Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm a bad Blogger

I know I'm a bad girl : 0 Things have been crazy lol I know what else is new right. I just need a couple of more hours in a day. So to make it up to you here are some of the pictures I promised way back when. These are some of the crafty things I've been working on and finally finished.

Picked these up last year after Halloween for 25 cents a piece.

Found this skull too 50 cents

This I got this year at the dollar store and well it fits our house lol lol

The next 3 are the finished product .A little glue and glitter . Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!! See it's the little thing's that make me happy.

The busts and small glitter skull are what Bear found at the dollar store. He just had to have Medusa and Dracula lol.

Now on the crocheting front I'm made a ton of these bracelets. I did bead some but I can't find the pictures : ( I'll have to take some more. If all goes according to plan ( ha ha ha... plan.... ha ha ) I'll get them all beaded in time for Christmas.

I finally finished my " fake" granny square blanket

I made this poncho for Vikki

This is another Christmas present for one of the girlie's

And last but not least the blanket I made for Sissy before she went to collage

That's it lol . I have do have a bunch more stuff to make : 0 . At least 3 more hat an scarf sets to make. I found this awesome youtube video series on making theses really cool sock slippers. There are a ton of clips but he's really good . I hope the link works if it does you'll have to search he's uploads to find them believe me it's worth it . Now I'm hoping to make them just for the kids ( including Mr. C and Miss T) me and the Hubby .... we'll see :) .
OK I'm off for now. Til next time have a crafty day.
PS.... Blogger has been hiccuping for me today. Don't know why...... so if thing's look wonky sorry ; 0

Friday, September 4, 2009

September already!!!!!!!

WOW !!!!!!!! Time has just flown by. Been busy making peach butter , breaking in the new to us bread machine, dealing with Sissy's car trouble ( looks like the engine is shot) taking care of the animals, getting Bear ready to home school, getting Buddy ready for tenth grade and so on and so on lol .

Than we found her behind a local shopping center. Her name is Bella. Isn't she cute :) I just couldn't leave her there . We took her to the vet and she checks out OK except for a bite on the under side of her neck. We didn't know what it was until he shaved her neck . So we have to watch her but so far so good

One of the smaller hens finally ( after 2 attempts) hatched her first chicks. Bear and I went down Tuesday morning to let out the chickens than went out and did our shopping. We got home , unloaded the van , and than headed down to clean the coop and feed the animals. Chirp chirp Mom where is that coming from . Bear runs to the baby factory (lol lol lol ) and yells that mama is in the bottom of the coup, than he climbs up and sees 9 furry babies in the box. I ran in to look yep there they are. Ok I took the babies out of the box and put them in a clean one, now mama decides she wants to sit on them so she jumps in . Meanwhile Bear is keeping the other hens away because they aren't happy with the new additions. So here I stand with a box full of chickens lol, I couldn't leave them there, Hubby wasn't due home for hours , and we couldn't get the chicken run out of storage so... I took them up to the house. Now that was something to see me and Bear with ten chickens and a cat lol. Bella was very good and only went by them once . Thankfully Hubby got home and set the run up for me . Mama and babies are happy in their new home.

I'm off for now . Have a great day