Monday, December 17, 2007

Just another crazy week

Crazy is an understatement lol . No bad... just wacky. I decided to drop some of the projects I had planned. I was making myself nuts. So they'll wait until next year. This time I'm starting early and doing a little at a time.I have been crafting... well crocheting. I'm making a shawl( sort of lol... not quiet lol... my mil said it looks like a bath mat ... rotf ) out of some ice blue eyelash yarn I got at the dollar store. I wanted something to use when I'm curled watching TV. It kinda looks like a blanket. Looks like I made a couple ( of dozen lol ) mistakes but I like it .I 'll toss a pic on as soon as it's done so you guys can see(and laugh really hard ) it. I did start another on that actually looks like a shawl so I don't feel like a complete nit wit. Bear made some reindeer food on Saturday.We found some really cool jars to put it in and he's one happy bear. Now I just have to make tracks ( lol lol ) in the snow after he sprinkles it outside.

We had our family Christmas party on Saturday and things where well wacky. MIL's car broke down .BIL walked 5 miles to get to our house . After much running around Hubby and BIL towed the car to the garage we use. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. We lent them our van because neither one of us what'd to drive the 4 hours round trip and this way mil at least has a way to get around. Besides all of that ( lol ) the party was great.The scarfs I made where a big hit. MIL loved hers and I sent one down for Hubby's aunt. Every one loved the ornaments too. I was so worried that everyone would think they sucked lol lol. Hopefully the other ones will be as well received. The only other thing is that I made 2 pans of lasanga and we're still eating it lol lol

I did get a bunch of the wrapping done just a bit more to do and I'm done. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow.Than the kids and I are making cookies. I was just going to do sugar cookies but Bear wanted ginger bread cookies too. Now no Susie homemaker comments for I got pre made mix on sale last week. I will make the frosting but I just couldn't see myself making everything from scratch. Than Santa will have his cookies on his special plate. Yes last year I finally found a plate for the big guy in red at the dollar store at of course. I did grab 2 just on case one get mysteriously broken by the other kid we have . You know who I mean ... that kid you didn't know you had ... the one named NOT ME !!!!!

Ok I'm off of here . Gonna go eat some lasagna lol . Til next time. Have a great night.


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Sarah and Jack said...

I bought ready made gingerbread in a tube from Pillsbury for Jack, lol.

(I dont even like gingerbread, yuck.)