Monday, April 28, 2008

Going green

I know I'm late for earth day but I wanted to post what we've been doing to go green .

We combine trips as much as possible . It looks like that will be a more consistent  thing now that the gas prices are going sky high.Yardsaling might be effected this year I'll end up staying close to home.

I use the clothes line as much as possible  only use the dryer on days like today when it's raining ( I have a thing  about the  laundry piling up). I only wash full loads and only use half of the soap the company recommends.

We picked up some outside solar lights that we use inside as night lights . I'm hoping to pick up some more in the coming months. I even saw some that are table top lamps . Maybe  I'll grab a couple of those . This way I can read and craft when it gets dark.

Recycle and reuse everything. I'm trying hard not to buy anything new . This falls in line with my make it or thrift it gift goal for this year. But we also have been re using alot of construction materials that might have other wise ended up in the land full.

We are  really working hard to grow what we eat. The chickens are a great start. We have started our seeds . I'm making a list of what veggie plants to buy next month. We are using the pond , soaker hoses, and an old water storage tank to water the garden. No need to turn on the hose. We compost all of our yard and kitchen waste so there is no need for us to buy fertilizers. I'll need to buy a food saver( hoping to find it used) to store all of the food

We shut off our furnace as much as possible. Only turning it on when we need the hot water. We're looking to buy a wood stove this year used of course. We have a ton of wood ( the trees had to come down because of the moth damage) so if it works out right we'll have enough wood for the winter. 

That's all I can think of now lol lol lol . I know there are other things but they just flew clan out of my head lol . So til next time.Have a green day

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