Friday, June 27, 2008

Always busy around here...

...not a bad thing but there are some days I just want to stay curled up in bed. Always more wood to cut /split/ stack,the garden to water /harvest ,the kids, housework ,ugh the list goes on and on.

The other house...
Well we're not opening the other house now.With the price of oil ( as of yesterday it was $4.59 a gallon) it's just not cost effective. So now the goal is to finish the clean out, get some furnisher decorate and rent it for next summer for the season. Hopefully some of the yard sales that are coming up will have stuff we can use. My craft rooms will stay put. When winter comes around I'll move all of the paints/glues and what ever else will freeze up here.

Specking of yard sales I did go to that church sale last weekend. Not to much unfortunately an older couple who does re sale got there at 8:30( sale started at 9) and filled 2 trucks. I did get some table clothes not vintage but 1 for fall and 1 for xmas plus 8 xmas napkins. I found a green crazy daisy bowl and a craft magazine. The haul was about $ 2.

We finally got the last shelve up in Bears room yesterday( happy dance lol ) So I spent the day reorganizing his stuff. The shelves are up over his windows so we put all of the games and puzzles that he doesn't play with all the time , a couple of rockets, some books on one. And all of his army/ gi joe stuff on the other. Than a quick clean up in the closet. Than the shelve on top of the dresser. Need less to say I'm still not done lol lol. It was supposed to be a quick thing lol lol lol . NOT!!!!! I always do that to myself oh well lol . Thank God Bear is willing to cull his stuff with out a fight as long as I give the stuff to some one. God forbid I try to toss some thing .

Well I'm off . Today is Bears last day of school, hopefully he doesn't have a melt down ( last year he cried and cried it took us 20 minutes to calm him down when he got home the poor bus driver) Catch ya later.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Christmas in June

I've been thinking about what to do for Christmas this year. Yes I know I'm nut's, who thinks about Christmas in June lol lol. . I've been looking for different ideas for home made gifts while staying with in my goal of thrift it or make it. Yard sales have been few and far between but either its an bunch of unusable stuff or the prices are so high that I can get it new.
I'm kinda hoping that the 2 big yard sales that are coming in July will be better than some of the stuff I've seen.

Bear likes to read which is good so I'm on the hunt for books that I know he'll love. Sissy and Buddy are really easy they are more concerned that Bear gets stuff than with what they get ( yeah I know they're great kids and we're lucky to have them) but we'll still get them stuff. Hoping to get so computer games lol lol . Maybe a couple of PS2 games. Sissy is so girly girl that anything pink and frilly will work lol. She has been hinting around that she wants a canopy for her bed. I guess I'll see what I can find made something will pop up. Sissy is easy lol the boys not so much.Buddy loves sports and Bear loves anything science. So that helps lol lol .

I do have some ideas floating around in my head. If I can get them made I'm hoping that they turn out the way I picture them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


School here is almost done . The older kids are done except for Sissy she has 1 more test Tuesday . Bear is done on the 27th. Bear had 2 trips this year 1 was to the Bronx zoo, the other was field day. I went to field day (to many parents for me to go to the zoo)It was a ton of fun much better than last years. So now the fun begins everyone is so ready for the summer to start.

Our computer is still down it works we just can't get it on line. So for now our system is in Bears room. It's ok we just have to play games in there lol .Yep we're a family of gamers . All of us. We all like different games but we share lol .

I'm still working on organizing things ..ugh... what a chore. It's all good lol because when it's done it's done . Yesterday I was looking for last years year book and thought I put it in with the pictures(which are stored in the trunk we use as a coffee table) nope wasn't in there ( found it on a book shelve lol ) but the pics in there where a mess. Things got wet ( don't ask I have no idea) pics where stuck together. So Sissy and I sorted it all out tossed the doubles put what we could in albums. Now we're going to work on scanning them all into the computer.

So this weekend we have 1 yard sale to go to , the normal housework stuff ,and hopfully so time to chill. I have more stuff rattling around in my skull but I'll post them another day . Better than you guys reading a book that never ends lol lol .So with that I'm off to hit that yard sale keep my fingers crossed that it's worth the trip. Til next time . Have an awesome day.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Warp speed

Things have been moving at warp speed around here over the last week or so. But things are getting done . The chickens decided that they want to sleep in the coup so Hubby has made some small changes to make them happy lol . The garden is really taking off. We have some flowers on the bigger eggplants, the snow peas have put out a couple of beans and the tomatoes plants are flowering. We've been stacking wood, cleaning up the yard, preping the back deck for stain, mowing, weed whacking lol the normal summer stuff. And I swear the list keeps growing . We're hoping to get a lot more stuff done before Bear gets out of school.

I've been looking to re do our deck we have the space so we might as well use it for some thing other than a drop off place for crap hahahaha. So I'm doing a no cost make over.I did a bit of dumpster diving last summer and found 2 bar stools. They're supposed to be used inside but Hubby liked them on the deck so I changed out the heavy card board seat bottoms and replaced them with ply wood. Than I used the original vinyl and foam to re cover them . 1 down 1 to go. We have a heavy porch rocker and another wooden chair that just need to be cleaned and sealed. Than I have to go into the basement ( the horror) and find the tables that I think are stored there. Those will need a good cleaning and staining. I also have 3 awesome old rusty metal Japanese's style candle holders that I want to seal and put in Citronella candles. All that will be left is to make or reuse something to put our little barbecue on.

I've been working on my craft room. I didn't realize how much stuff I had. I'm not complaining or anything lol but damn. I'm glad I have it, now I just need to finish my work space so I can get crackin. I've been shifting stuff to the left than back to the right , from one room to the other lol lol . But it's coming along.

I'm still working on cleaning and organizing the other house. Looks like I'm going to be having a yard sale this summer. We have a ton of stuff and I've decided we don't need 3/4's of what we have. How many dishes do we need . The knick knacks, glasses, pots and pans are breeding in the attic lol lol . I don't even remember putting half of this stuff up there put it's my hand writing on the boxes :) so I must have....right.

I guess I'm on a roll because I've been doing a lot of re decorating/organizing our house.It's just time I guess. With summer break right around the corner I need to get this palce running right....kinda lol. With that said I'm off to get a getting lol .Til next time .Have a great day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When lighting strikes.

Yep we had a lighting strike during Sunday's storm. Want to see?????

Talk about scaring the crap out of me . A friend and I where standing in the living room when it hit .It was like someone set a nuke off in the back yard. There was a HUGE ball of blue light than a HUGE ball of orange light, the whole house shook. Did you know that lighting doesn't have to hit the house to fry things????? Yep fried. The TV, the phone, a couple of outlets , 2 of the 3 lights in the kitchen and the Ethernet board on our computer( we had to hook up Bear's puter to get online) Weird. Ok the tree is really close to the house ( that's the next tree to come down) but damn. There was a 60 foot wide spray of pine bark around our place and into the yard next door.
Thankfully no one was hurt.

Thats it for now .I have some work to do on this computer to speed things up a bit. Til next time. Have a great day.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Get into the groove

Lord save us. I've got Madonna going around in my head lol now I'm showing my age lol lol. I'm really trying to get my stuff together , it's weird I'm still on my "work " schedule when it comes to housework and stuff. Looks like I'm going to have to make a list of the stuff I do weekly and try to break it up into a daily list. Than tackle things by day. I know it sounds anal but I'm hoping that I'll have some sort of plan worked out when summer comes. This way we'll have more time for fun. I've found that things I hate doing like cleaning the bathroom really don't take long to do 15 -20 minutes tops. So I guess it's just a matter of getting a plan in place and sticking to it.
Things have been busy here at the old homestead.We most of our plants in the garden. I still have some in the planter boxes that we have to figure out what they are lol . Right now we have 4 grape tomatoes, 12 beef steak tomatoes, 2 egg plants,2 broccoli, assorted pumpkins, zucchini,yellow squash, black beauty squash, 2 kinds or hot peppers, parsley, sweet basil, potatoes, chives I think that's it lol . I want to pick up some oregano maybe some carrots . We started chopping wood. It's going slow ( there is a ton of wood ) but we're making a dent in it. I did get to the church thrift store on Saturday. I picked up a pair of pants , a tinker bell t-shirt, and what the kids call a girlie shirt lol for me and a red summer shirt for Sissy. But yard sale's where no where to be found.

I'm getting ready for the big shop tomorrow. I have the list going and have to start sorting and cleaning out the fridge and both freezers. The list isn't to bad but we have some extra stuff . Hopefully we'll have enough stuff stock piled , less to buy next month.

Alright I'm off to get to getting lol . Til next time. Have a great day.