Saturday, June 21, 2008


School here is almost done . The older kids are done except for Sissy she has 1 more test Tuesday . Bear is done on the 27th. Bear had 2 trips this year 1 was to the Bronx zoo, the other was field day. I went to field day (to many parents for me to go to the zoo)It was a ton of fun much better than last years. So now the fun begins everyone is so ready for the summer to start.

Our computer is still down it works we just can't get it on line. So for now our system is in Bears room. It's ok we just have to play games in there lol .Yep we're a family of gamers . All of us. We all like different games but we share lol .

I'm still working on organizing things ..ugh... what a chore. It's all good lol because when it's done it's done . Yesterday I was looking for last years year book and thought I put it in with the pictures(which are stored in the trunk we use as a coffee table) nope wasn't in there ( found it on a book shelve lol ) but the pics in there where a mess. Things got wet ( don't ask I have no idea) pics where stuck together. So Sissy and I sorted it all out tossed the doubles put what we could in albums. Now we're going to work on scanning them all into the computer.

So this weekend we have 1 yard sale to go to , the normal housework stuff ,and hopfully so time to chill. I have more stuff rattling around in my skull but I'll post them another day . Better than you guys reading a book that never ends lol lol .So with that I'm off to hit that yard sale keep my fingers crossed that it's worth the trip. Til next time . Have an awesome day.

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