Monday, March 24, 2008

I just realized that my last post was.... well like the ramblings of a crazy person lol . My mind goes in way to many directions sometimes . Than I get on here and well know ramble.

So how was everyones Easter ? We had a nice weekend . Saturday we had family come up and hang out . Sunday we just hung around in our pj's and ate alot lol . The easter bunny gave Bear 2 new computer games ( the easter bunny is very thrifty and from what I was told only spent $5 each on the games) and of course candy. Grandma made him a cool easter pail that he thought was way to cool.

We have 8 yes that's 8 parakeet eggs. Dalila seems to have taken to Duke and he seems to( umm how to put this delicately) know what his is doing in the mating dance. So we're keeping our fingers crossed that some of them have babies. The canary's well there are 2 more eggs but unlike Duke , Lucky doesn't seem to have the hang of the dance yet. Either way this is the last clutch for both sets . Michelangelo decided that Saturday was a good day to hide. We let him out to sun himself than when every one showed up we went to put him away and he was AWOL. So here we all are running around looking for him ( even my mil and she's afraid of him lol) with no luck .We looked again Sunday morning and still no luck. Than I went to water the plants and there he was just hanging out like he was cool( he's lucky I don't have him stuffed and mounted lol lol lol ). I went to grab him and he took off and we couldn't find him until.... I saw his head sticking out of the baseboards .Guess he likes the heat uh lol .

So thats it for now . I'm off to work on that blanket .Til next time . Have a great day

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