Monday, December 24, 2007

Have yourself a merry little christmas......

The last couple of days have been busy around here . I'm sure it's been the same for all of you too. The wrapping is done, stockings are stuffed, cleaning ... well thats as good as it's going to get lol lol. Yesterday the kids and I had our second annual great cookie bake off. Lost count of how many cookies we made lol. We made a huge mess but we had a blast.

This year we decided to add movie watching to our normal Christmas routine. So far we've watched everything from old Christmas movies to Lord of the Rings and 2 more days to go lol . We love movies so this is a great way to feed that love and have all of us cuddled up together. Before Bear goes to bed we'll toss the reindeer food outside , than wait til he's asleep than put the loot under the tree. We're all prepared for the early morning call of the Bear. Tomorrow is all about hanging out together and eating of course. We have most of the prep work done so everything should be ok. We like to try to keep things simple.

Christmas eats
leg of lamb stuffed with garlic and covered in a mustard dressing
assorted veggies
cheese flavored mashed potatoes
pumpkin pie
cookies (lots and lots of cookies)

On the crafting front I did get 1 shawl done . I need to pick up yarn for the 2nd one. I'll grab it on Wednesday when I hit the stores for the after Christmas sales. We don't need to much but I do get our Christmas cards. I'm hoping to get some Christmas fabric to make a new tree skirt. I found a bunch of cross stitching ( 5 to be exact) that I forgot I had ( my bad lol lol ) so I'll be working on those. As weird as it might seems I feel more relaxed when I'm making something. It's hard to explain but it's true.

So thats about it from here . I wish you all A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Til next time .Have a awesome day.


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Terri said...

Dear Kim,
I have enjoyed visiting your blog. You sound a lot like me!
Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.
God bless.