Monday, April 28, 2008

Alrighty Than

Just when you think it's safe.. lol I'm... back . Awesome weekend  around here busy but awesome lol.

stuff 047

First flock of chickens. I have to get some new pic's They have gotten really big.


stuff2 004

Here are the new chickens . Aren't they super cute?

stuff2 001

Here's our baby parakeets . Cute too uh !!!! ( sorry about the pic but it's hard to get it to sit still )

stuff2 007

Bear found some scraps that he grabbed from daddy ( left overs from the chicken coup) He's been coloring them to use as ramps for his cars.

stuff2 002

I did get a bit of crafting in . Made this wreath from a grape vine wreath I got from the dollar store , had the vine and swag in storage( have a ton more so I have to get it used up ), a little wire and got myself a new wreath for the front door.


Rainy day here, so I'm going to do some inside stuff. I did get our clothes done. I still have to get to the top of Bear's closet but that will have to wait until the weather is better. Now I have to get off of here and get some stuff done.

Till next time. Have a great day

Going green

I know I'm late for earth day but I wanted to post what we've been doing to go green .

We combine trips as much as possible . It looks like that will be a more consistent  thing now that the gas prices are going sky high.Yardsaling might be effected this year I'll end up staying close to home.

I use the clothes line as much as possible  only use the dryer on days like today when it's raining ( I have a thing  about the  laundry piling up). I only wash full loads and only use half of the soap the company recommends.

We picked up some outside solar lights that we use inside as night lights . I'm hoping to pick up some more in the coming months. I even saw some that are table top lamps . Maybe  I'll grab a couple of those . This way I can read and craft when it gets dark.

Recycle and reuse everything. I'm trying hard not to buy anything new . This falls in line with my make it or thrift it gift goal for this year. But we also have been re using alot of construction materials that might have other wise ended up in the land full.

We are  really working hard to grow what we eat. The chickens are a great start. We have started our seeds . I'm making a list of what veggie plants to buy next month. We are using the pond , soaker hoses, and an old water storage tank to water the garden. No need to turn on the hose. We compost all of our yard and kitchen waste so there is no need for us to buy fertilizers. I'll need to buy a food saver( hoping to find it used) to store all of the food

We shut off our furnace as much as possible. Only turning it on when we need the hot water. We're looking to buy a wood stove this year used of course. We have a ton of wood ( the trees had to come down because of the moth damage) so if it works out right we'll have enough wood for the winter. 

That's all I can think of now lol lol lol . I know there are other things but they just flew clan out of my head lol . So til next time.Have a green day

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our crazy week ( and than some )

Let's see .... we cut down 7 tree's , lost my clothes line for a while. Hubby and I built a new one. Bear lost his first tooth ( the tooth fairy pays good lol ) We got  30 chickens so far only lost 4 (they thing I'm their mommy) .  They are still small but oh so cute.We're (with some friends )going to pick up some more this week. Started prepping the spot for the garden. Hubby has been working on the compost pile so when we're ready to till we can toss it in . I picked up some red morning glory's. We're going to plant them by the new clothes line . I found an old rusty chair frame in the woods so I want to plant some more around that. I'm hoping that I can get them to grow on it and get a flower chair lol lol . The spring clean came to a slow crawl . But I'm back on the move. We just took out all of the warm weather clothes out( found some of my jeans maybe I can get my chubby self into them lol lol) and as I type  ( multi tasking at it's finest lol lol lol ) I'm cleaning out our drawers and re packing the cold weather stuff       (  tossing as we go ). And I'm trying to get some basic house work done . Bear has another half day today and we have his parent teacher meeting today.  We have a friend of ours that is going to help us finish our 2 rentals. Thank god and it looks like we'll (keeping our fingers crossed) have them rented by the end of May. So that means lots of time cleaning up and painting . With all of that and the other stuff not much crafting going on. I have tons of stuff that I want to do but  it will have to wait til things settle down a bit.The baby keets is growing fast and will some come out of the nesting box.Looks like we'll have some canary babies after all.We found 2 this morning( and have our fingers crossed that they make it ) and 1 egg left hopefully it hatches tonight if not we have to take it out.


Well that's it for now .I want to do something for earth day hopefully tomorrow. Til next time .Have a great day

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moving right along

Been a busy week here at Mama's House. Bear got sick on Thursday, fever, sweats, cough  but was feeling better and went back to school yesterday. I worked my last shift on Friday Yipeeee  ( that doesn't mean that my phone stopped ringing though lol ) I  caught Bears cold on Sunday and still feel like crap. Went to the Dr's  ( sinus infection) and ended up on a maga dose     ( 875mg) of antibiotic's.

Spent last week painting finally. I got the cabinet done for the bathroom and the cabinet/shelves for Bears room .


Not a great picture lol ( camera is still being pissy) He asked for orange ( orange is his all time fav color) and I talked him in to some red too or we would be blind every time we went into his room lol lol. Still have some tweaking to do but his room looks so much more open now. 

Made some granola.

odds and ends 2008 035

Found a dehydrator in the other house so I've been going to town with fruits and stuff lol lol .

odds and ends 2008 036

Today I'm working on Bear's new hokey stick coat rack but first I had to remove this.

odds and ends 2008 039

Now I have to go find some hooks and eyes . I hoping that hanging them separately will ( keep Bear from causing to much damage lol) put less holes in the walls. Maybe we'll get the other shelve put up over the big window too today lol .

Still have a big list of stuff to do but the spring cleaning is moving along. You know how it goes you start one thing than well if I do that I should do this. And well if I do that  and on it goes lol .

We have 1 baby parakeet. It's about a week old and is soooo cute. I'm hoping to get a picture soon. Still waiting on the canary's.

Still working on my bff 's blanket, than same bff gave me a Christmas skirt kit that I want to start on  .


So that's it for now . Til next time. Have a great day.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Live is like a box.....


of chocolates  yeah yeah yeah ( insert raspberry here). What a weekend .Well just yesterday. I decided I was going to paint the metal shelve for the bathroom so I drag it outside go in to get the paint and the wind blew the shelve down. That wouldn't have been so bad but the @#*&ing door ripped off . OK no problem ( insert cursing here)  I can still use it just won't have a door ( see postive thinking hahahaha)  I fixed what needed to be fixed , went to open the paint and it wouldn't open. Ok Ok I can handle this (more cursing) more prying and banging ( cursing lots of cursing ) still won't budge. Alrighty than go grab another can of paint. It's a little darker than I wanted but ok I can deal,  just roll with it . Start to paint ... well hell it's colder than I thought ( banging head on said cabinet). Ok  run for the house frozen, Hubby giving me that" Woman your crazy" look ( must have been the red mark on my forehead lol ) So on it goes ( because I'm stubborn, pigheaded really but I digress) I finally give up the ghost and put everything away . Well everything but the cabinet. See I'm the only banana head on the east coast that believed that the weather guy knows what he is talking about and well damnit he said no rain. Guess what yep it friggin rained. Went out this morning because I had to clean the van out ( needed an oil change and a bath) and there the cabinet  was wet, paint bubbled, starting to rust . Took a deep breath moved it so the water would run off and walked away. Got to the house and must have had that look on my face ( the one that says death is immanent) cause everyone was on their best behavior lol lol . That cabinet is getting done tomorrow come hell or high water.

Well I'm off to make dinner.Til next time. Have a great night.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rockin and Rollin

We spent part of the weekend doing some spring cleaning . Our room was bugging me , too much stuff , things felt kinda tight in there and that meant it was time  re arrange things . So that was most of Saturday but we came up with what I think  is the perfect arrangement ( Hubby was a bit doubtful lol but he does like it now ) . There is so much more room. We did take out the night stand and a cabinet ( I'll post a pic as soon as my camera decides to work ) . I ending up  my desk out of the living room and replaced it with the cabinet which gives me much needed storage space. Than I got it in my head that the living room area rug needed to be cleaned so out side it went. It looks a lot better now .

I decided to do the shabby chic thing  lol but with a bit of my own twist. Not as much white I want to go with creams, light greens and some pale pink. With that said , I want to make some new curtains for our room. Found this

old sheets curtains 003 

old set of sheets in storage and figured why not. I'm going to tea stain them . Nothing to fancy just simple panels but I want to make some kind of tie backs. Don't know out of what yet beads, trims, fringe maybe some tassels?????? Any ideas???


The weather here has been weird for this time of year but it looks like spring has finally sprung . I'm looking out the window and watching the robins hop around the yard. Spring is one of my favorite seasons .Now I can hang the laundry on the line . I love the fresh smell of line dried laundry.  I can't wait to get to the yard work, plant the garden sit on the deck with Hubby and drink our coffee in the mornings .

Well I'm in the final 2 weeks of work,  I can't wait. I have so many ideas spinning around in my head lol . I've been working on new ways of doing things . It's time for some changes, cooking more from scratch, less TV, more craft time ,  more quiet time as a family , you get the idea. I really want to want to work on simplifying  the way we live.


Well that's it for now. Til next time . Have an awesome day