Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Where to begin.....

Well let's see.... Bear woke up Monday night screaming his head off. He was complaining that he couldn't move his neck and his ear hurt. So it went all night he just couldn't sleep. Even with Tylenol, ear drops and tongue strips he was in pain. The next morning I called the doctor and took him in . He has a massive ( that's what the doctor called it) ear infection in his right ear. You guys know the drill antibiotics , different ear drops, Tylenol, and heating pad. Last night was no better. He was up most of the night.The poor kid screams every time he moves his head. He's a bit better today but not by much. He still cries when he moves his head but he can get himself into a sitting position by himself. An ear infection is bad enough but the neck thing still kinda freaks us out. We never can tell when he's getting sick . He rarely gets sick so when he does it usually bad. He's sleeping now so I'm trying to get some stuff done . Hubby and I are both ready for bed lol lol and it looks like another long night. Thank God for coffee :)

We still have on alot of things to do , have to do our monthly shop ( yuck I hate shopping), the van needs an oil change, the house need to be cleaned, still haven't gotten the Christmas cards done. Than there's still finishing the presents that we're making , start wrapping, get ready for our family Christmas party that's on the 15 th. It will get done sooner or later. Thing's are easier when you get some sleep but never fear we sleep sooner or later :)

So that's it for now. I'm gonna try and get some ( sleep lol lol ) stuff done. Take care.


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