Monday, June 16, 2008

Warp speed

Things have been moving at warp speed around here over the last week or so. But things are getting done . The chickens decided that they want to sleep in the coup so Hubby has made some small changes to make them happy lol . The garden is really taking off. We have some flowers on the bigger eggplants, the snow peas have put out a couple of beans and the tomatoes plants are flowering. We've been stacking wood, cleaning up the yard, preping the back deck for stain, mowing, weed whacking lol the normal summer stuff. And I swear the list keeps growing . We're hoping to get a lot more stuff done before Bear gets out of school.

I've been looking to re do our deck we have the space so we might as well use it for some thing other than a drop off place for crap hahahaha. So I'm doing a no cost make over.I did a bit of dumpster diving last summer and found 2 bar stools. They're supposed to be used inside but Hubby liked them on the deck so I changed out the heavy card board seat bottoms and replaced them with ply wood. Than I used the original vinyl and foam to re cover them . 1 down 1 to go. We have a heavy porch rocker and another wooden chair that just need to be cleaned and sealed. Than I have to go into the basement ( the horror) and find the tables that I think are stored there. Those will need a good cleaning and staining. I also have 3 awesome old rusty metal Japanese's style candle holders that I want to seal and put in Citronella candles. All that will be left is to make or reuse something to put our little barbecue on.

I've been working on my craft room. I didn't realize how much stuff I had. I'm not complaining or anything lol but damn. I'm glad I have it, now I just need to finish my work space so I can get crackin. I've been shifting stuff to the left than back to the right , from one room to the other lol lol . But it's coming along.

I'm still working on cleaning and organizing the other house. Looks like I'm going to be having a yard sale this summer. We have a ton of stuff and I've decided we don't need 3/4's of what we have. How many dishes do we need . The knick knacks, glasses, pots and pans are breeding in the attic lol lol . I don't even remember putting half of this stuff up there put it's my hand writing on the boxes :) so I must have....right.

I guess I'm on a roll because I've been doing a lot of re decorating/organizing our house.It's just time I guess. With summer break right around the corner I need to get this palce running right....kinda lol. With that said I'm off to get a getting lol .Til next time .Have a great day.

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