Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just another day : )

Back again, scary, uh. Well I'm finally getting the housework caught up . Thing's don't have to be perfect cause we all know I'm no where near perfect. Hell perfect takes one look at me and laughs it's ass off. But I have to have things organized . It's just a need I have . Yes I know I need help but I just don't have the time hahahahaha. So far I have a load of wash done I miss hanging it out side but it's just to cold. I'll have to break down and use the dryer. Made turkey soup yesterday.
I'm making veggie soup stock out of the left over veggies .That will take care of the thanksgiving leftovers. I did get my new craft tool box done just needs some tweaking but Hubby was right this works so much better. I was able to clean up the shelves where the craft stuff was , some of it still is but it is less cluttered. Now I'm going to work on Hubby's box next lol .Than I can finish the bedroom yippee.
I'm working on that last minute gift lol I'll show you it when it is received don't want anyone getting a peak lol .The apple pie filling experiment's worked so my want to make more and freeze it. Hopefully I get it all done before noon cause I want to chill for the rest of the day. Might not happen :) but I do have the best intentions really. Maybe I'll have a glass of wine tonight than pass out .Yep I'm a cheap date.

Ok I'm off for now .TTYS


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