Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pumpkins, Pumpkins every where and other weird stuff

Right before Halloween I picked up 3 small pumpkins. Why 3 you ask ? Well the kids already craved their pumpkin and well pumpkin is cheap this time of year. Maybe I had a weak moment lol lol . So there sat 3 perfectly good pumpkins. What to do???? Why make pie of course . One problem you see I've never made a real pumpkin pie . Mrs. Smith and I are really good friends . So I looked around on the net and found an awesome pie recipe on . I figured why not . I took those pumpkins and clean , peeled and boiled those poor lonely pumpkins. We even roasted the seeds ( the kids and Hubby sucked them down lol ) . OK now what do you do with 3 pumpkins worth of cooked pulp???? Why you freeze it of course. Now mind you I didn't know if freezing would work. So at 8 pm Thursday night I decide I better make a pie and see how it turns out . ( I could picture myself trying to make pie for thanksgiving and with my luck it turns out like crap). I had planned on doing this over the weekend so the pulp was defrosted. I did over do it with the pumpkin pie spice lol but it was so good that it's already gone lol lol . The only thing I recommend is to drain off an extra liquid before you mix everything together . So my next experiment ???? Apple pie filling . I want to mix everything together and cook it in the crock pot than freeze it. I have no clue if it will work so keep your fingers crossed .

Now for some crafty stuff. I finally got the scarfs done yippee . So now on the the ornaments. I'm going to paint the wood ornaments than maybe burn stuff like Joy , Peace , Love on them The dollars trees around here have had some awesome stuff this year . I got wooden stars and wreaths 12 for a $1 ( I'm not sure how many I have lol maybe 4 dozen lol ) , glitter glue , pre cut and pre glued foams shapes in all kinds of designs , pipe cleaners, those old round top clothes pins, paint, plus a ton of other stuff. So with all of that and the great deals I got on craft lots on eBay this summer we'll be as Bear says some crafting fools . Than Sissy said she wants a tote bag ( that I still have to make ) full of craft stuff. So back to the dollar tree lol.

Ok I'm off to get stuff done .Have a great day .TTYS

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