Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some one smack me

Please I mean it lol. The thinks I do to my self. I guess if I was thinking clearly (which I do ...sometimes ) I would see thats it's not so bad. I just have to get a handle on the housework. I'm getting there but I wish it would just be done all ready lol.

Ok... so this is what's happening. The tree is up. Not decorated yet (waiting for the kids to help)but it's up. The poor skinny thing. See we had this big fake tree for about 15 years. The thing was huge what a pain it was to to make it fit in the living room. Wiggle the furniture around, make sure we can open the slider if it ended up over there. Wiggle it some more. Get the lights on , wiggle the thing again. You get the idea. Now add to all of that the tree was falling apart. The branches where unraveling,the needles where falling off. Even the lights had seen better days. So last year I decided it was time to replace the tree and lights. Being as cheap as I am I waited until after Christmas . After looking around my sister found a tree and 300 lights for $8. Ok I can spend $8 so I had her pick them up.

Fast forward to this morning I take it out and set it up. Get the lights on, stand back and look at it. Holy cow it's tiny. Not in a bad way. I mean it's 6 foot tall by 3 foot around but I'm so used to seeing that other monster that it kinda freaked me out. I know it will look fuller when we get all of the stuff on it but damn lol. Charlie Brown has nothing on us lol lol lol. Than I take out the lighted garland that I put on the hutch, wall unit and computer desk and guess what ? Come on guess :) Yep the damn things won't light up. None of them. No matter what we do. UGH!!! Ok I calm done , take all of the lights off figuring I'll add the white lights that we have instead of the colored ones only to remember that I put them back in storage. Oh now I'm really pissed. Hubby is watching me trying really hard not to fall on the floor laughing his ass off.

So I just dropped everything and decided to chill out for awhile before my head explodes. I still have a ton of stuff to do. I have plenty of time. The kids don't get home for a awhile and Hubby is out hunting. I'm just sitting here and enjoying the quiet , typing and going over my to do list. Looks like I'll get everything done as soon as I calm down lol lol lol .

So I'm off to kick somethings ass lol. Have a great day . TTYS


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh the weather out side is frightful

Have mercy it's cold out there. I guess winter has reared it's ugly head lol. Thank god for fuzzy slippers and coffee. So what's on the hit list for today you ask ? Ummmm. Well besides the never ending list of housework , I have to smash clean and cook the last 2 pumpkins. Our son from another mother (aka Sissy's Boyfriend who we'll call D from now on ) wants more apple pie. Good thing I have apple pie filling in the freezer. Have to use up the rest of the apples so the Crockpot will be busy again today. Need to move some of the furniture around in the living room so we can get up the tree. I'll try to get crafty mama Christmas part 2 ( lol ) started. Have to drag out the Christmas stuff and get that started. I'm hoping to get the tree up this weekend. Still working on what Hubby is now calling my narcotic knitting gift ( I don't knit but knitting sounds better than crocheting lol) Ok I'm a little narcotic ( not one word from any of you) but I just want everything done. The next time I want to do a homemade Christmas I'm starting in March.

We still have to work on Hubby's new hunting toolbox, than get our room cleaned up. Have to grate up the cheese for the engilsh muffin pizzas we're having for dinner. Still need to sort the buttons in my huge button collection so Bear ( who has half day today) can make some Christmas presents. Maybe add more pics to flicker. Ok I'm off to (see the wizard lol ) smash me some pumpkin's and get the rest of this show on the road.Til next time.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just another day : )

Back again, scary, uh. Well I'm finally getting the housework caught up . Thing's don't have to be perfect cause we all know I'm no where near perfect. Hell perfect takes one look at me and laughs it's ass off. But I have to have things organized . It's just a need I have . Yes I know I need help but I just don't have the time hahahahaha. So far I have a load of wash done I miss hanging it out side but it's just to cold. I'll have to break down and use the dryer. Made turkey soup yesterday.
I'm making veggie soup stock out of the left over veggies .That will take care of the thanksgiving leftovers. I did get my new craft tool box done just needs some tweaking but Hubby was right this works so much better. I was able to clean up the shelves where the craft stuff was , some of it still is but it is less cluttered. Now I'm going to work on Hubby's box next lol .Than I can finish the bedroom yippee.
I'm working on that last minute gift lol I'll show you it when it is received don't want anyone getting a peak lol .The apple pie filling experiment's worked so my want to make more and freeze it. Hopefully I get it all done before noon cause I want to chill for the rest of the day. Might not happen :) but I do have the best intentions really. Maybe I'll have a glass of wine tonight than pass out .Yep I'm a cheap date.

Ok I'm off for now .TTYS


A Crafty Mama Christmas : Part One

Tis the Monday after Thanksgiving and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Than mama jumped from her chair and exclaimed with a shout " Holy Crap Christmas is coming and I don't have a thing out ".

Off like a shot she ran to go organize her Christmas loot. Decorating for Christmas is always a hoot. As she sorted and organized she's finding things she had forgotten all about . "Oh look at these I'll have to put them out". More and more she finds, all the time thinking " Where did this all come from? What did I do ? How much Yard Saling can one woman do .Ok, be calm, you'll figure it all out . That's it take a breath before you pass out . As I stand there with the stuff stacked all around . I decide it's time to lay down .Time enough for all this later.

Playing catch up

I was going to post again yesterday, I swear, but well the day just got away from me. We have so much stuff going on and for some reason I keep added more . I'm nut's , crackers, brain damaged. (Hubby says this is all part of my charm, I think I'll beat him later ) I always do this, pile crap on until I'm nut's . It wouldn't be so bad if I had my list together and stopped trying to do this crap on the fly .

So Thanksgiving was great . Black Friday on the other hand was a night mare . We go every year grab what we need to grab and leave. This year there where a few things I wanted to get for Bear. Hubby and I where only interested in 3 things, they had Stanley 5 drawer tool boxes for $ 50 each .We got 2 one for hubby's hunting stuff and 1 for my craft stuff. Sissy wanted to get a xbox 360. Of course after waiting around for hours we find out that they lost or don't have the stuff we wanted . That's Walmart for you. On the flip side of that we did get the rest of the Christmas shopping done . Just have to finish the homemade stuff and we're done . I'll be stopping at the $ store on and off til right before Christmas to see if any thing cool grabs my eye.

I have a ton of stuff to do. I'm still working on the blog so bear with me .Today there might be more than one post. I'm thinking about sorting what I want to write about so my posts aren't so long winded . I'm off for now .TTYS


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy (Late ) Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK so I'm a couple of days late , better late than never I guess lol lol . Thanksgiving was great lots of food, TV, movies and just the 5 of us. Bet a couple of us are still recovering from turkey over dose. Here's a funny ( well to me anyway ) Pic for you all.I'm gonna run for now. I'll be back later with my black Friday post.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The great pumkin massacre lol lol lol

So Saturday, after dropping Buddy at work, Sissy, Bear and I went to the local farmers market in search of pumpkins. Not a pumpkin in the place. So off to Walmart we went and grabbed 3 more pumpkins. We ran Sissy to work, than home to relax and wait for Hubby to get back from hunting.

Sunday morning rolls around Hubby heads out to hunt .The big kids both had plans . That just leaves me and Bear. Bear can be a pain in the ... neck if he's not kept busy . So I made us a list (I'm a big list maker) 1st on our list is to clean and cook the 3 pumpkins. No big deal right. WRONG. No matter what knife I used those I couldn't cut into them . Bear thought it was funny as hell . Me ... hell I was getting more pissed off by the minute. So I stuffed those stubborn God forsaken pumpkins in a grocery bag, grabbed Bear, went outside and smashed them on the front walk way. Now when I think about it , it was really some funny shit. The neighbors must thing that we're nut's but we got those damn things open damn it. OK so now you figure I can cut them now right. NO FRIGGING WAY so I covered them and tossed them into the oven cursing and screaming the whole time. Bear was laughing so hard I couldn't help laughing too.

On to the next things on our list. I gave Bear a chose for his Christmas grab bags. He could have the ones I got at the dollar store or we could stamp brown sandwich bags instead . He chose to stamp the bags so we got out the stuff and stamped away. Now I know it's a bit early to worry about the school Christmas party but I'm really anal and hate to do things at the last minute. We did 28 bags he only has 22 kids in his class but I wanted a some extras to give out if some drops by unexceptedly . We'll hopefully get them filled this week sometimes. We painted some of the ornaments . Cooked beef stew. Made a pumpkin pie. Watched Slappy and the Stinkers. Have you seen it ? If not you should it was super funny. Bear sat there laughing and watched the whole movie and he very rarely sits still for long . Than we just sat back and chilled for the rest of the night . Ate dinner. Bear of course just had to have some of the" murdered" pumpkin pie ( some times I just don't know about that kid.) and waited for Daddy to come home . Bear couldn't wait to tell Daddy about Mommy's wild pumpkin killing episode . Hubby just looked at my smiled and shook his head .all while trying to keep a straight face.

We did have a great weekend with miniumal yelling screaming and death treats . How was your weekend ???? Hope all is well .TTFN.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pumpkins, Pumpkins every where and other weird stuff

Right before Halloween I picked up 3 small pumpkins. Why 3 you ask ? Well the kids already craved their pumpkin and well pumpkin is cheap this time of year. Maybe I had a weak moment lol lol . So there sat 3 perfectly good pumpkins. What to do???? Why make pie of course . One problem you see I've never made a real pumpkin pie . Mrs. Smith and I are really good friends . So I looked around on the net and found an awesome pie recipe on . I figured why not . I took those pumpkins and clean , peeled and boiled those poor lonely pumpkins. We even roasted the seeds ( the kids and Hubby sucked them down lol ) . OK now what do you do with 3 pumpkins worth of cooked pulp???? Why you freeze it of course. Now mind you I didn't know if freezing would work. So at 8 pm Thursday night I decide I better make a pie and see how it turns out . ( I could picture myself trying to make pie for thanksgiving and with my luck it turns out like crap). I had planned on doing this over the weekend so the pulp was defrosted. I did over do it with the pumpkin pie spice lol but it was so good that it's already gone lol lol . The only thing I recommend is to drain off an extra liquid before you mix everything together . So my next experiment ???? Apple pie filling . I want to mix everything together and cook it in the crock pot than freeze it. I have no clue if it will work so keep your fingers crossed .

Now for some crafty stuff. I finally got the scarfs done yippee . So now on the the ornaments. I'm going to paint the wood ornaments than maybe burn stuff like Joy , Peace , Love on them The dollars trees around here have had some awesome stuff this year . I got wooden stars and wreaths 12 for a $1 ( I'm not sure how many I have lol maybe 4 dozen lol ) , glitter glue , pre cut and pre glued foams shapes in all kinds of designs , pipe cleaners, those old round top clothes pins, paint, plus a ton of other stuff. So with all of that and the great deals I got on craft lots on eBay this summer we'll be as Bear says some crafting fools . Than Sissy said she wants a tote bag ( that I still have to make ) full of craft stuff. So back to the dollar tree lol.

Ok I'm off to get stuff done .Have a great day .TTYS

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Busy... busy ... busy and I'm loving it lol

Busy ... yep... really busy . Been hauling ass lol lol lol . Let's see... got a carpet from a friend ... got a huge bird cage from same friend's girlfriend ... been running around like mad trying to get most of the Xmas shopping done.. and crafting myself crazy.. I have been crocheting scarfs until my fingers cramp and still have more to do .... had to cut the last of the stuff for the aprons ( I still have enough of the vintage sheets left to make a quilt yippee) ... than cut the Dora the explorer fabric for the totes and the pencil rolls for our nieces ... all since Monday lol lol .

Yesterday we cleaned the new cage cleaned up and moved the birds... they are happy to have all of that space... most likely this weekend our friend will bring over his 2 female canary's ( who keep laying eggs that never hatch) and Lucky ( the canary that Hubby found flying around the gas station ) will get ... well lucky lol and than leave poor Delila ( our female parakeet ) alone . But it is kinda funny watching Lucky messing with Delila and Sampson ( our male parakeet ) going after Lucky .... kinda like a birdy funny farm ... yep you counted right we have 3 birds of our own and are looking to bring 2 more into the fold lol .

Today Hubby and I cleaned and put the new area rug in the living room ...I'm working on make lasagna form dinner....crocheting yet another scarf..... Sissy* wants too lol who would of thought that my 16 y/o daughter would want one lol .Now Buddy * hasn't been paying attention so if he wants one it will be last minute like 2 days before Xmas ... but what else can can you except from a 14 y/o boy :). Bear* on the other hand is 6 and wants one of everything lol lol lol so we'll see.

So that's the scoop from here. I'm off to get more stuff done .Til later ....have a great day.

* All names have been to protect the guilty : )

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My entry into blog land

Hi !!! How is everyone???? Just a quick post cause I'm off to get some stuff done , have to figure Blogger out got so much I want to post . So catch up with you later .