Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh the weather out side is frightful

Have mercy it's cold out there. I guess winter has reared it's ugly head lol. Thank god for fuzzy slippers and coffee. So what's on the hit list for today you ask ? Ummmm. Well besides the never ending list of housework , I have to smash clean and cook the last 2 pumpkins. Our son from another mother (aka Sissy's Boyfriend who we'll call D from now on ) wants more apple pie. Good thing I have apple pie filling in the freezer. Have to use up the rest of the apples so the Crockpot will be busy again today. Need to move some of the furniture around in the living room so we can get up the tree. I'll try to get crafty mama Christmas part 2 ( lol ) started. Have to drag out the Christmas stuff and get that started. I'm hoping to get the tree up this weekend. Still working on what Hubby is now calling my narcotic knitting gift ( I don't knit but knitting sounds better than crocheting lol) Ok I'm a little narcotic ( not one word from any of you) but I just want everything done. The next time I want to do a homemade Christmas I'm starting in March.

We still have to work on Hubby's new hunting toolbox, than get our room cleaned up. Have to grate up the cheese for the engilsh muffin pizzas we're having for dinner. Still need to sort the buttons in my huge button collection so Bear ( who has half day today) can make some Christmas presents. Maybe add more pics to flicker. Ok I'm off to (see the wizard lol ) smash me some pumpkin's and get the rest of this show on the road.Til next time.