Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let it snow , let it snow, let it snow !!!!!!!

We rolled out of bed this morning and yep it's snowing. Bear is in his glory. He has been drawing sledding maps for weeks lol. Poor Hubby. Bear wants jumps lol. Bear thinks he's a Stunt Junky lol.
We'll see what the weather does. If there is enough snow and it's not too cold , maybe they'll get some sledding in.

With the snow comes a small problem. I'm supposed to meet someone today at 9am. We have 4 wheel drive so that's not the problem. To tell the truth I don't have any problem driving in the snow at all but for some reason people around here ( people who have lived here for year's I might add) go into a panic when they hear snow. Some snow on the ground and they can't drive. I've seen people end up in a ditch right in front of me. So maybe I'll call and set up something for tomorrow afternoon.That's probably a good idea.

Yesterday was busy. Buddy had basketball practice 10 to 11:30 and he had to go to work at 12. Sissy had to work at 2 so we spent alot of time in the van lol. I did get to go to a local Church for their Christmas bazaar. Here's a picture of my finds. Aren't they awesome???? All for $1.75 :) Hubby's been picking on me saying that I was going thought yard sale withdrawals. The doll is for a friend's baby for Christmas . I might give 2 of the 3 trivets as gifts than again maybe not lol . The Santa head I'm using on the stove ,the candle and the tin are on the hutch. The other Santa pot holder( at least I think it's a pot holder) I think I'll use as a wall hanging some where.

Today is just about cleaning. It's not to bad. I'm almost caught up. Hopefully by this afternoon the housework will be caught up and I can kick back for a bit. Bear and I still have some crafting to do. Than that will finish up the Christmas gifts.

Ok I'm off to get some stuff done . I'll post some pics later . Have a great day


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