Sunday, December 7, 2008


So much shopping on Thursday, for posting pics on Friday. I woke up Thursday morning and could turn my head, my neck and shoulders where killing me. OK I'll shop on Friday right... wrong. Poor Buddy stubbed his toes and we ended up in the ER. After 2 hours and a ton of x-rays thankfully it was just a sprain but he can't play basketball until he gets cleared on Monday. After we left we decided to shop. Poor Buddy 4 stores in an hour. But I did get most of the shopping done. I still need to grab some stuff but the big stuff is done.

On the Christmas front. Both of the boys scarfs are done . SIL's scarf is done ( Hubby is picking on me about how fast I can croquet lol lol lol) I started a scarf for "C's" wife lol lol. Today I have most of the Christmas cards done, I'm hoping to start painting what gifts are left, and get the rest of my weekend list done.

So I'm off . Til next time have a great day.


Terri said...

Oh my goodness hope Buddy is cleared today and able to play!

How are you feeling? He pain in your head and shoulders gone?

I have a little shopping to do and all the Christmas cards to address Tomorrow the man is coming to fix my dishwasher, so I am hoping to get some things done around here, since I have to sit home and wait for him to show up.

FlipFlop Mom said...

OH I'd love to see pics of the scarves!!!

Sorry about the toes.. :(
and I hope you're feeling better yourself!!