Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moving right along

Been a busy week here at Mama's House. Bear got sick on Thursday, fever, sweats, cough  but was feeling better and went back to school yesterday. I worked my last shift on Friday Yipeeee  ( that doesn't mean that my phone stopped ringing though lol ) I  caught Bears cold on Sunday and still feel like crap. Went to the Dr's  ( sinus infection) and ended up on a maga dose     ( 875mg) of antibiotic's.

Spent last week painting finally. I got the cabinet done for the bathroom and the cabinet/shelves for Bears room .


Not a great picture lol ( camera is still being pissy) He asked for orange ( orange is his all time fav color) and I talked him in to some red too or we would be blind every time we went into his room lol lol. Still have some tweaking to do but his room looks so much more open now. 

Made some granola.

odds and ends 2008 035

Found a dehydrator in the other house so I've been going to town with fruits and stuff lol lol .

odds and ends 2008 036

Today I'm working on Bear's new hokey stick coat rack but first I had to remove this.

odds and ends 2008 039

Now I have to go find some hooks and eyes . I hoping that hanging them separately will ( keep Bear from causing to much damage lol) put less holes in the walls. Maybe we'll get the other shelve put up over the big window too today lol .

Still have a big list of stuff to do but the spring cleaning is moving along. You know how it goes you start one thing than well if I do that I should do this. And well if I do that  and on it goes lol .

We have 1 baby parakeet. It's about a week old and is soooo cute. I'm hoping to get a picture soon. Still waiting on the canary's.

Still working on my bff 's blanket, than same bff gave me a Christmas skirt kit that I want to start on  .


So that's it for now . Til next time. Have a great day.

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