Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Just popping in

Before we finish up here for the night and I sit down for a glass of wine I wanted to wish you all.....

A truly wonderful and magical Christmas.
May all of your dreams come true.

Santa's coming, Santa's coming.

That was Bear's chant this morning. He's really ready . Looks like I got everything done , at least I hope so lol . Gifts are wrapped. I picked up the veggies, chestnuts and wine yesterday. Oops...brb. It helps if I take out the duck for tomorrow's dinner uh . Took out the Christmas movies, got out Bear's Christmas pj's. Made the cookies for Santa. I remembered Santa's plate and mug.Cut the tags off the kids new ornaments. Double checked to make sure I have all of the stocking stuffers together. I even put together our menu for the big day, duck , shrimp cocktail, fresh veggies, deviled eggs, mashed taters, and pie ( just not sure what kind).

We're just gonna hang out and putter around to get ready for Santa's big arrival. Sissy is working today, Buddy is going with his dad and step mom to see her family . Than they are heading here. Of course we'll head to bed early cause little Bear likes to get up at 4 lol.Those are the plans any way you know what they say about the best layed plans. Good thing I can roll with things lol .
Ok I'm off for now . Til next time have a great day

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it snow

Ha what a mess lol ?!?! It's been snowing since Friday. Hard snow too lol . Yesterday we canceled our Christmas party. We're going to try to get together this week. Today well more snow . I did go out early this morning and that was a trip lol . I'm in now and I plan to stay put. I'm hoping that the weather will be OK tomorrow so I can pick up some stuff. Bear has my cold poor kid. I'm hoping he can make it and finish the last 2 days of school. He has a winter caravel that he just has to go to lol lol.
Yesterday M stopped by with 2 huge black trash bags of ....... yarn( yipee lol )from his mom. She's been going thur her stash and offered me what she didn't want , Now I have more than enough yarn to keep me busy for a while. I'm a happy girl lol. Besides that .... well we're just hanging out. Off to clear snow at some point later. Bear's watching Slappy and The Stinkers on his computer. Hubby is reading the paper, the big kids are sleeping , and I'm typing away.

I'm off of here to get lunch ready. You guys have a great day , stay safe. Til next time. Have a great day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ta Da lol some pics

Yahoo Pictures finally lol lol

Scarf for C's wife

Scarf for Dear sister in law

Tote bag for mother in law

Picture frame and cross for our friends new baby

Buddy's blanket Big enough to cover his full size bed lol

Stockings I made for the little kids

Looks like Bear is trying to tell us something( hopefully you can see where the ribbon is lol)

The kids have a 2 hour delay so I'm running around getting stuff done. I tried to let out the chickens but I can't find my boots (gone don't know where Bear wants to know how boots can walk away on their own lol) It's way to icy to use my sneakers. So now I'm going to try hubby's boots , and try not to break any thing brb. OK I'm back and no broken bones lol . That hill is way icy . But the chickens are free lol . Today's plans are cooking and canning. I'm off to make sure everyone is ready for school. Stay safe .Til next time have a great day .

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rollin with it

Did you miss me lol lol lol ?!?! It's been too long . But I'm back now lol . Ok grab a cup of coffee( or tea if that's your poison lol ) and we'll catch up :)

I'm feeling better, thanks to everyone who asked. It took a week but the pain is gone. Than I ended up with a cold . It's slow going ( lots of cold meds) but it looks like the end is near. I really don't want to be sick for Christmas. Buddy was cleared to play so he's back on the court, so he's happy. Hubby got 2 deer so the beginning of last week was spend processing them.

We got hit with that storm last week. What a mess. Thursday night the power went out and we didn't get it back til Friday night. Thank god for the wood stove. M and C's brother T came here . I made coffee on the stove and Bears oat meal ( Bear thought that was way cool lol ) but they opened school.The town closed the main road so it took an extra 20 minutes to get any where so no bus for Bear. The big kids where at their dads and there where so many trees down the bus couldn't get to them. We had a huge tree down across the drive way and we couldn't get out. So needless to say the kids had a day off. We spent the weekend playing catch up. Did alot of cleaning. Still some to do but thankfully thing are in some kind of order.

This week will be crazy lol . We're having our annual family Christmas party here at the funny farm this weekend. Today I'll go grab the last minute stuff and start the cooking. Nothing fancy just pasta , meatballs and sausage. My mil is making sausage and peppers and yummy brownies. Just about all of the wrapping is done. All of the gifts are done but the totes. We just have to can the apple butter.I decided to make cranberry sauce ( Yep I'm nuts lol ) so that has to be canned too.Than add to all of that we're supposed to get another ice storm. Yuck and double yuck. Looks like I'm going to spend some time today getting stuff ready just in case.

So today looks like this . I'll go play free the chickens lol . Get the kids off to school , pick up the mail. Make the meat balls and sausage, toss in the fridge. Can the first run of apple butter. Whip up the cranberry sauce. Make the last of the apple butter. Start dinner. Pin the totes. Knock some stuff off of my ever growing to do list. Clean , do laundry lol .Post some pics to this blog if it kills me lol lol . That's it I hope lol . So I'm off . Talk to you soon . Til next time have a great day.

****** As you can see I started this post yesterday lol lol 24 hours to get a post done . Have mercy lol lol *****

Sunday, December 7, 2008


So much shopping on Thursday, for posting pics on Friday. I woke up Thursday morning and could turn my head, my neck and shoulders where killing me. OK I'll shop on Friday right... wrong. Poor Buddy stubbed his toes and we ended up in the ER. After 2 hours and a ton of x-rays thankfully it was just a sprain but he can't play basketball until he gets cleared on Monday. After we left we decided to shop. Poor Buddy 4 stores in an hour. But I did get most of the shopping done. I still need to grab some stuff but the big stuff is done.

On the Christmas front. Both of the boys scarfs are done . SIL's scarf is done ( Hubby is picking on me about how fast I can croquet lol lol lol) I started a scarf for "C's" wife lol lol. Today I have most of the Christmas cards done, I'm hoping to start painting what gifts are left, and get the rest of my weekend list done.

So I'm off . Til next time have a great day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The last day of school Bear's class had a save a turkey brunch. So I went down to help out. 5 pounds of bacon , 2 dozen eggs and countless numbers ( and flavors) of pancakes later we had some stuffed kiddies on our hands .Our thanksgiving was great. We just hung out , watched TV and ate. The Black Friday sale on the other hand .... well.... sucked. Not as many good deals as past years( we did get a couple of things) and the fighting. Have mercy .. 2 older women got into a cane swinging fight ( yes canes) over the baby alive dolls. 2 guys had a slug fest over a TV, oh look here comes the ambulance. I looked at the kids and we got out of there. We put up the Christmas tree and most of the house is decorated. We just hung out for the rest of the weekend.

Now the fun begins lol lol. Most of the Christmas shopping is done, and I started wrapping stuff( yes I can hear all of my friends booing me lol they say I'm too organized) There is a meaning to my madness. I just want it done. I want to be able to enjoy the holiday season with out stressing over what I still need to do. Buddy's blanket is done . Now the boys want scarfs (lol lol ) made in the same colors . Bear's is done and I'm almost finished with Buddy's. I want to make a scarf for my SIL. I have the yarn just need to get it going. Than all of the crochet stuff goes in the gets washed and dried . Of course I still need to dust off the sewing machine and get those tote bags done. I still need to get some stocking stuffers for the kids. But I did get me gift box sorted out so at least I know what I have. I still have to make the apple butter and jar it all up. Than I can box it all up yippee and it's out of here lol. I have some gifts to paint but that normally goes fast.Our friends had their baby so I have to get all of the stuff I made out ( and of course finish a couple of things ) and bagged up this way I'm ready when they get home.

Tomorrow is big shop day,than I have a dentist appointment. Hopefully Friday will be a easy day and I can post the pics I have lol lol lol .So with that I'm off to get some stuff down . Til next time. Have a great day