Sunday, December 30, 2007

Long time no blog

We had a great Christmas. It was simple and quite well as quiet as it can be with 3 kids lol.The kids loved their stuff. Picking were a bit slim this year and we stuck to getting stuff that they needed . The big kids are easy, they were more worried about Bear getting stuff. Mean while I started getting a cold. Nothing to bad at first , I guess I wore my self out over the last couple of weeks with Christmas, work and all of the other goings on , it started getting worse. By yesterday I felt like a truck ran me over and forgot to come back to finish the job. Looks like I have yet another sinus infection. So Hubby banished me to the couch. For me being stuck on the couch is like the kiss of death lol . What I can't clean , do laundry. Oh no not good lol . Now I have to admit that Hubby was right ( ouch that hurt ) I could barely stand let a lone do any house work , not that I let that stop me from trying . I'm feeling a little bit better today not much so this post will be short ...maybe lol . We're working on taking the tree down slowly because I still feel yucky. A dear friend of ours gave us a small chest freezer ( that we really needed) for Christmas . So We're slowly getting stuff moved around to make a spot for it . Still have to get the rest of Bears stuff put away. I have been working on another shawl.Not much crafting going on .

So that's it for now. Hubby is giving me the get back on the couch look :) Til next time.Have a great day .


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