Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rockin and Rollin

We spent part of the weekend doing some spring cleaning . Our room was bugging me , too much stuff , things felt kinda tight in there and that meant it was time  re arrange things . So that was most of Saturday but we came up with what I think  is the perfect arrangement ( Hubby was a bit doubtful lol but he does like it now ) . There is so much more room. We did take out the night stand and a cabinet ( I'll post a pic as soon as my camera decides to work ) . I ending up  my desk out of the living room and replaced it with the cabinet which gives me much needed storage space. Than I got it in my head that the living room area rug needed to be cleaned so out side it went. It looks a lot better now .

I decided to do the shabby chic thing  lol but with a bit of my own twist. Not as much white I want to go with creams, light greens and some pale pink. With that said , I want to make some new curtains for our room. Found this

old sheets curtains 003 

old set of sheets in storage and figured why not. I'm going to tea stain them . Nothing to fancy just simple panels but I want to make some kind of tie backs. Don't know out of what yet beads, trims, fringe maybe some tassels?????? Any ideas???


The weather here has been weird for this time of year but it looks like spring has finally sprung . I'm looking out the window and watching the robins hop around the yard. Spring is one of my favorite seasons .Now I can hang the laundry on the line . I love the fresh smell of line dried laundry.  I can't wait to get to the yard work, plant the garden sit on the deck with Hubby and drink our coffee in the mornings .

Well I'm in the final 2 weeks of work,  I can't wait. I have so many ideas spinning around in my head lol . I've been working on new ways of doing things . It's time for some changes, cooking more from scratch, less TV, more craft time ,  more quiet time as a family , you get the idea. I really want to want to work on simplifying  the way we live.


Well that's it for now. Til next time . Have an awesome day

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Rebecca said...

Nice! I've gotten into the Spring Cleaning mode. I even got rid of furniture to make the living room less decluttered. Every thinks I've gone insane :P

I used little bottles (like the apothecary bottles) I found at a yard sale, put some sprigs of dried flowers that match the curtains and would wire and ribbon around the neck of the bottle and used them as curtain tiebacks. They're my favorite tiebacks by far!