Sunday, November 25, 2007

Playing catch up

I was going to post again yesterday, I swear, but well the day just got away from me. We have so much stuff going on and for some reason I keep added more . I'm nut's , crackers, brain damaged. (Hubby says this is all part of my charm, I think I'll beat him later ) I always do this, pile crap on until I'm nut's . It wouldn't be so bad if I had my list together and stopped trying to do this crap on the fly .

So Thanksgiving was great . Black Friday on the other hand was a night mare . We go every year grab what we need to grab and leave. This year there where a few things I wanted to get for Bear. Hubby and I where only interested in 3 things, they had Stanley 5 drawer tool boxes for $ 50 each .We got 2 one for hubby's hunting stuff and 1 for my craft stuff. Sissy wanted to get a xbox 360. Of course after waiting around for hours we find out that they lost or don't have the stuff we wanted . That's Walmart for you. On the flip side of that we did get the rest of the Christmas shopping done . Just have to finish the homemade stuff and we're done . I'll be stopping at the $ store on and off til right before Christmas to see if any thing cool grabs my eye.

I have a ton of stuff to do. I'm still working on the blog so bear with me .Today there might be more than one post. I'm thinking about sorting what I want to write about so my posts aren't so long winded . I'm off for now .TTYS


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