Thursday, March 20, 2008

Good day Ya'll

Hey there!!!!! Things have been a bit crazy around here over the last 2 weeks or so, and I just haven't been able to get on here to post ( the horror lol). The long and short of it is ..... the key board wasn't the problem. I thought it was the power supple. NOPE!!!!! I don't have a flippen clue. So we dragged out the old stand by and of course had to some minor stuff before we could use it .
We did get Bears room done ( looks great and he loves it ) all thats left is the closet hopefully soon it's just to cold to paint. All of this makes me cranky I want spring to get here already than I can paint away. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I'll survive . I've been working like mad in the other house . Our cheap slave labor force ( aka Sissy Buddy and Sissy's bf D) are going to help out over spring break( break starts here tomorrow). It's amazing how much stuff we can get done when there is a group of us working.

I'm still working on our room, guess I'm going to use the cabinet idea. Some sanding, painting,a couple of screws and it will be ready to roll ( yep changed my mind thank god Hubby is so easy lol or he would be pulling his hair out lol lol lol )

I really want to decorate the house . Just not sure which way to go . I love Shabby Chic ( but damn thats a lot of white). I love vintage stuff from the 20's 40's 50's and the 60's. What to do ??? A couple of years ago some one asked me what my style was and I said early American Garage sale lol lol .

So are you guys ready for Easter?? We're as ready as ready is gonna get lol lol .The baskets are stuffed, the food is preped . Just need to dye the eggs and that's a Mama and Bear thing , so we'll hit it tomorrow.

Everyone have a great easter. Til next time. Have an awesome day

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