Friday, September 4, 2009

September already!!!!!!!

WOW !!!!!!!! Time has just flown by. Been busy making peach butter , breaking in the new to us bread machine, dealing with Sissy's car trouble ( looks like the engine is shot) taking care of the animals, getting Bear ready to home school, getting Buddy ready for tenth grade and so on and so on lol .

Than we found her behind a local shopping center. Her name is Bella. Isn't she cute :) I just couldn't leave her there . We took her to the vet and she checks out OK except for a bite on the under side of her neck. We didn't know what it was until he shaved her neck . So we have to watch her but so far so good

One of the smaller hens finally ( after 2 attempts) hatched her first chicks. Bear and I went down Tuesday morning to let out the chickens than went out and did our shopping. We got home , unloaded the van , and than headed down to clean the coop and feed the animals. Chirp chirp Mom where is that coming from . Bear runs to the baby factory (lol lol lol ) and yells that mama is in the bottom of the coup, than he climbs up and sees 9 furry babies in the box. I ran in to look yep there they are. Ok I took the babies out of the box and put them in a clean one, now mama decides she wants to sit on them so she jumps in . Meanwhile Bear is keeping the other hens away because they aren't happy with the new additions. So here I stand with a box full of chickens lol, I couldn't leave them there, Hubby wasn't due home for hours , and we couldn't get the chicken run out of storage so... I took them up to the house. Now that was something to see me and Bear with ten chickens and a cat lol. Bella was very good and only went by them once . Thankfully Hubby got home and set the run up for me . Mama and babies are happy in their new home.

I'm off for now . Have a great day


Wendy said...

What a cutie!!

Yay for the chicks! We didnt get ANY this year.

LeanneNZ said...

I found your blog from my stats. So took a peek to see who was visiting.

I've enjoyed having a read. Wow new to home schooling - oh you are going to enjoy it!

Nice to meet you.

Love Leanne

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