Thursday, November 15, 2007

Busy... busy ... busy and I'm loving it lol

Busy ... yep... really busy . Been hauling ass lol lol lol . Let's see... got a carpet from a friend ... got a huge bird cage from same friend's girlfriend ... been running around like mad trying to get most of the Xmas shopping done.. and crafting myself crazy.. I have been crocheting scarfs until my fingers cramp and still have more to do .... had to cut the last of the stuff for the aprons ( I still have enough of the vintage sheets left to make a quilt yippee) ... than cut the Dora the explorer fabric for the totes and the pencil rolls for our nieces ... all since Monday lol lol .

Yesterday we cleaned the new cage cleaned up and moved the birds... they are happy to have all of that space... most likely this weekend our friend will bring over his 2 female canary's ( who keep laying eggs that never hatch) and Lucky ( the canary that Hubby found flying around the gas station ) will get ... well lucky lol and than leave poor Delila ( our female parakeet ) alone . But it is kinda funny watching Lucky messing with Delila and Sampson ( our male parakeet ) going after Lucky .... kinda like a birdy funny farm ... yep you counted right we have 3 birds of our own and are looking to bring 2 more into the fold lol .

Today Hubby and I cleaned and put the new area rug in the living room ...I'm working on make lasagna form dinner....crocheting yet another scarf..... Sissy* wants too lol who would of thought that my 16 y/o daughter would want one lol .Now Buddy * hasn't been paying attention so if he wants one it will be last minute like 2 days before Xmas ... but what else can can you except from a 14 y/o boy :). Bear* on the other hand is 6 and wants one of everything lol lol lol so we'll see.

So that's the scoop from here. I'm off to get more stuff done .Til later ....have a great day.

* All names have been to protect the guilty : )

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