Sunday, December 30, 2007

Long time no blog

We had a great Christmas. It was simple and quite well as quiet as it can be with 3 kids lol.The kids loved their stuff. Picking were a bit slim this year and we stuck to getting stuff that they needed . The big kids are easy, they were more worried about Bear getting stuff. Mean while I started getting a cold. Nothing to bad at first , I guess I wore my self out over the last couple of weeks with Christmas, work and all of the other goings on , it started getting worse. By yesterday I felt like a truck ran me over and forgot to come back to finish the job. Looks like I have yet another sinus infection. So Hubby banished me to the couch. For me being stuck on the couch is like the kiss of death lol . What I can't clean , do laundry. Oh no not good lol . Now I have to admit that Hubby was right ( ouch that hurt ) I could barely stand let a lone do any house work , not that I let that stop me from trying . I'm feeling a little bit better today not much so this post will be short ...maybe lol . We're working on taking the tree down slowly because I still feel yucky. A dear friend of ours gave us a small chest freezer ( that we really needed) for Christmas . So We're slowly getting stuff moved around to make a spot for it . Still have to get the rest of Bears stuff put away. I have been working on another shawl.Not much crafting going on .

So that's it for now. Hubby is giving me the get back on the couch look :) Til next time.Have a great day .


Monday, December 24, 2007

Have yourself a merry little christmas......

The last couple of days have been busy around here . I'm sure it's been the same for all of you too. The wrapping is done, stockings are stuffed, cleaning ... well thats as good as it's going to get lol lol. Yesterday the kids and I had our second annual great cookie bake off. Lost count of how many cookies we made lol. We made a huge mess but we had a blast.

This year we decided to add movie watching to our normal Christmas routine. So far we've watched everything from old Christmas movies to Lord of the Rings and 2 more days to go lol . We love movies so this is a great way to feed that love and have all of us cuddled up together. Before Bear goes to bed we'll toss the reindeer food outside , than wait til he's asleep than put the loot under the tree. We're all prepared for the early morning call of the Bear. Tomorrow is all about hanging out together and eating of course. We have most of the prep work done so everything should be ok. We like to try to keep things simple.

Christmas eats
leg of lamb stuffed with garlic and covered in a mustard dressing
assorted veggies
cheese flavored mashed potatoes
pumpkin pie
cookies (lots and lots of cookies)

On the crafting front I did get 1 shawl done . I need to pick up yarn for the 2nd one. I'll grab it on Wednesday when I hit the stores for the after Christmas sales. We don't need to much but I do get our Christmas cards. I'm hoping to get some Christmas fabric to make a new tree skirt. I found a bunch of cross stitching ( 5 to be exact) that I forgot I had ( my bad lol lol ) so I'll be working on those. As weird as it might seems I feel more relaxed when I'm making something. It's hard to explain but it's true.

So thats about it from here . I wish you all A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Til next time .Have a awesome day.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All of the kids are at school, Hubby is out hunting, do you hear that????? Silence yipee lol lol lol. Well not totally silence the birds are chirping and I'm watching Mission Organization:). We do need some organization around here. It will have to wait til after the holidays. I like Sarah's idea( Thank you Sarah !!!!) of a huge purge in January. Starting the new year free of all of the crap will be awesome. So crap beware your days are numbered.

How's every one doing with their holiday prep? Things here are moving along. I do have some wrapping to do which I'm planning to get to today. Hopefully you know what they say about the best layed plans right. In keeping with the holiday spirit how about a little give way ???Here are 4 of the ornaments that I made leave a comment, I'll pick and announce the winner tomorrow morning. Than the winner can send me their snail mail address and hopefully get them before Christmas.

I did finish my shawl ( bathmat lol ) last night .I'll put pics on flicker later. Just promise you guys don't hurt yourselves laughing ok lol. I have 2 more I want to make . 2 of Hubby's aunt are ill, so I'm going to make them each one . Maybe chenille ????

Today Hubby divided the bird cage. It looks like the parakeets are about to mate again. This will be the second time ( only one baby the last time and the poor thing didn't make it, we're keeping our fingers crossed ) The canary seems to think that he's in charge, he keeps bulling the other birds. So we'll see hopefully they'll use the nesting box this time.

Ok I'm off to do some much dreaded cleaning.Til tomorrow .Have a great day


Monday, December 17, 2007

Just another crazy week

Crazy is an understatement lol . No bad... just wacky. I decided to drop some of the projects I had planned. I was making myself nuts. So they'll wait until next year. This time I'm starting early and doing a little at a time.I have been crafting... well crocheting. I'm making a shawl( sort of lol... not quiet lol... my mil said it looks like a bath mat ... rotf ) out of some ice blue eyelash yarn I got at the dollar store. I wanted something to use when I'm curled watching TV. It kinda looks like a blanket. Looks like I made a couple ( of dozen lol ) mistakes but I like it .I 'll toss a pic on as soon as it's done so you guys can see(and laugh really hard ) it. I did start another on that actually looks like a shawl so I don't feel like a complete nit wit. Bear made some reindeer food on Saturday.We found some really cool jars to put it in and he's one happy bear. Now I just have to make tracks ( lol lol ) in the snow after he sprinkles it outside.

We had our family Christmas party on Saturday and things where well wacky. MIL's car broke down .BIL walked 5 miles to get to our house . After much running around Hubby and BIL towed the car to the garage we use. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. We lent them our van because neither one of us what'd to drive the 4 hours round trip and this way mil at least has a way to get around. Besides all of that ( lol ) the party was great.The scarfs I made where a big hit. MIL loved hers and I sent one down for Hubby's aunt. Every one loved the ornaments too. I was so worried that everyone would think they sucked lol lol. Hopefully the other ones will be as well received. The only other thing is that I made 2 pans of lasanga and we're still eating it lol lol

I did get a bunch of the wrapping done just a bit more to do and I'm done. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow.Than the kids and I are making cookies. I was just going to do sugar cookies but Bear wanted ginger bread cookies too. Now no Susie homemaker comments for I got pre made mix on sale last week. I will make the frosting but I just couldn't see myself making everything from scratch. Than Santa will have his cookies on his special plate. Yes last year I finally found a plate for the big guy in red at the dollar store at of course. I did grab 2 just on case one get mysteriously broken by the other kid we have . You know who I mean ... that kid you didn't know you had ... the one named NOT ME !!!!!

Ok I'm off of here . Gonna go eat some lasagna lol . Til next time. Have a great night.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Holy Moly look at the ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about ice.... we can't even walk out the front door. Forget going down our cluster fuck of a drive way. Then our idiot neighbors decided to help them selves to our salt and sand. They used a whole 60 gallon drum of it. UGH nothing like being surrounded by idiots. No school today. The kids are happy. Me????? Well to tell the truth it doesn't bother me in the least. Don't get me wrong the kids can drive me nuts ( more nuts than normal lol lol ) but I really don't mind them not going to school.They are really good about helping out ( for the most part anyway I only have to beat them once in awhile lol lol lol) At least Bear is feeling better. He's almost back to his old self. No work for me today. I'm getting tired of the office. Way to much bull shit I think. Maybe I just need some time off. I don't know what the problem is . Maybe it's just time to move on. I only work 12 hours a week but for some reason lately it feels like 50. I'm alot happier when I home.The money is ok helps pay the taxes but that's all. I guess I'll see how things go.

Ok I'm done bitching lol lol . So any way. What's happening today you ask ???? Cleaning lol. I set a goal of having everything done by noon. Than I can craft my little heart out . Yippee. I have a ton of sewing to do.I'm hoping to get a good start today. Still have to plan out the menu for our Christmas party.

Ok I'm off of here. I want to get moving. Have a great day.


* I'll try to get more pic's on flicker today too

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Good Morning to you

Bear is feeling better, his neck is still a bit sore. We're all finally sleeping again:) . I've been working on get the house back in order. It's coming along. I want to change the way I've been doing things around here. I've been tossing around some ideas I'll see what I can come up with . Do I wants to spend all day cleaning ???? OH HELL NO!!!!!, screw that. I can think of a hundred things I would rather be doing. But I like a clean and organized home. So my goal is to come up with a system that gives me the best of both worlds lol lol . Now don't get me wrong I LOVE the homemaking things that I do. I just want to focus on my family, making our house a comfy and cozy one, cooking great food, baking, saving money where we can , and crafting of course.

Speaking of crafting , we have been crafting like mad this week. Sissy has been an awesome help. She was right here with me crafting away lol , and she helped keep bear busy so I could get stuff done. Every year we give our family's cd's of pictures that we've taken since last Christmas. This year I had Sissy make covers for them. I'll post pics of all of the craft stuff soon , don't want anyone to peek lol. Last year I got 3 awesome ornament from my best buddy Dee that you can put pics in . SO lol much to Sissy's dismay I asked her to make me some thing for each one and they had to have LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE on them . Well Sissy being Sissy made up the funniest ones you can think of. When I' m done posting I 'll put them on my flicker slide show.We also painted the rest of the ornaments. (I'm working on finishing them up now , yep I'm just a mulit- tasking fool .) A few of years ago my sister started making " gift cups" for all the kids. She takes Christmas cups and fills them with candy, pencils, well you get the idea.Last year we made them too but this year we decided on bags instead of the cups. Sissy and I filled all of Bear's goodie bags and made up enough bags for all of the kids and who ever else might stop by. I do need to pick up some more candy for them but it's done. I did get the food shopping ( yuck yuck yuck ) done. I still need to pick up food for our Christmas party but thank god the bulk of the shopping is done lol lol lol .

Well now that I bored you all to tears :) I'm off . Have a great day.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Where to begin.....

Well let's see.... Bear woke up Monday night screaming his head off. He was complaining that he couldn't move his neck and his ear hurt. So it went all night he just couldn't sleep. Even with Tylenol, ear drops and tongue strips he was in pain. The next morning I called the doctor and took him in . He has a massive ( that's what the doctor called it) ear infection in his right ear. You guys know the drill antibiotics , different ear drops, Tylenol, and heating pad. Last night was no better. He was up most of the night.The poor kid screams every time he moves his head. He's a bit better today but not by much. He still cries when he moves his head but he can get himself into a sitting position by himself. An ear infection is bad enough but the neck thing still kinda freaks us out. We never can tell when he's getting sick . He rarely gets sick so when he does it usually bad. He's sleeping now so I'm trying to get some stuff done . Hubby and I are both ready for bed lol lol and it looks like another long night. Thank God for coffee :)

We still have on alot of things to do , have to do our monthly shop ( yuck I hate shopping), the van needs an oil change, the house need to be cleaned, still haven't gotten the Christmas cards done. Than there's still finishing the presents that we're making , start wrapping, get ready for our family Christmas party that's on the 15 th. It will get done sooner or later. Thing's are easier when you get some sleep but never fear we sleep sooner or later :)

So that's it for now. I'm gonna try and get some ( sleep lol lol ) stuff done. Take care.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let it snow , let it snow, let it snow !!!!!!!

We rolled out of bed this morning and yep it's snowing. Bear is in his glory. He has been drawing sledding maps for weeks lol. Poor Hubby. Bear wants jumps lol. Bear thinks he's a Stunt Junky lol.
We'll see what the weather does. If there is enough snow and it's not too cold , maybe they'll get some sledding in.

With the snow comes a small problem. I'm supposed to meet someone today at 9am. We have 4 wheel drive so that's not the problem. To tell the truth I don't have any problem driving in the snow at all but for some reason people around here ( people who have lived here for year's I might add) go into a panic when they hear snow. Some snow on the ground and they can't drive. I've seen people end up in a ditch right in front of me. So maybe I'll call and set up something for tomorrow afternoon.That's probably a good idea.

Yesterday was busy. Buddy had basketball practice 10 to 11:30 and he had to go to work at 12. Sissy had to work at 2 so we spent alot of time in the van lol. I did get to go to a local Church for their Christmas bazaar. Here's a picture of my finds. Aren't they awesome???? All for $1.75 :) Hubby's been picking on me saying that I was going thought yard sale withdrawals. The doll is for a friend's baby for Christmas . I might give 2 of the 3 trivets as gifts than again maybe not lol . The Santa head I'm using on the stove ,the candle and the tin are on the hutch. The other Santa pot holder( at least I think it's a pot holder) I think I'll use as a wall hanging some where.

Today is just about cleaning. It's not to bad. I'm almost caught up. Hopefully by this afternoon the housework will be caught up and I can kick back for a bit. Bear and I still have some crafting to do. Than that will finish up the Christmas gifts.

Ok I'm off to get some stuff done . I'll post some pics later . Have a great day