so lonely lol

Not really lol Hubby is out with friends and the rug rats are in school so I am sitting here basking in the quiet lol . Don't get me wrong I love the whole lot of them but it's nice to have the house all to myself. And what am I doing with all of this alone time you ask ...... cleaning lol lol. Things have gotten a bit mess and with spring right around the corner ( please please oh pretty please) it's time to throw the spring cleaning in to high gear . The metal cabinet is stripped , sanded and ready for paint( yeah it needs to be painted) but alas it's still to cold to paint it . I'm putting that and Bear's closet on hold for a couple of weeks. I'm still going to re arrange Bears room this weekend. This way when I do get the painting done I can get to the closet. The cabinet/wall unit thingy that I was putting together for our room has hit a couple of snags I'm just not happy with it. The idea is good but I'm having a hard time getting what I want. So back to the drawing board. We need something to house a bunch of stuff , so some of the storage has to be closed. Maybe I'll build something and use the cabinet doors. I just don't know .

The dreaded FLU has hit the old homestead. I still feel like some one stuffed cotton candy up my nose but atleast the sore throat stopped. I've only got a little crafting done, painted one cross, pulled out the wood burning pen and used it on another one. They both need some more work but I'm happy with them. I started the blanket for my friend and thats about it lol.

So that's it for now I'm off to clean lol lol .Til next time. Have a great day

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Goin on's

Lot's of stuff going on around here lately. We celebrated Buddy's 15 th birthday yesterday. Boy do I feel old. Bad enough we're teaching Sissy to drive :0 now Buddy hits the big 15 . So we all got together and eat tons of food and just hung out . An awesome time was had by all. We survived the crazy weather. We've had a good 15 inches dumped on us in the last week or so. Hubby really hates snow lol and freezing rain oh yeah and sleet he really hates sleet. He keeps muttering about getting a flamethrower lol .

I've been working on the metal cabinet and it's slow going . The stripper is causing me to have cough up a lung so..... Hubby asked me where the heat gun was. Hell if I know could be anywhere considering that we've been tearing stuff apart and re organizing .Stuff like this always happens to us you know what I mean ... we need a chalk gun but we can't find it (or if we do find it it's broken lol ) so we go get another one and well I'll be damned there are 10 of them sitting right there lol . So with all of that chaos in mind tomorrow I'm going to buy another one .The worst thing that could happen is we find the old one and it works. Than hopefully ( as I sit here with everything I can cross crossed I can get it done . Than the its a matter of to paint or just to seal it . Than I can get the bathroom and Bears room going YIPPEE SKIPPY. I can't wait to sink my teeth into redecorating. Speaking of redecorating when I was digging around for the heat gun I found a bunch of upper kitchen cabinets. I think we can use them for the wall unit I want in the bedroom . I'm so happy ( yes people have told me that I'm sick when I get excited about stuff like that lol lol lol ) I hoping to haul those out this week and start the madness. One thing I can say is Hubby isn't totally freaked out about all of these stuff I have planned.

Ok I'm off to get some housework (gag gag yuck lol ) done . Til next time .Have an awesome day