Monday, April 7, 2008

Live is like a box.....


of chocolates  yeah yeah yeah ( insert raspberry here). What a weekend .Well just yesterday. I decided I was going to paint the metal shelve for the bathroom so I drag it outside go in to get the paint and the wind blew the shelve down. That wouldn't have been so bad but the @#*&ing door ripped off . OK no problem ( insert cursing here)  I can still use it just won't have a door ( see postive thinking hahahaha)  I fixed what needed to be fixed , went to open the paint and it wouldn't open. Ok Ok I can handle this (more cursing) more prying and banging ( cursing lots of cursing ) still won't budge. Alrighty than go grab another can of paint. It's a little darker than I wanted but ok I can deal,  just roll with it . Start to paint ... well hell it's colder than I thought ( banging head on said cabinet). Ok  run for the house frozen, Hubby giving me that" Woman your crazy" look ( must have been the red mark on my forehead lol ) So on it goes ( because I'm stubborn, pigheaded really but I digress) I finally give up the ghost and put everything away . Well everything but the cabinet. See I'm the only banana head on the east coast that believed that the weather guy knows what he is talking about and well damnit he said no rain. Guess what yep it friggin rained. Went out this morning because I had to clean the van out ( needed an oil change and a bath) and there the cabinet  was wet, paint bubbled, starting to rust . Took a deep breath moved it so the water would run off and walked away. Got to the house and must have had that look on my face ( the one that says death is immanent) cause everyone was on their best behavior lol lol . That cabinet is getting done tomorrow come hell or high water.

Well I'm off to make dinner.Til next time. Have a great night.

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